Boat Airdopes 441 Pro Vs Boat Airdopes 281 Pro Comparison!

Boat, an Indian company, has become a market leader in the low-cost audio equipment sector as a result of its success with online sales. The previously dispersed market has been forced to innovate in a new direction as a result of brands such as Xiaomi, Realme, and Oppo. Today’s review focuses on a Boat product with a focus on high-end amenities.

Until recently, small and specialized companies dominated the affordable true wireless audio segment. The Boat Airdopes 441, a feature-rich headset with IPX6 water resistance and USB Type-C charging, is available for Rs. 2,499 on the market. Is there anything else this pair of truly wireless earphones has to offer besides the obvious? If you’re curious, keep reading.

Pro Boat Earbud Earphones 281: We’ll look at the Boat airdopes 281 Pro tws and the Boat 441 earbuds and talk about their sound quality, features, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages.

Boat Airdopes 281 Pro VS Boat 441 pro: Comparison Table

FeaturesBoat Airdopes 281 ProBoat 441 pro
Launching Year20202020
Model NameAirdopes 281 ProAirdopes 441 pro
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Available ColorsWhite, Black, Blue, Yellow, GreenBlack
Average Battery Life6 hours5 hours
Charging Time3 hour2.5 hour
CompatibilitySmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth DevicesSmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.1vVersion 5.0
Connection Distance Range (Bluetooth)66 feet10m
Online Price RangesRs.2,499Rs. 2,999
Customer Ratings4/54/5

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Boat Airdopes 441 Pro vs Boat Airdopes 281 Pro: Detailed Analysis

Design and Build Quality

Because of their ergonomic design, you will not experience any itch or pain even after wearing the Design Boat Airpodes 281 pro for extended periods of time. Given that most budget wireless earphones are made of plastic, the Boat Airdopes 441 comes as no surprise. The earphones, on the other hand, appeared to be thrown together hastily and were of average quality. Even for its price, the Airdopes 441 appears a little too plain and simple.

Audio Quality

Boat Airdopes 441 Pro

The Boat brand has released the boat airdopes 281 pro tws in-ear headphones, which continue the company’s reputation for producing high-quality sound at low prices. The Airdopes 281 pro model’s tiny 6mm sound drivers deliver deep bass and HD sound clarity. Even after several hours of use, the sound quality of the boat airdopes 281 pro was so good that it did not cause any discomfort to the ears.

The Boat Airdopes 441 may be a step too far in the direction of deeper bass, which is typical of Indian audio products, for 441 people. A little bass bias is acceptable, but the Airdopes 441 has an excessive amount of low-end frequencies. Music, video, and phone calls were all possible using an Android smartphone and the Boat Airdopes 441. While the AAC Bluetooth codec improves sound quality on the headset, it has no effect on Boat Airdopes 441 tuning.

When paired with Netsky’s Tequila Limonada, the Boat Airdopes 441 was immediately overpowering in the lows. The bass rumble quickly overpowered the rest of the frequency range in this already punchy track, forcing its way into the centre of my attention. When listening to the soundtrack’s sub-bass elements, I frequently felt as if my ears were being gently pinched by small boxing gloves.

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Battery Life

Boat Airdopes 281 Pro

On a single charge, the fast charging 420Mah lithium-ion battery powering the Boat airdopes 281 Pro Bluetooth headset provides 32 hours of continuous use and 6.5 hours of earbud playback.

The earbuds can be recharged multiple times, with each charge lasting 6.5 hours.

On the case, there is also an airdopes 281 battery indicator, which shows the charge level outside when charging in-case earbuds. The case has four blinking points that indicate how much battery power is left.

The Boat airdopes 281 pro case can be fully charged in just three hours thanks to its Type B fast charging.

The charging indicator lights up to indicate that the boat airdopes 281 pro is charging, and the lights go out when the case is fully charged.

The 441: What are you talking about, 441!? The charging case for the Boat Airdopes 441 is pill-shaped, similar to the earphones. Because of its USB Type-C charging, the Airdopes 441 has a distinct advantage over the competition. Boat’s true wireless earphones have USB Type-C ports rather than Micro-USB, the industry’s newer standard. The charging time for the case with earphones inside was approximately 90 minutes.

Boat Airdopes 441 Pro Vs Boat Airdopes 281 Pro: Quick Result

ParticularsBoat Airdopes 441 Pro Boat Airdopes 281 ProWhich one is the best?
Battery LifeAmazingGood441 Pro
Deep Bass GreatGoodBoth
ANC GoodGreatBoth
Sound QualityBetterAmazing281 Pro

Boat Airdopes 441 Pro vs Boat Airdopes 281 Pro: Final Verdict

In comparison to Boat 281, the Boat 441 Pro earbuds provide a number of improvements that users have found useful.

Boat Airdopes 281 pro and 441 are two different airpod models, and the differences between them are as follows:

In terms of battery capacity, the boat 281 pro has a 420 mah battery, while the standard boat 441 has a 450 mah battery.

The sound quality of 281 pro airdopes has significantly improved. The boat has introduced ENx earbuds, which feature new noise-cancellation technology and promise better crystal-clear calls.

On the other hand boat Airdopes 441 demonstrates that there is such a thing as too much bass even in the wireless true wireless market. From the sound of these headphones, you could almost hear the massive speakers in the club. Despite the fact that it appeared to be a lot of fun at first, the low-end drive quickly became tiresome. Although the IPX6 water resistance is a plus, the design and battery life fall short of expectations. The Boat Airdopes 441 isn’t bad, but it’s also not particularly good. The unique sound and features of the Airdopes 441 will appeal to bass heads. If your budget allows, the JVC HA-A10T remains our top pick among affordable true wireless earphones, but similar-priced options like the Realme Buds Q are also worth considering.

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