Boat Stone 1000 Vs Boat Stone 1010 Comparison And Review

Boat Stone 1000 Vs Boat Stone 1010
Boat Stone 1000 Vs Boat Stone 1010

The 14 Watts Boat Stone 1000 and 1010 Bluetooth Portable Speaker is without question an excellent speaker with a huge sound and a monstrous capacity. Nobody enjoys a gathering that lacks music. So why should you abandon the one with a tremendous sound?

Boat Stone 1000 Vs 1010: Comparison Chart

ModelStone 1000Stone 1010
TypeMobile/ tablet speakerPortable Bluetooth speaker
ConnectivityWired, Wireless Wired, Wireless
ConfigurationStereo channel Stereo Channel
BluetoothYes, 2.01Yes, V2.1
Bluetooth Range10 m10 m
Water ResistantYesYes, IPX5
Impedance4 ohm4 ohm
Frequency Response20 Hz (Min)- 20 KHz (Max) 20 Hz (Min)- 20 KHz (Max)

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Boat Stone 1000 Vs 1010: Detailed Analysis


The Boat Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker review will mostly focus on the Sound Quality, Battery Performance, Connectivity, Latency, and Design & Build, among other things. This specific strong speaker boAt stone 1000 is here to alleviate your concerns. Because of its tough construction, it is an ideal evidence speaker.


Boat Stone 1000

The Stone 1010 produces incredible sound thanks to its 14W speaker output. The boAt Stone 1010 is not your average Bluetooth speaker. It’s far more than that and much more competent. It’s finally here: everyone’s favorite party speaker has arrived whereas Boat Stone 1000 14 W Portable Bluetooth Speaker is an excellent value for money because of its revolutionary design and technology. Designed to meet all of your requirements. The Boat Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker provides a massive sonic experience. As a result, it might provide you with a sense of accomplishment. The speaker has 14 watts and produces significantly louder bass and a cleaner sound.

This may be rather loud, so make it a nice beast that you can just turn on when you need it. Because of its crystal clear sound and tremendous bass, it is ideal for all the crazy party goers. If you are a nitpicking person in music and want everything good in terms of quality then boat 1000 is the best one for you but there are a few minor moments in the sound at maximum intensity, where the highs begin to distort. However, it is dependent on the constancy of the music. This may not be a huge concern if you don’t pay attention to the loudness. As previously stated, there may be a rattling or tickling sound at full power with high frequencies on occasion. But you know that none of this will deter you from purchasing this speaker.

Connectivity And Controls

These speakers are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device and may be easily integrated with any device type. It has a range of 11 meters and uses Bluetooth V2.1+ EDR.
If you want to watch films and great with your loved ones, or if you want to enjoy a few stand-up comedy flicks with your friend’s has you covered. This is also without any latency or synchronization issues.

Switch between Bluetooth and Aux functions with a single keypress. Easily regulate your present song by stopping it, pushing the “button, altering the volume stage by long pressing Volume level + /-, or modifying your story by pressing the + /- hyperlinks to ensure you utilize the included thread in addition to non-Bluetooth devices. 5 mm AUX-IN jack music wire.

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Battery And Waterproofing

Boat Stone 1010

Both of them come with a new 3000mAh Li-polymer battery pack that will let you enjoy your favorite speaker even longer and collect even harder.

The most effective Gathering Presenter gives you about 8 hours of continuous, relentless, continuous, steadfast music playback, allowing you to portably host a single gathering all evening.

However, that is not at full capacity; it may be at 60 to 80 percent. At top volume, you might get up to 5 to 6 hours of continuous listening. That is not the case; the speaker takes around 4 hours to completely charge.

Boat stone 1000 Vs 1010: Pros And Cons


  1. Loud and clear sound with good quality.
  2. Extensive connectivity range.
  3. High build quality.
  4. In-built Microphone (Decent Call Quality).
  5. Long battery life.


  1. Bulky and heavy
  2. A Little Distortion at Higher Volume.
  3. The previous Bluetooth version.

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Customer Reviews And Feedbacks

Boat Stone 1000

Boat Stone 1000 Vs 1010
Boat Stone 1000

⦁ 10/10 for sound quality, 10/10 for bass, and 10/10 for durability.
⦁ It’s a BASS beast. It is not a little speaker; it is 11 inches wide, 4.5 inches high, and 5 inches deep.
⦁ When you unplug your Bluetooth from your phone, it will instantly turn off, so you don’t have to worry about it draining your power. Its extremely powerful sound gives you with clear sound. In terms of bass, I believe it is an excellent pick if you want bass. You can change equalizers from your phone for high-quality sound.
⦁ I bought this product
⦁ for sale for Rs. 2399.
⦁ Normally, I keep the battery charged for 2 hours and it provides me with more than 10 hours of backup. It’s a pretty nice product at a very affordable price in a market where JBL and Sony are too expensive.

Boat Stone 1010

Boat Stone 1000 Vs 1010
Boat Stone 1010
  1. Less expensive than the competitors… Also, I purchased it for $2k during the sale, although it regularly goes for 2900-3500
  2. The sound is far too nice.
  3. Enough space for a hall party
  4. sturdy construction
  5. a reliable battery
  6. When switched off and on, the loudness returns to normal.
  7. For Bass, I’d rate it a 4/5. However, given its small size, it is still adequate.
  8. Pressing the button is a little awkward at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Boat Stone 1000 Vs 1010: Final Verdict

Both of the speakers have similar specs and similar design as well as same in pricing there are only minute differences in both of them like little more clarity in 1000, 1010 is more bassy meanwhile The price of this speaker is approximately.2,999, however due to ongoing offers or sales, it may be reduced to.2,300 or less. Even if there are no sales at.2,999, this can grab the deal. This is due to its incredible performance and power pack quality.

Even if there are some tiny instances in the maximum but that can be overlooked, I believe there will be no need to play music at a maximum level due to its loudness. Aside from that, the speaker’s sturdy build, great battery life, and exceptional sound quality make it a terrific choice.

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Written by Damini Tripathi

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