Boat 620 Vs Boat 500: Which To Choose And Why?

Speakers have become lighter and more portable as a result. Backpacks and travel bags may be able to accommodate the dimensions of the speakers. The audio system and overall look and feel outperform the smaller sound system. We’ll be able to listen to music wherever we go this way. Have a small footprint but a higher sound output. We’ll go over the same-named speakers from Series 2 in this segment.

Boat Stone 620, the ideal club companion, has arrived. Pair your Stone 620 with another Stone 620 that has in-out TWS Technology to get the most out of its 12W sound system. It’s not only loud, but it’s also perceptive. Users can communicate with their mobile assistants using the built-in hands-free microphone. Be the centre of attention at all times. The multifunction toggle management system makes navigating one’s Boat Stone 500 to the shores of nirvana a breeze.

Here in this article, we have compared both Boat Stone 620 and 500.

Boat 620 vs Boat 500: Comparison Table

FeaturesBoat 620Boat 500
Launching Year20212020
Model Name600500
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Available ColorsBlack, Blue, Red and GreyBlack, Blue, Green
Average Battery Life12 hours15 hours
Charging Time3.5 hour2.5 hour
CompatibilitySmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth DevicesSmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.0Version 5
Connection Distance Range (Bluetooth)66 feet10m
Online Price RangesRs. 1,999Rs.1,995
Customer Ratings4/54.5/5

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Battery Life

Because of the battery’s 2500 mAh capacity, users can enjoy continuous pleasure and excitement. For activation, ten hours of listening will be required. The user can connect to multiple Bluetooth modes by using a C-type charger. The 1800mAh backup battery in this Stone 500 boat will begin charging as soon as you place it on its saddle. The battery life is far superior to that of a phone. With a lithium polymer battery capacity of 1800mah and a runtime of up to 7 hours, it’s ideal for you and your friends.


The Boat 620’s cylinder shape allows for greater versatility. Its small size and lightweight design make it ideal for taking on a day trip. It can be carried in your handbag or backpack for added convenience. A diamond-gridded grid and silicon covering protect the 500. The silicon-coated sidewalls are protected by a diamond-shaped mesh.

Sound Clarity

The stereophonic audio output of the 12 W The Boat 620 speaker’s enhanced bass and crystal-clear treble will make your music sound better. It was designed by reverberant professionals to provide a truly immersive listening experience while also producing excellent stereo sound. Both the 2-inch and two drivers are required to produce 10W of mesmerizing music from the dynamic HD sound of the Boat 500 speakers, which absorb and release stress. The smooth grooving of the subwoofers enhances the experience. The aforementioned 10W interactive speaker can provide an excellent audio experience.

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On both the Boat Stone 620 and the Boat Stone 500, upgrading to Bluetooth version5.0 devices with the option of switching into aux mode ensures optimal wireless performance. These devices have a 10-meter operational range. Users can enjoy the speaker’s commanding presence on up to two smartphones or tablets at the same time with any of these options.


With an IPX4 splash rating and a moisture shield, the Boat 620 can be taken anywhere without fear of water streaming over a white surface. The splash and water shields add extra security for users when they are near a swimming pool. This boat’s 500-speaker balancing act and IPX5 water resistance make it a style that can be easily transported.

Feedback on Boat 620

  • Your hands are filled with the sound of a high-quality speaker.
  • The rhythm section of this designer’s subwoofer would be the best in the business if it were just a little bit bigger.
  • Because the loudness can only be increased by more than 60%, the bass is not recommended.

Feedback for Boat 500

  • People who claim that the rechargeable battery has a six-hour battery life have discovered that it lasts much longer.
  • The best feature of the speaker is the MicroSD card slot.
  • Auxiliary cable input is also available.
  • Bluetooth devices have a good range as well.

Boat Stone 620 Vs 500: Quick Result

CharacteristicsBoat Stone 620Boat Stone 500 Which one is the best?
Battery BackupGoodGoodAny
Audio SystemCrispLoudAny

Boat 620 vs Boat 500: Final Verdict

The Boat Stone 620 and 500 Bluetooth speakers are cordless. We can work with any Bluetooth-enabled device. The devices are capable of communicating over long distances. The inclusion of 64GB of USB storage distinguishes the Boat 620. Boat 620 outperforms the water-resistant Boat 500 in terms of overall battery life and performance. Boat 500 outperforms Boat 620 in terms of customer satisfaction. Both sound systems are good, but the louder one is more noticeable.

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