Antivirus vs Endpoint Security: Which Is Better?

As the world of technology is leading, lots of devices are coming into the market to make things online and to process the data as accurately and as fast as possible. We have every large amount of the data that we have to collect and to process upon. Once the data has been pushed into the environment, it will be in the world of the internet. If the data is not secured the means of the security reasons then there is a huge risk of data loss and more importantly if the data is very sensitive it will create a dilemma in the genre of the data and the security. That is why the use of data protection has become one of the most important things in the aspect of data security and data management. Over the period of the time, lots of things and the software have come and have claimed about the level of the security that they provide and one of them is AntiVirus. as the name itself suggests, it purely degrades the values of the viruses and the harmful threads that have been provided. On the other hand, one such thing is endpoint protection. We will thoroughly see the differences and the similarities between them which will give you a clear idea about the two technologies.

In the first look both the antivirus and endpoint security look the same and in various aspects it surely is. But is seen that the antivirus covers all the aspects of the cyber security and that is the reason that the confusion between antivirus and the endpoint security. To know about cyber security it is important to know the values, aspects, working, and the mechanism of the endpoint security and the antivirus. It will strengthen the understanding of your cyber security knowledge and will surely improve the way you look at it and handle the situation.

The antivirus has come nearly 20 years ago and has been in the industry till now. As it has come from a very old time, it has created a very well-deserving environment in the mind of the customers and the consumers. Whenever we talk about the cyber security and its threads then the first and the foremost basic thing that comes up the mind is obviously the anti-virus as it has created that level of the security and the benefits. But as the time passes, it seems that the new of the technologies are got introduced in the area of the cyber security and the data protection. It has become the successor in this genre. It has been very useful in all the aspects of the technology in the sense that it supports all kinds of the devices such as PCs, mobile, workstations, and IoT things too. It is very much the confusion out there on the topic of the end point and AntiVirus.

Antivirus vs Endpoint Security: Comparison Chart

Endpoint SecurityAnti Virus
Endpoint DetectionReal-time scanning
Anti MalwareThreat Identification
Incident InvestigationWeb Protection
Integration  File Quarantine

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Antivirus vs Endpoint Security: Detailed Analysis


The capabilities of the endpoint can be endless and it covers the anti-virus also. it will even take the whole new article to talk about the details and the capabilities of the endpoint protection. As most of the part of the endpoint also covers the anti-virus and is included the malware and the protection. Over that, they also offer better threat intelligence to keep the threads away.

Data Loss Protection

This is the feature that has been phenomenal as the endpoint does not only focus on the security but also focuses on the data protection and its handling too. The technique called the data loss prevention model works upon that, it will also block the unwanted traffic too. It will also notify the IT security team about it. But all over that, it is very important to keep your sensitive data to be in a secure network.


The use of the antivirus can no detect the malware and the innocent data, it always lags behind in the comparison of the endpoint protection which covers the entire aspect of the security and will be giving the best result possible in the way to be safe. On the other hand it is seen that the endpoint creates an isolated and the secures digital environment, it will perfectly replicate the operating system. Like normal operating systems endpoint can also run the codes and the programs in the secured environment.  At the same time, it also replicates and creates the environment without disturbing the and damaging the actual workflow of the system.

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Next-Generation Firewalls

It manages the the traffic and the coming and the leaving of the network. It also tracks all kinds of domains and blocks all kinds of suspicious domains. It also comes with data loss prevention capabilities. It examines the messages of the possible malware and discovers them in real-time.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

EDR monitors the endpoint and the database of the malicious activity internally and alerts the security team at the right time, in case of any kind of abnormalities happen. With the EDR the difference between anti-virus and the endpoint becomes clear and apparent. Anti virus can only block the threads, while the use of the endpoint security will find the threads dwelling in the device and can work upon that.

AntiVirus vs EndPoint Protection: Final Verdict

The protection of the data has become very important these days and that is why it is very important o be in a secure environment. With the increase in the span of the technology it is seen that the hackers are also improving themselves. The use of the antivirus won’t be performing well in this kind of situation, that is why it is very convenient to look at the EndPoint Protection as the best option.

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