Boat Rockerz 550 vs Boat Immortal 200 Comparison

Boat Rockerz 550 vs Boat Immortal
Boat Rockerz 550 vs Boat Immortal

Across India, we know that Boat is the No.1 earwear brand for electronics. Although we know that it is the right choice to make, the number of options and variants tend to confuse us. Boat, to maintain the legacy launches new products very often.

The boat provides the buyers with various options to choose from for any purpose, be it for a dancer, a gamer, or a sportsman. As you put on the boat headphones, they make sure that the sound quality of your song be it any genre is delivered to you in the best form. It provides you with wireless headphones to groove to the music you like or wired headphones for an amazing gaming experience.

Here we have two such headphones that are Boat Rockerz 550 and Immortal 200. Both of these lay in a similar price range and may confuse you. Need not worry because we have a detailed comparison that will help you to choose which one fits better for you.

Particular Boat Rockerz 550Immortal 200
TypeWireless headphonesWired headphones
Driver size50mm50mm
ConnectivityBluetoothUSB only
Battery500mAh3.5 audio jack
FeaturesWater-resistant, compatible with all devices, and amazing sound qualityNoise isolating mic, RGB breathing light, and microphone.
Range10m Bluetooth range2m cord length
Boat Rockerz 550 vs Immortal 200

Boat Rockerz 550- Personal opinion

Immortal 200

Boat Rockerz 550 is an over-the-ear type of headphone, which is also made to be wireless. The powerful battery provides playtime of up to 20 hours. It has been designed in a way that meets the needs of a music lover. Its 50mm dynamic drivers supplying mesmerizing and enchanting music to the listener, enhancing the sound quality.  The impedance of these headphones is 32.

Boat Rockerz 550 has a great battery life that is 500mAh. The playback time for these wireless headphones is 20 hours.

It takes about 2.5 hours to charge and can stand by up to 180 hours.

It has amazing features like being waterproof; this could be really helpful to a sportsperson. The sound quality is very effective and soothing even at the highest of its volume.

Boat Rockerz 550

Overall, the sound quality is great but the bass is not as good as it was expected. The mic provided cannot be used for gaming purposes as the sound echoes. There are three control buttons. This set of headphones are available in 2 different colors that are furious red and active black.

These headphones weigh about 245 grams and do not feel any heavy on the ear. However, the price it comes for is totally worth it. It is a budget headphone for buyers looking for good sound quality but not for gamers or buyers who want a good bass.

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Immortal 200- Personal opinion

With the launch of Immortal 200, it’s a boost for the gamers to put back their opponents and gain people to watch their streams. The model name of it is- IM200. Its 7.1 channel sound cuts other physical noise giving a great gaming experience. Its RGB breathing lights create an extreme gaming professional environment. The boat immortal headset is a mid-range headphone, with three color options that are black, blue, and raging red.

It is a dedicated gaming wired headphone with a detachable mic, noise cancellation feature, RGB breathing lights, and USB connections. The headphone is really appealing to streamers and gamers due to all its features.

Noise isolating mic- it lets you escape the sound around you and experience an uninterrupted gaming session with clear sound clarity.

The earmuffs are super comfortable and light weighted that let you stream or play without any irritation. Although tried and tested, personally I feel it is a little heavy weighted to be worn for longer time periods as needed for streaming.

Boat Rockerz 550 vs Immortal IM 200
Immortal 200

It weighs about 350 grams.

Since Immortal 200 is designed for gaming and streaming purposes mainly, it comes with a USB connection only with a cord up to 2m. The length of the wire is pretty long and is braided.

 The microphone is the headset does really bring life to the game and make it so realistic.  But there is no option to turn the microphone on and off.

The battery life is not to be worried about as it comes with a 3.5 audio jack and never interrupts your game. It costs about 1,999/-Rs only.

This headphone does not have too many controlling options. There is only one that is the volume control wheel.

Overall, it is a good gaming headset for the price range it is available. It can be used for other purposes like watching movies and listening to music as well. And is quite affordable for the features it provides.

Boat Rockerz 550 vs Immortal 200 Which one is the Best?

Particular Boat Rockerz 550Immortal 200WHICH IS BETTER?
Sound QualityGood Bass and TrebleBetter than Rockerz 550 as wire gives more power. Immortal 200
Battery Life9-10 HoursWired no battery Boat Rockerz 550
ConnectivityBluetoothUSB only Boat Rockerz 550
DesigningFunky Designs for OutdoorsGaming edge designs Immortal 200
FeaturesWater-resistant, compatible with all devices, and amazing sound qualityNoise isolating mic, RGB breathing light, and microphone. Immortal 200
Price1,6991,999 Boat Rockerz 550
Range10m Bluetooth range2m cord length Boat Rockerz 550
Boat Rockerz 550 vs Immortal 200

After comparing both the Boat Rockerz 500 vs. the Boat Immortal 200, the conclusion we came to is that for a music lover or someone looking for headphones for not a lot of purposes, the Boat Rockerz headset is the perfect choice in a great price range. Whereas for someone who is looking for an unreal gaming experience or streaming, the Boat Immortal 200 is the right choice as it is specially designed for gaming purposes as well as good sound quality.

Overall, after testing, Boat Immortal 200 seems to be likely better in nearly the same price range.


Does boAt Rockerz 550 support fast charging?


Is boAt Rockerz 550 heavy?

Yes, a bit as it weighs about 250 Grams due to its 500 Mah battery and design.

How do I check the battery on my rockerz 550?

The LED indicator lights up when fully charged to red.

Is boAt Rockerz 550 long lasting?

Yes, it easily manages to give a battery backup of 8-10 Hours in a single charge.

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