Boat Airdopes 500 Vs Boat Airdopes 501: What Boatheads Should Choose?

Boat Airdopes 500 vs Boat Airdopes 501
Boat Airdopes 500 vs Boat Airdopes 501

The Indian consumer electronics company Boat has expanded its portfolio to include yet another pair of TWS wireless earbuds with the introduction of the Boat Airdopes 500 and 501 in the country. Active noise cancellation, strong drivers, low-latency audio, and many more interesting features are included in the new Boat Airdopes 500 and 501. The cost, availability, and thorough comparison of the audio goods have all been formally announced by the company. Let’s check it out.

Boat Airdopes 500 vs Boat Airdopes 501: Comparison Table

FeaturesBoat Airdopes 500Boat Airdopes 501
Launching Year20222021
Model NameBoat Airdopes 500Boat Airdopes 501
SeriesBoat Airdopes SeriesBoat Airdopes Series
Online Pricing Range₹4,499 ‎₹3,999
Customer Ratings4.0/54.7/5

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Boat Airdopes 500 vs Boat Airdopes 501: Detailed Analysis


Airdopes 500 by boAt are well-designed and comfortable to wear. Users can use them for extended periods of time without experiencing any ear discomfort. However, the earphones’ size is a little larger than usual, which can first make you feel uneasy. You’ll find them to be incredibly simple to use once you get used to them. High-quality plastic is used in this. On the charging case, next to the battery indicator LED light, is a reset button. There is a Type C charging port at the bottom. There is a logo for Boat at the top. The earbuds are secured within the lid by a magnetic lock. They offer a snug fit that keeps them from shifting even during vigorous activity. They are designed for prolonged use and are lightweight. They were expertly constructed and also have an IPX4 rating, which denotes water resistance.

The size of the boat Airdopes 501 is a bit large, which may be problematic for some individuals. The earbuds are ergonomic and really comfortable, aside from that. Even with strong head shaking, the earphones remain securely in place. The touch control area is well located. With an IPX rating of 4, the product is both sweat- and water-resistant. Both intensive workout sessions and inclement weather call for their utilization. But it is not a good idea to use them underwater.

Sound Performance

Boat Airdopes 500

The Boat Airdopes 500 ANC is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 as standard. After connecting them to your smartphone, you can use the Instant Wake and Pair Technology (IWP Technology) that they are equipped with. By holding down the right earbud for around three seconds, the ANC technology of these earphones can be activated. The ANC mode works well. It will immediately silence the surrounding noise. The Ambient Mode is another mode built into the earbuds. However, these earphones will deliver a crystal-clear sound. Additionally, ENx Technology does more to give you a voice on the call that is incredibly clear. Boat Airdopes 500 ANC has a special gaming mode built in for gaming sessions.

The 501 ANC boat has airdope controls that may be accessed with the touch of a finger. Four different sound settings are available on the product: normal, ANC, beast, and ambient. Normal mode offers the balanced signature Boat sound, whilst ANC mode is for crystal-clear calling. It muffles background noises like the wind, fans, and horns to some extent. Low latency is possible in beast mode, which is for gaming. Last but not least, the Ambient setting makes background noise transparent to the listener even when music is playing.

The 8mm drivers used in the in-ear buds have a very calming musical quality. However, the product’s bass is only mediocre, which may disappoint those who prefer strong bass. The product’s up to 30dB Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC, feature, is its finest feature. Even when the music is not playing, it operates effectively and effectively blocks out background noise. With the help of its ENx technology, calls are crystal clear, and background noise is eliminated. The product’s exceptionally low latency makes it hardly detectable. When playing a game, the sound is crystal clear and easy to follow in its direction.

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Boat Airdopes 501

There is a 500 mah rechargeable battery inside the charging case of the Boat Airdopes 500 ANC. Your earbuds can be recharged 4-5 times using the charging case. A 40 mah battery is included in each earpiece. These earphones have a battery life of between five and five and a half hours. Users can expect to play for a total of about 26 to 28 hours. You should expect to use ANC Mode for about 22–23 hours. In addition, customers have access to a fast charging feature that allows for 60 minutes of gameplay after only 5 minutes of charging.

A type C charging cable equipped with fast charging technology is used by the Boat Airdopes 501 ANC. It has a playback time of around 4-4.5 hours in ANC mode and 5-5.5 hours in normal mode. With its casing, the device offers a total runtime of up to 28 hours, though usage and volume can cause a small variance. Furthermore, you can play for an hour on a five-minute charge because of its fast charging capability.

Boat Airdopes 500 vs Boat Airdopes 501: Quick Results

ParticularsBoat Airdopes 500Boat Airdopes 501Which One Is Better?
Sound PerformanceGoodGoodAny

Final Verdict

The boat’s unique audio experience is provided by an 8mm driver arrangement on the recently released Boat Airdopes 500 ANC. The earbuds have no stem and are in-ear in style. The hearable has support for hybrid active noise canceling and Bluetooth 5.2 for wireless networking.

The Boat Airdopes 501 ANC, on the other hand, has a Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) of up to 30dB, which reduces noise at a wider range of frequencies and adapts to and corrects faults. The anti-noise signal cancels out the ambient noise. Each bud has a dual microphone setup with ENx technology for crystal-clear calling. When playing back media, their Ambient mode makes the background noise transparent.

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