Boat Airdopes 191g Vs 141: Which One Is For You?

Boat Airdopes 191g Vs 141

Being a manufacturer of audio devices/products, boAt has never let us down. If the clutter of earphone wires bothers you, you can choose to go wireless. boAt Lifestyle, the industry leader in wearables in the Indian market, was central to the development of the Immortal headset portfolio around one year ago. However, there weren’t many TWS that targeted gamers particularly.

If you are unsure whether to purchase the boAt airdopes 141 or 191g TWS, you may read a thorough assessment of each airdope here. You can use it to select which to buy and which to pass on. Both of them are decently equipped airdopes that are on a tight budget. Because of the battery backup and the small size of the device, using these airdopes is perfect for travelers. Let’s look at the thorough review.

Boat Airdopes 191g Vs 141: Comparison Table

FeaturesBoat Airdopes 191GBoat Airdopes 141
Launching Year2022 2021
Model NameBoat Airdopes 191GBoat Airdopes 141
SeriesBoat Airdopes SeriesBoat Airdopes Series
Online Pricing Range₹1,333₹ 1,699
Customer Ratings4.3/54.5/5

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Boat Airdopes 191g Vs 141: Detailed Analysis


Boat Airdopes 191g Vs 141

We knew the boAt Airdopes 191G earphones weren’t for everyone—rather, they were for gamers—from the moment we laid eyes on them. The earphones’ interior is made to be opaque. This gives it a unique appearance that no other current model of boAt Airdopes possesses. Most often, we’ve seen that boAt makes cost-saving decisions for the sake of waterproofing the earphones. Thankfully, they did not do so with the Airdopes 191G TWS, which has an IPX5 splash resistance rating.

The boAt Airdopes 141 are small, lightweight earphones with a matte appearance and a fiber-plastic carrying case. These earbuds come in three colors: Bold Black, Cyan Cider, and pure white. Cyan Cider color earbuds stand out and differ from black and white in terms of appearance. Speaking of the case, it is straightforward and compact, and the earbuds are stick-shaped. The case’s front displays the boAt logo and battery indicator, and its bottom side feature a Type-C charging port.

Sound Performance

When it comes to audio quality, minimal latency is a major concern. The boAt Airdopes 191G offers low-latency gaming up to 65ms if the BEAST mode is activated. The boAt 191G features 6mm twin dynamic speakers that pour in immersive sounds for everyday listening. As a result, you can anticipate a rich, high-quality sound after wearing this new boAt TWS Airdopes.  ENx technology is also available. This greatly aids in reducing background noise and provides you with crystal-clear voice calls.

If you look at the price range, the BoAt Airdopes 141 includes two 8mm dynamic speakers that provide good audio and bass. At 60% of its volume level, music and videos sound very clear, and every rhythm is audible. The system has an 80 ms low latency, which is considered average for gaming. These earbuds from the brand have an integrated microphone and ENX environmental noise cancellation technology.

Battery & Charging

Boat Airdopes 191g Vs 141

You won’t appreciate it if your gadget doesn’t have a long battery life, regardless of how good the sound quality is or how much low latency your earphones offer. However, boAt 191G, Airdopes come with a sizable, fashionable power case that has a 30-hour battery life. The earphones will last for roughly 5 to 6 hours after you have fully charged them by placing them in the power case. These boAt Airdopes cases may be charged using a charger that is Type-C enabled. No, it doesn’t have outdated USB input; instead, it has a Type-C port that offers a more modern, quick charging experience.

The manufacturer of boAt Airdopes 141 states that these earbuds have a 42-hour battery life when used with the case. According to our investigation, the firm is accurate when it says that at 60% of the volume, the case continues to play for 42 hours. Additionally, it supports ASAP Type-c charging, which provides 75 minutes of gameplay after 5 minutes of charging, which is a bonus.

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Since the boAt Airdopes 191G has a 65ms latency, which is suited for playing games like PUBG Mobile and other online games, it employs the most recent Bluetooth 5.2 version in its TWS for improved connectivity. The TWS Earbuds connect instantly with IWP Technology, and you don’t have to connect them every time. On the other hand, BoAt Airdopes 141 includes the recent Bluetooth v5.1 version, which may offer reliable connectivity to both your mobile and truly wireless devices up to 10 meters away. Additionally, IWP technology improves it significantly by enabling automatic Bluetooth device pairing for earbuds.

Boat Airdopes 191G Vs 141: Quick Results

ParticularsBoat Airdopes 191GBoat Airdopes 141Which One Is Better?
Sound PerformanceBetterGoodBoat Airdopes 191G
ConnectivityBetterGoodBoat Airdopes 191G

Final Verdict: Boat Airdopes 191g Vs 141

The boAt airdopes 141 is a great alternative if you’re searching for good sound and bass to listen to music on your phone for an extended period of time because sound and batteries are abundant. This is also fantastic if you need to make regular calls, but if you need earphones for loud environments, such as crowded offices and busy roads, it might not be the best choice.

Along with loud and clear audio quality, BoAt Airdopes 191g also features the company’s signature sound and respectable bass. Given the price, its battery life is excellent, and compatibility with ASAP type-C rapid charging just adds to its convenience.  Another excellent choice is stable connectivity with the Insta wake & Pair feature. It has excellent build quality, a dust-free and scratch-free case, and a good design. If you require a competent wireless airphone for calling, you can choose model number 141, but if you require a gaming device, you can select model number boAt 191g.

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