20 Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs 1000 You Should Consider!

Wondering, what are some Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs 1000? Gaming keyboards have evolved into one of the most important components for assembling a formidable gaming PC. Furthermore, they are popular due to the low prices at which the majority of fancy keyboards are sold.

However, because this market is so competitive, selecting the best gaming keyboard under $1,000 is difficult. A gaming keyboard under $1,000 will not only provide you with comfort and responsiveness, but you will also be able to purchase one without breaking the bank.

If you are on a tight budget, always consider a wired gaming keyboard. The majority of Bluetooth keyboards will have a latency issue. As a result, I’ve included wired gaming keyboards on this list. The majority of vendors in this market segment provide a basic keyboard with RGB lighting. A standard keyboard will not improve performance significantly. As a result, I recommend that you budget at least Rs. 5,000 for a good and responsive gaming keyboard.

The lack of variety in the budget segment irritates the vast majority of consumers and gamers. This post, on the other hand, will assist you in making the right purchase decision, as we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top ten gaming keyboards in India that cost less than Rs. 1000. In India, browse our selection of non-gaming and gaming Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs 1000.

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs 1000

1. HP K500F

20 Best Gaming Keyboards Under RS. 1000

The HP K500F is an excellent choice for a low-cost wired gaming keyboard. The 26 anti-ghosting keys and Windows lock key on this keyboard will take your gaming experience to new heights. These keys will keep you from having any problems while gaming or typing.

2. Redgear Grim RGB Gaming Keyboard

20 Best Gaming Keyboards Under RS. 1000

The Redgear Grim RGB Gaming Keyboard is one of the most popular gaming keyboards and is made by a reputable manufacturer. Many Indian gamers prefer to buy computer peripherals from the Redgear brand because they are of high quality and reasonably priced. The RGB keyboard is a semi-mechanical and backlit keyboard. The feedback you get when playing games is fantastic because it is semi-mechanical. If you are not a serious gamer and want a reliable keyboard for everyday use, this is an excellent choice.

3. Logitech  K120

20 Best Gaming Keyboards Under RS. 1000

The Logitech K120’s low-profile keys ensure a quiet and comfortable typing experience. There are also full-size F keys and a numeric keypad. The keyboard’s ergonomic shape encourages a relaxed wrist position. Spill-resistance and tilt-adjustable legs make the keyboard even more appealing. It works by simply connecting the USB interface to your computer; no additional installation is required. Furthermore, this will work on both Windows and Linux platforms.

4. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer

The Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k is the best gaming keyboard under Rs. 1000. This USB gaming keyboard has RGB lighting. Laser keycaps are used on the aluminium keyboard. It comes with rubber feet to keep the keyboard stable while gaming. It has standard as well as integrated media controls. The superior USB connector and braided cable ensure long-term use. Furthermore, Zebronics claims that the keyboard can withstand 80 million keystrokes.

5. EvoFox 2 Warhammer

The EvoFox Warhammer is our next recommendation for the best gaming keyboards under 1,000 Indian rupees. This is the best RGB backlit keyboard for a variety of uses on the market. This gaming keyboard comes with Breathing Effects and adjustable speed. This function allows you to change the rate of change of the RGB lighting.

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6. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-10 Gaming Keyboard

The second option we’d like to offer to all readers of this page is the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-10 Gaming Keyboard. It’s yet another reasonably priced semi-mechanical gaming keyboard. If you’re willing to spend the money on a gaming keyboard with RGB illumination in a single colour, this could be a great option for you. According to Cosmic Byte’s manufacturers, you can adjust the brightness of the backlight to a maximum of four settings.

7. Dell Kb216

The sturdy Dell keyboard comes in second place on this list and is worth considering. This black keyboard has standard keys, F keys, and a number pad. It has an integrated USB interface for easy plug-and-play communication with a PC. It also has movable legs that can be raised or lowered to accommodate the height of the desk or chair.


AMKETTE’s Evo Fox is another excellent gaming keyboard that costs around Rs. 1000 in India. The keyboard has the feel of a mechanical keyboard, but it is not. The exceptional quality of the keyboard is due to its gaming-specific design. Spill-resistant, with a long braided cable and magnetic ring. 10 million keystrokes is the key rating. In addition, the keyboard has Rainbow Backlighting with Breathing Effect. In addition to standard keys, the keyboard has 12 multimedia keys and a 19-key anti-ghosting feature. There is also a special Windows lock key.

9. Fireblade 4 by EvoFox

EvoFox is a well-known gaming brand that primarily manufactures high-quality computer peripherals for gamers all over the world. The EvoFox Fireblade is an excellent value at Rs 999.

It appears to be a mechanical keyboard, but it is actually a membrane keyboard disguised as a mechanical keyboard. It lacks a numeric keypad because it is an 87 Tenkeyless keyboard. Both the keys and the keyboard are made of plastic, and there is a comfortable space between each key. The keyboard’s height can be adjusted using two folding legs. These foldable legs, however, lack any sort of rubber support to keep the keyboard from slipping on slick surfaces.

10. Rainbow 999 Technology-Com

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs 1000

The Tech-Com Rainbow 999 Gaming Keyboard is the third mechanical keyboard on this list. Let’s start with the build quality of this keyboard, which is entirely made of plastic. Nonetheless, the plastic material used by the manufacturers is of high quality, so you can expect a reasonable lifespan. It is yet another wired keyboard with a wire length of about 1.4 inches; however, it complies with the USB standard.

11. Snarl V4 Redgear

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs 1000

Redgear’s beautiful keyboard has three different LED backlighting modes. It has the standard set of keys as well as a Windows key lock, allowing you to lock it and play for hours without accidentally touching it. The floating keycaps are perfectly positioned for easy typing. It also has double-injected LED keycaps for typing in low-light environments. Grim V2 can withstand 5 million keystrokes. The keyboard, according to Redgear, has a gaming-grade build that will appeal to both amateur and professional gamers and will last a long time.

12. Strange Slayer

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs 1000

The Offbeat Slayer is a high-quality gaming keyboard with RGB lighting for a realistic gaming experience. A seven-colour RGB rainbow light with a breathing effect is built into the keyboard. The RGB light’s brightness can be adjusted. It is a membrane keyboard designed for gaming. The keyboard allows for responsive and fluid gameplay. According to the company, the keys have been examined ten million times. It is made entirely of metal and is shock and wear-resistant. The braided USB cord ensures durability as well.

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13. Redgear Blaze

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs 1000

The Indian gaming peripherals market is dominated by Redgear Interactive, also known as Redgear. When it comes to purchasing a gaming attachment or peripheral, the first brand that comes to mind is “Redgear.”

The Redgear Blaze’s curves are made of aluminium, while the rest of the body is made of high-grade plastic in terms of design and construction quality. However, you will be dissatisfied with the keyboard’s appearance due to its undulating shape and random key placement. Furthermore, the designers attempted to give this device the appearance of a mechanical keyboard, despite the fact that it appears to be a standard membrane keyboard.

14. Night Hawk NK102 FPS Gaming Keyboard.

If you are a gamer, you are probably aware of the importance of response speed when playing games, particularly online FPS games. As a result, if you don’t want to spend money on a keyboard with a slow response time, this one will suffice. The Night Hawk NK102 FPS Gaming Keyboard is ranked fourth on this list. This gaming keyboard responds quickly and is compatible with the majority of operating systems.

15. The Redgear Blaze 2

Following that, we have a gaming keyboard from Redgear. This semi-mechanical keyboard features floating keycaps for faster typing and an all-aluminium shell with three-colour backlighting and Windows key lock. It also has 19 anti-ghosting keys to improve the gaming experience. The ergonomics of the Blaze are well-thought-out, with an ergonomic palm rest that keeps you comfortable during long gaming sessions. This keyboard is also long-lasting, with a lifespan of up to 10 million keystrokes. This lightweight, beautifully crafted keyboard will meet all of your gaming needs.

16. Live-Tech KB03 PRO

Another good gaming keyboard is the Live Tech KB03 PRO. Despite the fact that it is not a well-known company, it makes numerous claims. The keyboard is made of tough materials, is shock-resistant, and can withstand accidental drops. It is ergonomically designed with elevated keys to provide a comfortable experience. The keyboard includes a palm rest for typing and gaming comfort. Each key is clearly delineated in white on a black background. The keys help with anti-ghosting. There are also shortcuts for multimedia.

17. Zack Concord

The Zook Concord rounds out the list of the best gaming keyboards under $1,000. This gaming keyboard works with a PC, laptop, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and other devices.

The Zook Concord has 12 multimedia function keys as well as three LED black light colours: green, red, and purple. You also get detachable ABD keycaps, which make cleaning the keys and extending the life of the keyboard a breeze. It is nearly universally compatible; however, the majority of its functions do not work properly with Mac OS.

18. Chiptronex Kranos RGB Gaming Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs 1000

The seventh item on this list is another fully functional but semi-mechanical RGB gaming keyboard. We’re including the Chiptronex Kranos RGB Gaming Keyboard this time. If you want a gaming keyboard with every premium feature, this is the one to get. The palm rest or wrist rest is the most important feature that previous keyboard configurations lacked. Yes, you read that right: the palm or wrist rest on this gaming keyboard is long enough.

19. Magnifico Moonlit Fingers keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs 1000

Magnifico Moonlit keyboard features brightly illuminated keys with three manually adjustable brightness levels and a classic black design. For easy media control, there are media control keys at the top. Magnifico Moonlit is a beautiful keyboard with rounded corners, a low profile, adjustable tilts, and softly contoured keys that make typing more comfortable and quiet. Another of Magnifico Moonlit’s strengths is its resilience. There is little doubt that this will be durable, with keys that can withstand 10 million keystrokes and membrane-coated sheets beneath the keys to protect against moisture, humidity, and accidental spills.

20. Desert Eagle DragonWar

Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs 1000

This one is both inexpensive and effective. The keyboard appears to be a standard multimedia keyboard lacking RGB illumination. It does, however, come with its own gaming mat to keep the keyboard stable while gaming. It also claims to be water-resistant and splash-proof. This one has eight multimedia buttons in addition to standard keys. The WASD and arrow keys have different colours. If your budget is tight, consider this gaming keyboard.

Final Verdict

As a result, these are the best gaming keyboards under RS. 1,000 as recommended by us. We included features like comfort, anti-ghosting keys, multimedia shortcuts, RGB illumination, long key life, and an affordable price in our list. You can also use the pluses and minuses provided beneath each keyboard to find the best option.

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