15 Best RTX 3060 Laptops With Intel I7 12th Gen Processor In India 2022

One of the strongest mid-range graphics cards is Nvidia’s RTX 3060, which has 3,840 CUDA cores, 6GB of GDDR6 video memory, and a boost clock speed of 1,703 MHz. Here is a list of the top 15 laptops with RTX 3060 graphics cards. Even while RTX 3060 laptops are becoming more widely available, finding the best ones is still very difficult. Because of this, we’re compiling a comprehensive list of all the leading RTX 3060 laptops available.

The TGP configuration and laptop cooling affect the performance. It should be equivalent to the GeForce RTX 2070 on average, making it ideal for QHD gaming. Games like Star Wars Squadrons, which are less demanding, ought should be playable in 4K with the highest detail settings. The graphic card, RTX 3060, is far quicker. Since there are so many deals, it can be challenging to distinguish between the hype and the real deals. Fortunately, we’re looking into the finest technology options for you after completing some research.

15 Best RTX 3060 Laptops With Intel I7 12th Gen Processor In India

1. MSI Gaming Katana GF66

Best RTX 3060 Laptops With Intel I7 12th Gen Processor

MSI stands for “MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL,” a brand-new company in India’s gaming industry that is well-known for its gaming laptops in the west. One of the top teams in the world in e-sports, FANATIC and CLOUD 9, was originally sponsored by the company. This company is well-known for its preinstalled game mode, which enhances the overall gaming experience. Along with the RTX 3060 chip and an Intel 12-generation processor, it also has all the other top features. Consequently, this laptop is unstoppable.

In addition to the benefits listed above, there are some other fantastic features, such as lifelong Windows 11 pre-installed and additional gaming modes for games like GTA 5, DOTA 2, FORTNITE, and others. In other words, this is MSI’s cheapest gaming laptop on the market right now, yet because of its game modes and lightweight characteristics, it is worth considering. So if you’re not a serious gamer, you may use it as your go-to laptop; however, if you play for 7-8 hours every day, this might not be the best option for you.

2. Dell New G15 5520

Dell is an American firm that manufactures laptops, and they are currently attempting to break into the gaming laptop industry. Although Dell laptops are typically recognized for their affordable models, this time around, they have developed a gaming series laptop that directly competes with Asus laptops. Dell is a well-known manufacturer of laptops, so we can rely on its customer service and ability to provide the greatest user experience.

Not only has the GPU been upgraded, but the CPU has also undergone an upgrade. The Dell G15 5520 Gaming Laptop currently has an i7-12700H processor from the 12th generation, which has a 24MB cache, 14 cores, 20 threads, and a maximum turbo speed of 4.70GHz. 

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3. MSI Gaming Crosshair 15

The design of the MSI Crosshair is undeniably the aspect that stands out the most about this product. Fans of Rainbow Six will be particularly enamored with these yellow highlights and in-game themes, but even people who haven’t dabbled in the game will find this look pleasant (the Crosshair includes a game code to protect you there). The bulk of gaming laptops have all-black casings in an effort to blend in, but the Crosshair aims to stand out.

When compared to the costs of entry-level RTX 3060 models, the fact that the new MSI Crosshair 15 comes equipped with the most recent CPUs from Intel’s 12th generation is an outstanding achievement. These days, we are beginning to see processors from the current generation making their way into more reasonably priced computers; nonetheless, the Crosshair appears to be one of the more reasonably priced rigs that offer such specifications. For instance, the MSI Pulse series has recently been updated with a similar specification sheet and released to the market.

However, it is not hard to see where certain concessions have been made in order to keep prices down. There is no programmable RGB in the keyboard, aside from the chunkier chassis form factor, and the deck itself has a fair amount of flex. This is not by any means a bad gaming laptop keyboard, but with a clunky feel and especially broad set keycaps, We didn’t find it as accurate or pleasant as, say, the keyboard on an Alienware laptop. To the right, you are getting up a tiny number pad, which is unusual for a 15.6-inch form factor.

4. Dell New G15 5521 SE

Best RTX 3060 Laptops With Intel I7 12th Gen Processor

This Dell laptop must be included because DELL launched this gaming series to compete with other companies in the gaming business. When compared to other laptops, this one offers a significantly larger number of advantageous features. We are all aware of the capabilities that DELL laptops have, and on top of that, the company enjoys a higher level of client trust in comparison to other laptop manufacturers. The extended edition of Dell’s gaming series 5521 has some brand-new, highly intriguing features.

For a gaming laptop this size, a 1080p resolution is very typical, and it works well with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050, 3050Ti, and 3060 because it isn’t overly demanding on the system’s resources. There is sufficient room for split-screen multitasking, and both the text and images look reasonably sharp. Although the 1440p display appears sharper, it requires the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti to provide a fluid gaming experience.

However, some people may find that it does not have enough vertical space for productivity, which means that you will need to scroll more when reading a paper or webpage written in that aspect ratio. The 16:9 aspect ratio is beneficial for gaming and the consumption of media.

The 1080p 120Hz screen is the display option with the lowest possible resolution and refresh rate. It has better responsiveness and displays a picture that is significantly crisper than a typical 60Hz panel, but its response time is slow, which causes obvious ghosting behind objects that are moving quickly. Although faster but still slow for its refresh rate is the 1080p 165Hz panel’s promised reaction time of 13ms, and this is also true of the 1440p 240Hz panel’s 10ms advertised response time.

5. ASUS TUF Gaming F15 (2022)

Best RTX 3060 Laptops With Intel I7 12th Gen Processor

In India, Asus has been gradually expanding its selection of laptops across several categories. There is an Asus laptop available that fits the needs, whether they are for business, gaming, or the average consumer. Asus is saturating the market with laptops at various price points, allowing consumers to choose between the new Asus Chromebook line and the TUF F15 if they need a laptop under Rs 20,000. Returning to the original question, is the TUF Gaming F15 laptop a great option for gamers? Asus has ensured that customers receive the greatest possible display. The Asus TUF Gaming F15 does not, however, include a bezel-free display. Anyone looking to purchase the TUF F15 for gaming purposes shouldn’t have a problem with the display’s broad bezels that surround it on all four sides.

With its powerful hardware, the Asus TUF Gaming F15 laptop can handle anything. Powered by an Intel 11th Generation Tiger Lake-H i9-11900H processor running at 2.5GHz, along with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD drive. The Armoury Crate software from Asus, which lets you customize settings for gaming and other chores, is included with the TUF Gaming F15 in classic Asus fashion. The laptop also has a TUF Gaming imprint on the top of the keyboard, which indicates that it was made with gamers in mind.

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6. Acer Predator Helios 300

Since ACER is also a multinational corporation based in Taiwan and ranks as the sixth-largest PC vendor globally, customers may trust this business. Due to the company’s sole concentration on PC manufacture, all well-known gamers like NINJA, SHROUD, and others solely use ACER PCs. This company’s laptops are only well-known because they offer a top-notch gaming experience at an affordable price; they are cost-effective without sacrificing quality, which is why they have a large global client base.

A variety of technologies integrated inside the chassis enable the Helios 300 to compete with desktop computers, which is a major accomplishment for a gaming laptop. With its combination of a 12th-Gen Core i7-12700H processor, Nvidia RTX 3060, 16GB of DDR5 RAM, and 1TB NVMe SSD, it is capable of handling the demands of contemporary games. Performance is about more than simply hardware, like all gaming laptops. Thermals are similarly significant, and the Helios adds a further factor—its 1440p screen—to the mix. Higher resolutions cost more to operate but offer better images in return.

The entire Numpad can fit on the deck of the 15.6-inch Acer laptop. It works great for using the laptop for business and also serves as a macro pad for video games. Each button is somewhat smaller, and everything is moved to the left due to the additional keys, but getting used to it is simple. The keys have decent travel and are tactile. It was able to adjust in less than an hour.

7. ASUS TUF Dash F15 2022

Best RTX 3060 Laptops With Intel I7 12th Gen Processor

The TUF Dash series is a more streamlined, lighter, and more elegantly designed version of the standard TUF Gaming notebooks. The 2022 Dash F15 series is constructed with the most recent Intel and Nvidia hardware. With 10 Cores and 16 Threads, the Intel Core i7-12650H is a mid-range 12th-generation Alder Lake processor. It is a hybrid CPU with 6 High-Performance Hyper-Threaded Cores and 4 Additional Efficiency Cores that can operate individually or jointly depending on the workload. 

The Dash F15’s construction enables the processor to operate at 65+W of continuous power under heavy CPU demands while using the Turbo profile. The 2022 Dash F15 series has RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti graphics processor options for the GPU. An RTX 3060 is what we have on this sample, and it can operate at up to 105W with Dynamic Boost in games and programs that support it.

8. MSI Sword 15

Best RTX 3060 Laptops With Intel I7 12th Gen Processor

Even though the Sword 15 has a plastic outer shell, the internal rectangular support structure and the metal area that encloses the battery make it surprisingly sturdy. We really like how the laptop has a really brilliant white hue in terms of appearance. The bezels and bottom panel are also black, which creates a good contrast. An Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU and an Intel Core i7-12650H processor power the Sword 15 in our review setup. This takes it one step ahead of rivals like the Acer Nitro 5 (Core i5-12500H, RTX 3050), and even with the extras switched on, you still have enough power to run the majority of games at 1080p quality.

With generally steady frame rates, we ran Control (High, 1080p) and launched straight into the action, but We noticed a performance fall of just around 50 frames per second during battle. Under the same gaming circumstances, performance improved when the resolution was reduced to 720p and DLSS was enabled. In the Borderlands 3 benchmark, The Sword 15 triumphed at “fabulous” settings (69 fps). Once more, this performance easily bested the Nitro 5 and x14 R1 and even outperformed the TUF Gaming F15.

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9. HP Omen 17

Nowadays, most laptop manufacturers focus on 15.6in and 16in screens, but HP’s new Omen 17demonstrates that larger computers still have a lot to offer. With 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, it has a 17.3-inch screen that is instantly immersive and has more pixels than typical 1080p screens. The high-end internals of an HP computer is hidden behind the huge screen. The GeForce RTX 3060 GPU has 6GB of memory and 5,120 stream processors. Its default power limit is a generous 130W, which increases by 10W when the laptop’s Performance mode is activated.

In the meantime, the 16GB of DDR4 RAM is clocked at 3200MHz, and the 8-core i7-11800H processor from Intel is dependable. With a 1TB Samsung PM9A1 SSD that reads and writes data at rates of 7,046 MB/sec and 5,140 MB/sec, respectively, and dual-band 802.11ax Wi-Fi, you also have respectable storage. The HP did well in thermal tests owing to its substantial chassis. The GPU’s delta T of 50°C was good, the noise levels were moderate, and the external temperature didn’t rise while gaming with its 130W running mode. The levels of noise and heat produced by the CPU were minimal during the single-core and multi-core workload benchmarks, and we have no concerns about the 50°C delta T that it produced.

10. Alienware m15 R7

Best RTX 3060 Laptops With Intel I7 12th Gen Processor

Laptops manufactured by Alienware are often considered to be the best powerful gaming computers currently available. Its most recent model, the m15 R7, is a 15-inch laptop that comes equipped with 12th-generation Intel Core H-series processors and the most recent RTX 30 Series laptop GPUs. In the year 2022, however, who should purchase a gaming laptop with a power level comparable to that of this one? We experimented with the Alienware m15 R7 for a few days to see if it delivers the thrills We want from a top-tier gaming laptop.

The m15 R7 has an impressive list of features. The base model costs Rs 169,989 and has a 165Hz display, 512GB solid-state drive, 16GB DDR 5 RAM, and a 12th-generation Intel Core i7-12700H processor. Despite having the same Core i7 processor and 1TB of SSD storage, 32GB of DDR 5 RAM, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU, and a 240Hz display, our review unit, which costs Rs 274,989, also comes with these additional features. The reason it costs what it does is that this model is built to handle the most demanding games available. We tested the m15 R7 laptop for both work and amusement to test its performance. The m15 R7 produced fluid frame rates for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Doom Eternal.

11. Razer Blade 15

Best RTX 3060 Laptops With Intel I7 12th Gen Processor

Now, it is true that the 2022 Blade 15 appears to be almost identical to previous generations, which has led to some people feeling as though it is in need of a facelift. But despite the passage of so much time, We continue to adore the Blade 15’s sleek design and dependable aluminum frame. Having said that, We do hope Razer would give the lighted logo on the lid complete RGB support. We are aware that neon green is somewhat of a trademark for Razer, but on a premium machine such as this one, it just seems strange that we are unable to change the color to anything you would like.

Some gaming laptops appear a little bit, shall we say, extra, with flashy light bars and dot matrix displays incorporated in their lids, but luxury isn’t usually the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about laptops designed for gaming. But the Razer Blade 15 genuinely feels like it has crossed the line into portable gaming extravagance with its fantastic performance, superb build quality, discreet design, and a very luxurious price tag. All of these aspects contribute to the feeling that it has crossed the border.

When it comes to processing power, Razer provides the newest Intel H-series processors and Nvidia RTX 30-series graphics processing units. The 2022 Blade 15’s base configuration features an i7-12800H, 16GB of RAM, and graphics RTX 3060 Ti, with the top-end configuration with an i9 CPU, 32GB of RAM, and an RTX 3080 Ti.

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12. Acer Predator Triton 300 SE

Acer is known for making good laptops at reasonable prices, but its gaming laptops can get pricey and don’t have all the features and claps that other brands do. The Acer Predator Triton 300 SE, on the other hand, occupies the sweet spot where the company’s top-tier hardware meets an accessible price point.

An Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU equipped with 6 GB of video memory (VRAM) is tucked away inside the chassis of the Acer Predator Triton 300 SE. It was more than capable of running Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at a frame rate of 54 per second on the Ultra settings and 1080p resolution.

13. Asus Rog Zephyrus G15 (2022)

Best RTX 3060 Laptops With Intel I7 12th Gen Processor

When it comes to laptops designed specifically for gaming, Asus is the undisputed industry leader. Asus offers a variety of gaming laptops under the Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand that may be customized to meet the requirements of any gamer. My personal favorite of all of these models is the Zephyrus G series. The 2022 model of the Zephyrus G15 has the potential to be the most powerful gaming laptop offered by the firm. The Zephyrus is renowned for its mobility, versatility, exceptional battery life, and top-of-the-line hardware, among other accolades. The gift is supplied in a box with an excellent and carefully considered design.

The Zephyrus G15 for 2022 is equipped with a 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1440p, a battery life of over 8 hours, a processor manufactured by AMD called the Ryzen 9 6900HS, a snappy keyboard, and decent audio, among other features. The high-end model of the laptop features an Nvidia RTX 3080. The top-of-the-line model would set you back a hefty sum of 2,01,990 Indian Rupees.

14. Lenovo Legion 5

Best RTX 3060 Laptops With Intel I7 12th Gen Processor

PC gamers frequently take into consideration the Legion range of laptops from Lenovo. In the past, we have witnessed some incredible Legion devices, such as the Legion 7i, which are a real delight for video game players. A Legion 5i variation that employs an Intel chipset is the Lenovo Legion 5. Lenovo is also targeting AMD enthusiasts with Legion 5. And that’s what we’re looking at today. The best hardware specifications are typically found in gaming laptops. The display can be among the most crucial. In terms of price, Lenovo’s Legion 5’s display characteristics are accurate.

The chipset inside the Legion 5 is an AMD Ryzen 5 4600H with six cores, and it has discrete graphics provided by an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti. That is the most significant difference between this version and the previous one that utilized chipsets from the 10th generation of Intel Core. Without a doubt, the Legion 5 AMD is not a powerful gaming rig. The dedicated gaming capabilities plus, of course, the weight make it more of a mid-range laptop. The technology on this laptop, however, is still among the best in its price category, which means that the Legion 5 can also serve as a laptop that is acceptable for use in the workplace.

15. MSI GF65 Thin Gaming Laptop

The GF65 Thin moniker gives away the fact that this MSI laptop is all about being elegant and portable. In light of the features, which include an Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics card, a 144Hz screen, and a quick NVMe SSD, it is also fairly priced. The MSI GF65 Thin is a respectable gaming computer. It can easily be carried around, has a pleasant appearance, and is more than capable of running recent games at playable frame rates. The screen is well-balanced, the speakers are decent enough to filter out most of the noise from the fan, and it does not become overly hot. 

It’s one of the better thin gaming laptops that we’ve tested, especially when you consider the specifications provided at this price point; it’s one of the better thin gaming laptops that we’ve tried. This laptop also has a 1080p, 144Hz refresh rate panel, so the addition of the graphics card is really appreciated. The Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU may cooperate well with each other because of the 3060s support for Resizable BAR. This configuration enables improved performance in some games as well as more effective communication between the two.

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