boAt Rockerz 450 Pro Vs Sony WH-CH510 Comparison!

Getting bored with wires around you? Spending a hard time resolving the threads of the headphones you have rather than enjoying the music? Then wireless headphones are made for exclusively you. These are the headsets that are very handy and very great with experience.  Wireless headsets come in a number of varieties such as overhead headphones that overs the entire ear, some earbuds which fit exactly in your ear gap, and many more. But one of the most famous and fashionable kinds of headsets are the ones which are over the ears and cover your entire ear. These headsets give a great amount of bass while listening to music and fetch you to another world.

In the market right now there are lots of brands which are having a decent amount of headsets and are great But there are two the brands which are very famous. The boat is a particular brand that produces high-quality headsets and speakers. The boat has a great variety of headsets and pods and one of them is Boat Rockerz 450 Pro. These headsets have produced decent hype in the industry. The other comparator is a brand named Boult which is known for its great sounds. Boult has its pods named Sony WH-CH510. If you are planning to buy a headset, it will give you a clear view of both of these headsets, which will help you to choose which is better for you to buy.

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro vs Sony WH-CH510: Comparison Chart

FeatureboAt Rockerz 450Sony WH-CH510
Headphone typeOver-earOver-ear
HD soundYesYes
Bluetooth version5.05.0
Driver size140mm30mm
Frequency2.4GHz-2.48Ghz20 Hz–20,000 Hz
Voice AssistanceYesYes
Charging voltage5V DC5V DC
Battery capacity750mAh per Bud400mAh
Tak time70Hr35 hr
Bluetooth range10m20m
Charging time2-3 hours2-3 Hour

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boAt Rockerz 450 Pro vs Sony WH-CH510: Detailed Analysis


Considering the wireless stuff may it be a phone, laptop, watch, or anything, the battery is the most important thing of all. This decides whether to even consider the product or not. In the case of pods, one should never compromise on the battery as it’s the most important thing.  Both the headsets come with a decent amount of battery which is enough for you even if you listen to the music the whole day.  Sony provides a battery of around 35 hours which is expected and does really lasts that much time. On the other hand, the boat has a massive battery of 750 mAh battery, which lasts for more than  70 hr. It is really I huge battery and surprises the customer about it.

One more important feature of the boat headset is that after charging for only 10 mins it can give a playtime of a whole 10 hours which is an amazing and attractive feature.

Music Quality

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro

This is the thing for which we buy any kind of headset. Both the brands are fantastic in quality and are leading the market in this genre. The quality of the boat particularly is great.

All the speakers and the headsets of the Boat have been phenomenal over time. On the other hand, the brand sony is one of the brands that has always been in the music industry and leading the world in this field. The quality of sony headsets is of the next level and can not be compared to other headsets. The bass that it provides is really deep and has very great active noise cancellation too.

The boat is also not behind but it seems that the quality of sony is incomparable. . Sony comes with active noise cancellation that gives an extra good feeling while listening to music, watching movies, or even gaming too.


Sony WH-CH510

Pricing decides whether to consider it to buy or not. The main thing is you have to decide the amount of money that you want to put into the headsets and choose accordingly. These headphones and earphones come at various prices at various online and offline places. It is recommended ht to check the pricing from various platforms.

Talking particularly about the individual prices of these products, it seems that Sony headphones are not that budget-friendly for the people who listen to music for fun. The boat’s headsets cost a bit decent and are good for your pockets too. Sony has a pricing of around  5 thousand rupees which is high, but if we consider the quality and the value that it provides then it is worth it. The pricing of boat headset is around 1600-1700 which is best for someone who listens to music for fun and enjoys it.

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boAt Rockerz 450 Pro vs Sony WH-CH510: Quick Results

FeaturesboAt Rockerz 450 ProSony WH-CH510
Quality goodAmazing
PriceDecentBit High

Customer Reviews and Feedback

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro

I purchased boAt Rockerz 450 pro in October 2021 and I charged it on the same day and its battery came to 0% on 8 November, I was shocked by the battery life and the sound is clear. You should always consider buying these headsets if your budget is around 2000 bucks. There are some issues that came up with it. Sometimes one of the side stop working and resumes a bit later.

Sony WH-CH510

I bought these a few days ago. They are really easy to set up, I set them up with my TV, Laptop, and Smartphone, really easy to pair with a good range on them can even walk in my whole house wearing the headsets and it gives me perfect connectivity. The sound quality is really good and the weight also feels light. The bass of the headsets is decent but could have been better. The battery lasts more than I expected. Very good battery life.

Would highly recommend these Headphones.

boAt Rockerz 450 Pro vs Sony WH-CH510: Final Verdict

Sony and Boat both are of good quality. If you are amid listener of music and interested in the best quality music then sony will be better. Other than that boat will never disappoint you and will give the best value for money.

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