Boat Air Dopes 621 Vs 441 Pro Comparison and Review

Boat Air Dopes 621 Vs 441
Boat Air Dopes 621 Vs 441

When we buy any products such as mobile phones, laptops, or headphones, we predict lots about them and research them. When a product has so numerous complications, why would we try to purchase it? It’s not clear when buying products online or offline if we can buy them and if we should always not? Many products can make it difficult to decide on what to shop for.

There is a simple way to avoid our confusion. You should first determine your budget and then research the merchandise details. Nonetheless, it remains confusing. Therefore, we should always compare the products to work out which one is the best.

It’s time to speak about boat air dopes. Boats are one of the foremost popular technologies. Let’s compare the two and determine which is more effective?

Observations on Boat Air Dopes 621 vs Boat Air Dopes 441 Pro:

FeaturesBoat Air Dopes 621Boat Air Dopes 441 Pro  
Colour  Many colors preferences  Black and White
Connector Type  WirelessWireless
Model name  Air dopes 621Air dopes 441 pro
Form factor  In-earIn-ear
TWS earbuds with IWP technologyTWS earbuds with IWP technology  
Driver type  6 mm6 mm
Impedance  16 Ω + 15 %16 Ω + 15 %
Battery capacity  35 mAh x 2 + 2600 mAh charging  3.7 V, 35 mAh x 2 + 2600 mAh charging
Playback time  5 hours-buds, 150-hours case  5 hours-buds, 150-hours case
Charging time  45 minutes1.5 hours
Standby time  70 hours70 hours
Compatibility  All Bluetooth devicesHSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Bluetooth range  10 m10 m
 IPX ratings 7 7
Frequency  20 Hz – 20 kHz20 Hz – 20 kHz
Online price ranges  Rs.2,999Rs.2,799  
Controls Control call volumes, calls, and the voice assistant through touch controlsControl call volumes, calls, and the voice assistant through touch controls
ASAP charging support  Not applicableNot applicable
Customer ratings4.5/54.7/5
Boat Air Dopes 621 vs Boat Air Dopes 441 Pro

How have these features and what has it been achieved? Their features are similar. I find this to be a very immersive and soothing sound. Both have instant voice assistants through a single touch with easy access to touch controls. Music lovers will enjoy the design. In addition to taking calls, watching videos, and listening to music, it can be used for many other things.

Boat Air Dopes 621 vs Boat Air Dopes 440 Pro:

The boat airdopes 621 and airdopes 440 Pro are the Wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The sound of the earbuds is incredibly amazing. The sound was clear and rhythmic. We will charge the bot battery for five minutes and conveniently use it daily. It’s water and dust-resistant. So, we will do our workouts and runs even on rainy days without any trouble.

The user simply presses a button to accept or reject calls. We can use any adapter for charging the air dopes charging case. In-ear design blocks some of the outdoor noise after wearing. This is also a Bluetooth headset for wireless use.  

Boat Air Dopes 621 vs Boat Air Dopes 440 Pro Battery:

There is a 5-hour playback time within the Air Dopes 441 Pro earphones but Boat air dopes 621 earphones last for 5.5 hours in earbuds and 150-hours playback within the charging case. Air dope 621 can be charged to 100 percent in 45 minutes but the air dope charging time is 30 minutes more than air dope 621. The air dopes 621 has 3 lithium-ion batteries and air dopes 441 Pro has 2 lithium polymer batteries.

Boat Air Dopes 621 vs Boat Air Dopes 440 Pro Bluetooth:

These devices both feature Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility with Android and iOS devices. The Bluetooth range in 10 meters is the same for both devices. Multiple devices cannot be connected simultaneously.

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Boat Air Dopes 621 vs Boat Air Dopes 440 Pro Ingress Protection (IPX) rating:

Boat air dope 621 and air dope 441 pro has an IP X 7 marked water & sweat resistance.

Boat Air Dopes 621 vs Boat Air Dopes 440 Pro Active Noise Cancellation:

They both do not have active noise cancellation, which means they can not reduce unwanted background noise with their noise-canceling technology.

Boat Air Dopes 621 vs Boat Air Dopes 440 Pro Other Inclusions:

There is also an additional set of earmuffs, a Type-C USB cable, a user manual, a catalog, a FAQ card, and a Read Me card provides on both devices.                                                                                    

Customer Reviews and Feedbacks:

Boat Air Dopes 621:

  • The sound quality is the best.
  • Bass lovers will enjoy this.
  • Batteries last an average amount of time.
  • Having a hard time taking calls.
  • Batteries should last longer.

Boat Air Dopes 441 Pro:

  • Better noise cancellation.
  • Good design.
  • Carry it wherever you go since it’s lightweight.
  • There is a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. However, it is not shared among multiple devices.

One of the most popular segments of electronic hardware and audio equipment is the Boat. A boat company based in India and manufactured in China. Stylish and comfortable, it’s the perfect combination. The earphones have colorful designs that make them stand out. It comes up with a unique gadget in a convenient little box. As a result, we can carry out the procedure anywhere. It is an excellent audio experience. The performance of the battery lasts longer than other products.

Boat Air Dopes 621 vs 441 Pro Final Conclusions:

More than anything, both devices have a lot in common. Compared to Air Dopes 441 Pro, I like 621 betters. The air dopes 621 has many colors to choose and the charging time is much shorter than the 441 Pro. Moreover, the battery type is better than the Air Dopes 621. It is more efficient than air dopes 441Pro.


Does boAt 621 have noise cancellation?

No, the buds do not have the noise cancellation feature in the device

How much time does boAt Airdopes 441 take to charge?

1.5 Hours

Does Airdopes 441 Pro have noise cancellation?

buds do not have the noise cancellation feature in the device

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