Best Chrome Extensions For Trading Needs!

Chrome extensions are the most significant tools for getting the most out of Chrome services. With only one click, these shortcuts can reduce the size of your large chores. There are numerous extensions available, each with its own set of features, but today we’ll focus on assisting someone who is about to embark on a trading profession. You will be met with some of the top chrome extensions that can help you increase your trading productivity…. Are you ready to get started?

Best Chrome Extensions For Trading


Best Chrome Extensions For Trading

This free chrome extension, which has over 1000 users, has features such as the ability to view your stock portfolios in real time within the Chrome browser, an alarm for locking target and stoploss, and the ability to work in the background by updating the quotes every 10 seconds.

This extension’s symbols are similar to those found on Google Finance. The best feature about this extension is that you will not be subjected to any invasive advertisements, which is something that other extensions lack. This addon is only 687 KB in size.


Best Chrome Extensions For Trading

George Papadakis’ Chrome currency converter plugin has a whooping 50k+ users. It has some very useful features, such as the ability to convert prices listed on several websites to your required currency, the ability to Black/Whitelist domains, and the price listed also includes taxes and other duties.

If you trade in forex, this extension may be very useful for you, as it not only converts to your own currency but is also very accurate up to the decimal level.

Overall, this is a good all-around addon for anyone who want to import items from different nations. This addon is approximately 347 KB in size.

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This is a free and open-source add-on. It has a very well-designed user interface that sits beneath your web browser’s search bar. It displays real-time forex stocks that can be customised according to the user’s preferences, has a beautiful modern UI, and the best part is that it dynamically moves the stocks from right to left.

It also supports tracking Cryptocurrency, and provides real-time stock information such as Percent, Ask, Price, and Market Capitalization. It is an open-source extension, so there are no intrusive ads or malware.

The user interface offers a light and dark mode that may be switched between depending on the user’s taste. This extension is 657 KB in size.

⦁ KITE 3.0 BY ZERODHA – The Discount Brokerage Company

Zerodha, having the most active users is one of the most famous Discount Brokerage company. They been in Trading market for almost decades. They are multiple apps which are used for trading purpose as well but, this Kite chrome extension is an ultra-lightweight one which offers the same feature but consumes less resources of the PC than the other apps.

This plugin allows you to trade in real-time from the chart, which is something that many other brokers do not provide. Kite includes some additional order types in addition to the usual orders, such as Bracket orders, Cover orders, after market orders, Bracket orders with Trigger entry, Cover order with limit entry, and these options can be used through the “MORE OPTIONS” menu.

Zerodha, which has partnered with a number of institutions, makes it simple to transfer funds without any hassles for a fee of 20 rupees every deal. Its file size is only 6.26 KB.

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⦁ Stock Inspector – Discover Companies & ETFs by

If you are surfing the internet and visit the websites of any firms or brands, you will receive an automatic message from this extension if the website has any stocks or EFT’s.

You can learn about the current price, previous stats, and other products owned by public companies.

The best part about this extension is that it has FAQ’s about the stocks of a particular company, which is very useful in deciding whether to buy it on a long-term basis. It also makes trading commission free with some of the most well-known brokers. This extension is around 1.16 MB in size.


Trade rocket is a software that allows you to automate your trading. We strongly advise users to use it at their own risk and to always try to use the most recent version of the plugin to avoid any problems. This extension’s signature feature is the ability to automatically trade a stock once it reaches your target position.

It currently supports kite zerodha streaks, Angel broking streaks, upstox broking streaks, and 5paisa broking streaks, but the developer appears to be working hard to expand the list of supported streaks. When not in use, please remember to switch off the plugin. Overall, this addon is rather risky, but it can be highly useful if used cautiously. It is roughly 312 KB in size.

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