boAt Airdopes 131 VS boAt Airdopes 441: Which Is Worth Buying?

Getting bored with wires around you? Spending a hard time with resolving the threads of the headphones you have rather than enjoying the music? Then wireless headphones are made for exclusively you. These headphones are handy, small, and very easy to operate too.  Wireless headsets come in several varieties such as overhead headphones that cover the entire ear, some earbuds which fit exactly in your ear gap, and many more. But the most famous and popular type of headset is inspired by the Apple AirPods. These are small, easily get adjusted in your pocket, and provide a long time for using, gaming, and most importantly listening to your favorite music.

There are lots of brands which are come up with the best quality pods that they can make. As the original Apple Airpods costs too much for a normal user, it is also important while purchasing the pods we have to check the quality of the sound that it produces and the bass that the pod can generate. In this category, two brans are on hype these days. The boat is a particular brand that produces high-quality headsets and speakers. The boat has a great variety of headsets and pods and one of them is Boat Airpods 131. This air pod has produced decent hype in the industry. The other comparator is also itself from the brand Boat which is Boat Airpods 441. If you are planning to buy a pod, it will give you a clear view of both of these headsets, which will help you to choose which is better for you to buy.

boAt Airdopes 131 VS boAt Airdopes 441: Comparison Chart

FeatureBoat Airpods 131Boat Airpods 441
Headphone typeIn-earIn-ear
HD soundYesYes
Bluetooth version5.05.0
Driver size13mm6mm
Voice AssistanceYesYes
Charging voltage5V DC5V DC
Battery capacity40mAh per Bud110mAh
Tak time3 Hr5Hr
Charging time2 Hr1.5 Hr
Standby time100 Hr70Hr
Bluetooth range10m10m

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Boat Airpods 131 vs Boat AirPods 441: Detailed Analysis


Considering the wireless stuff may it be a phone, laptop, watch, or anything, the battery is the most important thing of all. This decides whether to even consider the product or not. In the case of pods, one should never compromise on the battery as it’s the most important thing. Boat AirPods come with a 40mAh battery for each bud which lasts up to 3 hours. For AirPods, it is a decent time and with the case fully charged it can charge the buds up to 3 times which gives the total listening time to 9 hours too. Both the AirPods are from the same brand so the quality of the battery will be going to be similar in both cases. Talking about the boat AirPods 441 it also gave a decent battery and including a charging case it has a total battery of around 500 mAh which is a great amount. This battery of Airpods 441 can last up to 20 hours as mentioned by the brand. The case provided in model AirPods 441 is pocket friendly and is very fashionable.

Music Quality

This is the thing for which we buy any kind of headset. Talking about the general quality stuff, Boat has always been a leader in this field. All the speakers and the headsets of the Boat have been phenomenal over time. Thinging of brand value Boat already has a great customer number and it is famous int gen-z or youth generation especially.

Both the AirPods provide value for money and are of good quality.

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Extra Features

The motto of the boat is to make their product as fashion products, by that means, the Boat provides a variety of colours to its products and even gives the authority to customize them also. Over that Boat provides various special edition packs too. You can even choose different types of cases for your AirPods and make them unique from anyone else.

The boat AirPods 441 has an IPX rating of 7 which is the best water and sweat resistance rating overall. This feature will help the people who often listen to music while exercising along.  441 comes with google assistance also which makes things easier to happen. It is a very useful feature and will also help while picking up the calls and everything. Along with that 441 has an active noise cancellation which we can call the key feature for this model.


boAt Airdopes 131 VS boAt Airdopes 441

It is the factor that can change the whole game. One should always keep in mind the amount of money that you want to invest in buying the thing and will it be worthful for the money that we have given to that. These headphones and earphones come at various prices at various online and offline places. It is recommended ht to check the pricing from various platforms.

 Talking about the particular prices Boat Airpods 131 comes around 900-1000 rupees whereas the price of Boat Airpods 441 is a bit on the higher side, that comes at around 1799  rupees. But the features that it provides are of the same category like having IPX 7 rating, longer battery life, and most importantly active noise cancellation.

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Boat Airpods 131 vs Boat Airpods 441: Quick Results

FeaturesBoat Airpods 131Boat Airpods 441
Quality BestAmazing
PriceDecentBit High

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Boat Airpods 131

  1. The brand value is great, AirPods sounds great.
  2. The sound quality is amazing.
  3. Does not work that good in rain and sweat, or dirt.

Boat Airpods 441

  1. Great sound quality.
  2. Active noise cancellation works perfectly.
  3. Easily work in rains and dirt too.
  4. The price is a bit on the higher side.

Boat Airpods 131 vs Boat Airpods 441: Final Verdict

Though both the AirPods are from the same brand there is a huge difference between the price of these AirPods. If you are someone who wants decent quality AirPods and you just are going to use the set for less time then Airpods 131 is a great option for you. If you are a regular music listener and often listen to music in the gym or want to hear crystal clear music even in an environment of noise then you should consider Airpods 441.

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