Boat Stone 170 Vs Boat Stone Grenade Comparison And Review

Boat Stone 170 Vs Boat Stone Grenade
Boat Stone 170 Vs Boat Stone Grenade

Bluetooth industry is one of the most booming industries in India right now, many companies are trying their luck to crate as affordable but great products which you can’t resist but some of the companies have a great hold of customer demands and they implement on every next product some of the products offered by the company are.

Boat Stone 170 Vs Boat Stone Grenade: Comparison Chart

NameBoat stone grenadeBoat Stone 170
Dimensions18.4 ✕ 7.6 ✕ 7.6 cm18.4 ✕ 7.6 ✕ 7.6 cm
Average Battery Life6 hours 6 hours
Water ResistanceYes, IPX6 rating Yes, IPX6 rating
Warranty1 year 1 year
Power SourceBattery powered Battery powered
Battery TypeLithium Lithium
Power Output 5W 5W
Wireless Bluetoothv 4.2v 5.0
Charging Time2.5 hours 2.5 hours

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Boat Stone 170 Vs Boat Stone Grenade: Detailed Analysis


Boat Stone 170

As the name suggests the Boat Stone Grenade is Built on the form factor of a grenade with a string clip on the top side for portability giving it the shape of an actual grenade, the whole built is based on plastic with black and grey accents with black speaker mesh and four small pegs for standing vertically but you may have trouble finding the speaker mesh because of the weird design whereas Boat 170 comes with more modern and fresh looks having triangular type top with buttons and having a cylindrical body with stripe finish comes in various colors


Both of the devices come with 5W stereo speakers embedded in them with enough bass and sound to have a good time, the speakers are so loud that your speaker will start to shake if kept on the table but considering the comparison, Boat grenade gives you a wholesome moment if compared to 170 but the amount of clarity is much clearer in Boat 170 it gives a sharp and crisp audio quality. The sound quality exceeds my expectations. The bass is crisp, and the sound clarity is superb. The battery life is the most important factor to consider. I use the speaker at about 70% volume and get 8 hours or more of battery life.

Battery And Connectivity

In Grenade a 1200mAh lithium battery allows you to blend in with the beat for up to 7 hours of Detonation. According to the manufacturer, the speaker should deliver 5 to 6 hours of battery backup on a single charge. In actual life, the speaker may also function admirably in terms of battery backup. On a full charge, the speaker can operate at 70-80 percent loudness for up to 5 hours. The backup may be reduced when the volume is full whereas boat 170 shows the same report in the battery department.

In terms of connectivity both of the devices come with Bluetooth v4.2 with AUX Output to connect with your laptop or phone.

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Water And Shock Resistance

Boat Stone Grenade

You’d be amazed to learn that both speakers have IP X6 in this pricing range. You may easily spray some water on your speaker and it will continue to function normally. It just extends the speaker’s life because it is extremely typical to drop your speaker here and there if it is so portable.

You may certainly bring the speaker to your shower and listen to music while taking your regular shower. Remember not to immerse the speaker in water for too long.

The IP X6 rating of the BoAt Stone speakers indicates that they can withstand a few splashes of water. Leaving your speaker submerged for an extended period might result in harm.


Both of the devices come with on-device control with them boat grenade having play/pause power on/off switch with volume buttons on front facial of the speaker whereas boat 170 has same buttons on the top with dual-color LED on them.

Mic Quality

Both of the speakers have embedded mic for attending calls and for google assistant which is quite decent regarding the price like they are not the clearest in the terms of quality but enough for the purpose you want.

Weight And Portability

In terms of portability boat stone 170 is the best as it doesn’t take enough space in your bag and don’t cause pain in your back due to the weird design which is in boat grenade and is very lightweight only 350 grams whereas stone grenade is under 500 grams segment but if you want to travel with your speaker in your hand or your bag zip Grenade is a better option it depends on your choice.

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Customer Reviews And Feedback

Boat Stone 170

  • Build quality is 5/5 feels very premium
  • Voice quality 4/5 there is some distortion at 80% or above volume
  • Bass 3/5 bass is ok
  • Loudness 5/5 very loudspeaker
  • Connectivity 4/5 range is 6 to 8 meters
  • Controls 4/5 keys are very responsive
  • Practicality 4/5 there is aux, bt, as well as sd card option also.
  • Water-resistance 4.5/5 for ipx6

Boat Stone Grenade

Boat Stone 170 Vs Boat Stone Grenade
Boat Stone Grenade
  • Bass- 4.5
  • Sound- 5
  • Battery- 4
  • Build- 5
  • Looks- 3 above

Boat Stone 170 Vs Boat Stone Grenade: Final Verdict

The boAt Stone Bluetooth speakers are the most popular Bluetooth speakers. We chose these two speakers at random and compared their features. Check out the differences in specs and features between the boat 170 and the boat grenade. On the internet, you will get the greatest prices on boat stone 170 and boat stone grenade speakers. Both speakers are great in certain ways, but they differ in others.

You may be wondering, “Which one is the best?” Alternatively, which one should I get? You are not alone in your quest for the finest product, as we compared the Boat Stone 170 and Boat Stone grenade portable Bluetooth speakers and came up with a clear winner. To state the obvious, the Stone In the pricing comparison, Grenade was more expensive than the other speaker.

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