21 Best Analytics Tools for SAAS That You Should Try!

In articles about cloud-based analytics software, “SaaS analytics tools” are frequently referred to as a single monolithic category. Although the tools required for web analytics differ from those required for subscription analytics, which differs from those required for reporting analytics, some similarities exist.

A web analytics tool, for example, cannot tell you how many trial users convert to paying customers or how much churn varies between different user cohorts.

Is It Possible To Define Data Analytics?

You can collect a large amount of data from various sources and combine it into a single database using data analysis tools. Data scientists make use of specialized software known as data analytics tools. However, many data platforms are simple enough for anyone to use.

You can gain insights into your company’s operations by using data platforms. The results of data analysis can be used to guide your company’s future operations.

We’ve compiled a list of the best project management software and SaaS applications or tools if you’re looking for the best options. Before we get into the specifics, we need to know what you need and how you intend to evaluate the options. This will help you find the best “bang for your buck” opportunity.

As a result, we’ve divided the top 18 SaaS analytics tools into four major use cases, allowing you to mix and match the tools that are best for you:

1. Rapid Miner

Best Analytics Tools for SAAS

RapidMiner was created in 2001 by the Artificial Intelligence Unit at the Technical University of Dortmund. As a result of this evolution, RapidMiner was born in 2013.

RapidMiner’s goal is to provide comprehensive business analytics to trained data scientists. However, with an intuitive user interface, it is possible to make it simple for regular users. Templates, tutorials, and automation options are available for the latter. The Turbo Prep feature in RapidMiner makes data preparation a breeze. It does away with the need for complex SQL codes to retrieve data. RapdiMiner also offers visual workflows that incorporate machine learning. RapidMiner can also generate instant predictive analytics models via automated scripts.

2. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is one of the best website analytics tools for SaaS companies. Snapshots are provided to marketers to help them better understand how their website is performing (also referred to as heatmaps and click maps).

3. ProofHub

Best Analytics Tools for SAAS

With one central dashboard, ProofHub makes it simple to stay on top of all of your projects and responsibilities. It is a SaaS-based project management software for assigning tasks, collaborating on projects, and tracking project milestones.

The tool provides easy access to project and task information. Organizations can keep their teams connected from any device by making ProofHub available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. To see all of the features for yourself, sign up for a free trial.

4. Tableau

Tableau was founded in California in 2010, and the company’s headquarters are now in Seattle. Tableau was acquired by Salesforce, a business SaaS behemoth, on January 1, 2019.

Today Tableau is an excellent platform for analyzing massive amounts of data. The company specializes in data visualization tools. Tableau places a premium on usability. The only requirement is dragging and dropping. The dashboards, which are user-interactive, allow for the quick creation of data visualizations. It handles data preparation and integration for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. Excel spreadsheets can be used to generate data sets in addition to big data and SQL queries. By performing predictive data analysis with Tableau, you can detect trends in real-time. Prescriptive data analysis can even suggest new ways to improve business efficiency.

There are several Tableau packages to choose from. Tableau Public is completely free to use. Other Tableau packagers start around $70 per user per month on an annual basis. On-premises and off-premises hosting are available.

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5. Google Analytics

Best Analytics Tools for SAAS

Google Analytics is essential for any business that has a website. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, Google Analytics provides easy access to virtually every important metric you could ever want to monitor the progress of your website, including traffic metrics and behavioral engagement metrics (such as bounce rate and conversions).

6. Basecamp

Basecamp is a commendable project management software solution that is currently available on the market. It also claims to be an effective means of teamwork. Basecamp provides assistance at all stages of the project management life cycle. This standard collaboration tool includes file sharing, scheduling, and reporting.

However, Basecamp will not meet the needs and objectives of many managers and teams. Why? You can’t, for example, create subtasks in a project or convert your boards into lists, and apps like Basecamp provide those solutions as well as additional features at a lower cost.

Basecamp, on the other hand, is a straightforward app with a free trial and limited features if that’s not an issue.

7. Knime

Best Analytics Tools for SAAS

KNIME, a data analytics platform, is based in Zurich. It was first used in the pharmaceutical industry as a data processing tool. It is now widely used in many industries.

KNIME is an open source and free data analytics tool. KNIME’s software should be usable by everyone involved in the data science process. As a result, the platform is extremely user-friendly. There is also the KNIME server as an option (a data management platform for collaboration). This is the preferred method at the corporate level. KNIME offers a diverse set of data science capabilities. Data is organized, cleaned, and transformed. Data visualization software is widely available. You’ll also receive some basic business intelligence tools to aid in future planning.

KNIME Analytics is a completely free service. KNIME Server costs $29,000 per year to host on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure (Azure).

8. Intercom

Best Analytics Tools for SAAS

Intercom, in addition to the well-known business messenger, has some key customer data features that enable SaaS marketers to get a more complete picture of their customers, segment them, and filter and target them based on their behavior and attributes — not just demographics. Intercom.

9. is a cutting-edge platform for knowledge management. Its simple interface ensures widespread adoption throughout the organization. Bit’s extensive functionality facilitates organization, creation, collaboration, integration, searching, and knowledge sharing. A workspace serves as the starting point for all activities. When creating workspaces, you can create one for yourself or invite as many people as you want to join you. Individuals working on large projects have separate workspaces for their teams, departments, or the entire company. Using Bit’s workspace structure, entire organizations and teams can collaborate on projects.

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10. Looker

Best Analytics Tools for SAAS

Looker Data Sciences was founded in 2012 by some former Netscape software designers. Looker, a Google Cloud Platform-owned company, is now operating as a standalone data analytics company.

Looker is a fantastic BI tool in general. It aims to help businesses make business decisions by employing advanced analytical methods and techniques. It can integrate data from any SQL source. Dynamic dashboards can be created and used by teams. This collection contains useful and visually appealing dashboards. Data workflows can be automated using tools. Anyone can instantly access data with Looker’s distinct layers of data modeling. Slack integrations are now available to help improve team communication. Looker can also be used in conjunction with the Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads.

11. Bitly

Best Analytics Tools for SAAS

Bitly has evolved from a simple link shortener to a comprehensive analytics platform that enables SaaS companies to track over 20 different types of data in real-time, including clicks, demographics, and organic link sharing, to better understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

12. EngageBay

The EngageBay marketing, sales, and customer service platform include free live chat software. The platform includes tools specifically designed to improve the overall customer experience to assist small and medium-sized businesses. One-on-one live support enables your customers to resolve issues quickly while also building trust in your company. Your agents can access all of the customer data they need right in the chat window with LiveChat, allowing them to converse more quickly and effectively.

13. Sisense

Best Analytics Tools for SAAS

Sisense was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2004. It now has offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia, all of which report to the company’s new headquarters in New York City.

Sisense, a BI platform, is a major player in the industry. Everyone from data scientists to non-technical business users uses this data analysis tool. The back end of this process is handled by an unstructured data analysis tool. It also generates excellent data visualizations on the front end. The platform is divided into three sections. Sisense can be used by cloud data teams, business analysis teams, and product teams. When dealing with large amounts of data, Sisense’s data warehousing and data preparation capabilities come in handy. It is simple to create and distribute live data dashboards. Machine learning algorithms are used to compare data sets and spot anomalies.

14. Mixpanel

Mixpanel data can be segmented by cohort, allowing marketers to better understand their customers. With the help of their tool, you can optimize your SaaS for customer retention, allowing you to quickly see how your customers progress through your funnel and product. Users can be segmented based on activation metrics, geography, and other factors, giving you a clear picture of how your product’s features are being used on a large scale.

15. Talend

Talend was founded in 2005 by two business partners. The team’s goal was to integrate on-cloud data.

As a result, Talend now provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based data integration and data mining software solutions. More than 900 sources can be integrated into a single platform, including Azure, AWS, Salesforce, and Marketo. The process of creating data warehouses and lakes is straightforward. Talend is a database management system for relational databases (RDBMS). Machine learning can help with IoT analytics and big data processing. Furthermore, Talend provides a plethora of free tools as add-ons. Several of these tools aid in the automation of ETL tasks. There is also a quick data loading tool.

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16. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics and other user-based analytics tools like Google Analytics can help SaaS marketers gain a better understanding of their customers’ habits and preferences. Kissmetrics uses actual customer behavior and attributes to create reliable cohorts, customer journeys, and funnels. The data relevant to marketing decisions can then be quickly understood using Kissmetrics’ curated reports.

17. Acquire

Using’s live chat software, you can improve customer service and sales. This is the best tool for communicating with your customers while on the go. It increases customer satisfaction and retention by allowing you to respond to questions from customers in real-time.

18. Power BI from Microsoft

Microsoft’s business intelligence suite debuted in 2011. Significantly improves Excel data management.

Power BI can connect to and analyze data from a variety of sources. In order to discover new insights, an algorithm can be applied to the data sets. The data visualization tools in Microsoft BI are also excellent. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze diagnostic data to solve business process issues. Queries in Power BI can even be asked in natural language. Microsoft Azure facilitates data pipelines to cloud services such as warehousing and other data storage options. Sharing data reports and other forms of collaboration are also possible with Microsoft Power BI, a fantastic tool.

19. Salesforce

In addition to CRM, Einstein Analytics is a Salesforce product that specializes in data analysis. The tool includes automated key metric analysis, customer journey visualization, and a focus on outcomes rather than data points. Users who aren’t interested in the nitty gritty data don’t need to get lost in mountains of data.

20. Zendesk

Zendesk Chat can be scaled to meet the demands of a business or a team. The software can help mid-sized and large-scale businesses of all sizes. Zendesk Chat is used by businesses and teams all over the world because it allows them to communicate directly with their customers and learn more about their current needs. Online and offline chats can be answered using any browser. To learn more, download the Zendesk Chat app right now.

21. Domo

Domo was created in 2010 by some of Adobe’s brightest minds. Domo was renamed Domo after being named Shacho. Domo is well-known for being a pioneer in the hiring of female IT professionals.

Domo is a service that only exists in the cloud. It is a business intelligence platform for non-technologists. It has strong data integration and collects data from over 1,000 sources. Real-time monitoring of automated data pipelines is possible. Domo’s auto-machine learning features to aid in the discovery of business analytics trends and insights. Domo dashboards can be accessed via a variety of methods, including desktop and mobile devices. An app store allows users to add new tools to the Domo platform. Additional features can be added using low-code apps.

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