Acer Vs Asus: Which One To Go For?

If you’re looking for a cheap laptop, Acer and ASUS are two of the better choices. However, just because they are inexpensive does not always mean that they are of poor quality, as some of them make use of the same components as other, more costly laptops. For individuals who are attempting to pick which brand they should go with out of the two, it may be rather challenging to make a choice. Fortunately, both brands have been around for a long, and the vast majority of people have used either one or both of these brands in the previous few decades when they’ve been increasingly popular. This indicates that in the clash of Acer Vs ASUS laptops, for the most part, people will already have a preference for which brand they believe to be superior. We’re going to examine both brands and then offer you my unbiased assessment of which is better for you to consider.

Acer Vs Asus: Which Is Better?

Permit us to clarify that there is not a significant amount of difference between the two and that they are more similar to one another than they are dissimilar from one another. They are both Taiwanese firms with headquarters in Taipei, they are both of a very similar size to one another, and in fact, ASUS was really formed by former Acer workers. These two brands are often compared to each other since they are normally within the same price point but also because they are quite easily upgradeable. ASUS was actually started by former Acer employees. When you buy a Macbook, you won’t have the option to upgrade either the memory or the storage space at a later date. You can do this, however, with the vast majority of the models offered by Acer and ASUS. Let’s take a quick look at both companies separately to see which one of them would be the better option for you.

Brand Overview

ASUS Laptop

People sometimes assume that because Taiwanese ASUS is one of the less expensive options available, it must be of poorer quality. They have a decent collection for you to choose from, including their gaming laptop selection, which is one of the better options to go for if you’re looking for something affordable. However, in recent years, their laptops have undoubtedly improved in terms of both build and reliability. You should consider the Rog Zephyrus line if you play games that require a middle to a high level of performance.

You can also look into their Zenbook line, which is regarded well for office and casual use. They do have certain models that can reach the heights of the more recent Macbooks, despite the fact that their reputation is not nearly on par with that of other luxury brands. 

Acer is yet another of the more affordable companies and is a Taiwanese firm that specializes in less expensive laptops and computers. Their most popular laptop model is the Aspire, but they also offer the Swift. In fact, they have some of the most cost-effective options on the market, which is ideal if you’re seeking to save some money. They have been in business for 45 years, and in the most recent years, they have introduced some excellent affordable laptops. You can also check out their gaming range, which is known as the Acer Predator series. One of the more popular options for those trying to avoid the exorbitant prices associated with Alienware and other gaming companies is the Predator Triton 500.

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Although many people laud the aesthetics of their ASUS laptops, We don’t believe this to be an area in which they truly shine. Although the majority of ASUS laptops are rather simple in design and don’t place much emphasis on aesthetics, they nevertheless make an effort to keep up with the competition in the areas that actually matter. This indicates that they have produced a large number of ultra-thin, light, and portable laptops in response to the rising demand from consumers.

The design of Acer laptops is difficult for us to criticize. Despite the fact that some of the least expensive versions are quite ugly, this is simply because they made no effort to improve this aspect in order to try and save some money. All you have to do to see that Acer can create a gorgeous laptop is glance at the more recent Acer Swift models.


For those looking for the best value for their money in terms of power to cost, ASUS is a truly nice alternative. The majority of ASUS laptops also use Intel processors, making them affordable 8GB RAM ASUS models. ASUS laptops are renowned for being the best gaming laptop option for people on a limited budget. The highly regarded ASUS Rog Zephyrus gaming laptop serves as an example of this. So choosing an ASUS laptop can make sense if you’re searching for a lot of RAM and power.

The performance of an Acer laptop depends on its specifications. Make sure you secure a warranty with your Acer model, though, as they are infamous for breaking and operating slowly after less than a year of use. More expensive parts, including brand-new processors and graphics cards, are unlikely to be found in an older Acer laptop. However, more recent versions may go head-to-head with ASUS.


If you want a laptop that will survive for a long time, you should consider a more expensive brand. For consumers searching for a durable laptop, Lenovo, Apple, and Dell typically provide a much better option. Having said that, if We had to choose between Acer and ASUS, We’d go with ASUS because it will be more enduring.

There is no reason why your laptop shouldn’t last several good computers if you take excellent care of it. Unless you choose a more expensive Acer model, the chances of an Acer laptop surviving as long as a Lenovo Thinkpad or a Macbook are actually fairly minimal.

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Battery Life

ACER Laptop

The ASUS Zenbook Series is a good option to consider if you’re searching for a laptop with a very long battery life. Many of these models have a battery life of more than 10 hours. However, you could expect to obtain about 7 hours of battery life from the majority of ASUS laptops. This represents the general industry average for all brands. In some expensive models, a full charge might result in a longer battery life. In this regard, ASUS and Acer are very similar to one another.

It can be challenging to evaluate battery life between all a brand’s models, but overall, We believe Acer laptops have a respectable battery life. For instance, the recently announced Acer Chromebooks feature excellent battery life, giving you more than 10 hours of use.

Customer Service & Warranty

Although We wouldn’t say ASUS’ customer service is excellent, it is superior to Acer’s. Additionally, the warranty that comes with an ASUS laptop is rather extensive and ought to cover any problems you have with it within a respectable amount of time. If we compare ASUS’ service to that of all the other major laptop manufacturers, it is probably around average. Better than some other brands but nowhere near as good as Apple.

Simply told, Acer’s customer service is really awful. You might call them for a long time in an attempt to address your issue but come up empty-handed. One of the reasons why Apple is so well-liked today is that in the past when We had a problem with an old Acer Aspire laptop, they actually had us pay to send the laptop to them for repair.

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Although an ASUS laptop often costs more than an Acer laptop, this does not imply that they are pricey. They continue to sell some of the most affordable laptops now on the market, and they can provide a good price-to-power ratio. Additionally, ASUS offers a wider range of products because there are typically more laptop options available from them. If you’re in the market for a new laptop, they’re a wonderful price range to check out. However, they are not the only company you ought to look at.

Since they are among the most affordable laptops available, an Acer laptop’s low price is undoubtedly their key selling factor. There is a wide selection of notebooks and Chromebooks available from Acer at prices that are very low, so it makes sense for people who are searching for a deal to look at Acer.

Acer Vs Asus: Final Verdict

In general, despite the fact that the two brands are relatively comparable to one another, there is a significant dividing line between Acer and ASUS that separates them from one another and makes ASUS the superior option. ASUS provides significantly better customer service, in addition to offering a more extensive selection of devices to pick from. In addition to this, we’ve never had any problems with an ASUS device giving up the ghost and failing to function properly on us. But keep in mind that neither of these two brands has above-average quality, so don’t count on them to last a lifetime. If you’re only searching for a cheap laptop to use for a few years, they can be a fine choice; however, for the majority of people who don’t want to replace their own laptop, you’re better off choosing a more premium brand. They can be a good choice if you’re just looking for a cheap laptop to use for a few years.

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