Boat Airdopes 441 Pro Vs Oneplus Buds Z Comparison!

Boat Airdopes 441 Pro Vs Oneplus Buds Z
Boat Airdopes 441 Pro Vs Oneplus Buds Z

Many people are wearing headphones. They are using cutting-edge wireless earbuds. They are light, small, and one-of-a-kind items. It has a plethora of features. Simple to transport, and it instantly connects to Bluetooth devices. When technology advances, a plethora of gadgets become available for purchase. We have a lot of options. In this article, we will look at two different brands of earbuds. That is the case with the Boat airdope 441 pro and the OnePlus buds z.

Boat and OnePlus earphones have to accept or reject calls, the user simply presses a button. We can begin charging the airdopes and charging case with any adapter. After wearing the earbuds, the design of the headphone completely covers much of the noise. This is also a Bluetooth headset that can be used wirelessly.

Let’s take a look at these devices.

Boat Airdopes 441 Pro vs OnePlus Buds Z: Comparison Chart

ParticularBoat Airdopes 441 ProOnePlus Buds Z
Launching Year 20202020
Brand BoatOnePlus
Model Name Airdopes 441 ProES502A
Form Factor In-EarIn-Ear
Colors Green, Blue, Black, Red White, Grey, and Steven Harrington Edition
Generic Name HeadphonesEarphone
Headphone Type Truly wireless earbuds with IWP technologyTruly wireless earbuds with Diraco Audio Tuner Digital Technology
Connector Type/ConnectivityWireless/BluetoothWireless/Bluetooth
Bluetooth Compatibility HSP, HFP, AVRCP, A2DPAll Bluetooth Devices
Item Dimensions  5.3 x 3.1 x 1.2 cm 8.6 x 2.3 x 3.8cm
Item Weight 103 grams50 grams
Driver Type6 mm x 2 drivers10 mm dynamic drivers
Battery Capacity 3.7 V, 35 mAh x 2+2600 mAh charging 450 mAh for charging case
40 mAh for earbuds
Playback TimeBuds=5 hours, Case=150 hours20 hours
Charging Time1.5 hours2 hours
Standby Time 70 hours50 hours
Active Noise Cancellation NoYes
Frequency 20 KHz-20,000 Hz20 KHz-20,000 Hz
Controls Controls volume, call, and the voice assistant through touch controlsAdjust volumes, call attend/rejection, voice assistants
ASAP Charging Technology YesNot Applicable
Online PriceRs.2,999Rs.2,999
Customer Ratings 4.0/54.2/5

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Boat Airdopes 441 Pro Vs Oneplus Buds Z: Detailed Analysis

Battery Specifications:

Boat Airdopes 441 Pro earphones last for 5.5 hours in earbuds and 150-hours playback within the charging case. And OnePlus comes up with 10 minutes charging time lasting for 3 hours playback time. As charging time in the Boat airdope is 30 minutes more than OnePlus buds z. The Boat airdope 441 Pro has two lithium polymer batteries and OnePlus buds z has one lithium-ion battery. In the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, lithium and cobalt are used. This lithium-polymer is made from lithium-ion battery cells. As compared to OnePlus, the Boat has a significantly larger battery capacity.

Design Concepts:

Both devices have such sleek and captivating looks. In comparison to the Boat 441, the OnePlus is uniquely designed and lightweight. These devices have an excellently intuitive interface and a clean edge. They are available in multiple colors. Boat 441 is very comfortable to wear, fits well, and comes in a wide variety of sizes. It is not as comfortable for OnePlus as the Boat 441.

Sound Quality:

OnePlus Buds Z has more boom for your bass. Each earbud features an advanced 10 mm dynamic driver which gives deep bass definition. As each beat, you’ll major social changes depth and detail. Driver sensitivity is 97dB ± 3dB at 1 KHz. Boost your sound with dynamic 3-dimension stereo with Dolby Atmos.

The Boat airdope is furnished with 6 mm drivers for enthralling audio bliss and immersive sound. TWS earbuds comprise a sound system calling for clear and crisp communication. With the help of its highly developed multitouch control system, users can obtain the immediate voice assistant with a simple tap.

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Bluetooth Features:

Android and iOS devices can both be connected to these devices through Bluetooth version 5.0. For both devices, the Bluetooth range is 10 meters. There can never be more than one device connected at the same time.

Active Noise Cancellation:  

The ANC technology built-in OnePlus, which means they cannot reduce unwanted background noise with their noise-canceling technology. The Boat airdope 441 pro does not have active noise cancellation.

Ingress Protection (IPX) Ratings:

The IPX rating of 7 clearly shows sweat and water resistance for the Boat airdope 441 Pro. For waterproofing, the OnePlus Buds Z has an IPX rating of 55. We can do the workouts without sweat fearing damaging the headphones. Both have comparable water resistance. Water spills and splashes can be avoided. However, after being submerged in water, the gadgets were completely destroyed.

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Boat Airdopes 441 Pro vs OnePlus Buds Z: Quick Result

ParticularBoat Airdopes 441 ProOnePlus Buds ZWhich Is Better?
GamingGoodOkayBoat Airdope 441 Pro
ANCNoYesOnePlus Buds Z
Battery BackupGreatBestBoat Airdope 441 Pro
Sound EffectsPowerful bassStrong bassBoth
Water-resistanceIPX 7IPX 55Both

Customer Reviews and Feedbacks

Boat Air Dopes 441 Pro:

  • Fixes in the ear quite well.
  • It’s a fantastic pairing of earbuds.
  • Due to the lack of dual-microphone noise cancellation, it is difficult to use during a call because the other person hears a lot of environmental noise.

OnePlus Buds Z:

  • Neither auto-pairing nor manual pairing is working.
  • The phone call experience was adequate, but the receiver complained about low voice levels.
  • Better suited to Android users only.

Final Verdict

The gadgets are described in detail above. When compared to OnePlus, the battery capacity of the Boat is superior. Color options are more limited in Boat. Both products have the same price range. Boat and OnePlus are appealing and stylish. When it comes to small and fully fitted ears, the Boat airdopes 441 pro is the way to go. The OnePlus has excellent features as well.

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