BoAt Stone 200 Vs 260: Which One Is Better?

BoAt Stone 200 Vs 260
BoAt Stone 200 Vs 260

Whenever someone says Bluetooth speakers, the first company that comes to your mind is BoAt. The company provides you best cost-effective Bluetooth speakers. You can switch these speakers indoors as well as outdoors. One always needs a cost-effective speaker, has a great sound, and that suits every gathering. BoAt speakers provide all these features. Whether your price range is a thousand bucks or ten thousand bucks, you can get a perfect speaker. The boAt is providing the audience with great services since 2016. If you are a music lover or a dance lover, who needs great sound to come to groove, then BoAt speakers would do the work.

But one thing that makes the audience worried is selecting a speaker or device. There are so many options out there that may confuse you with what to buy. BoAt only has thousands of Bluetooth speakers out there, where many have similar prices. BoAt knows their speakers are loved by everyone, so they do not delay in bringing new products. Two of them are BoAt stone 200 and BoAt stone 260. Both the speakers have similar prices and they may confuse you.

After testing both speakers for some time, we have done a detailed comparison of both speakers. So, you don’t have to worry about which one to buy. Let’s not waste any time and get straight into the detailed comparison, comparison chart, personal opinion, and final verdict of the product.

BoAt Stone 200 Vs 260: Personal Opinion

I personally tested both the speakers for 2 days. And honestly, There was a very sleek difference between the speakers. By sleek I mean, negligible. If I talk about sound quality, there was no much of a difference, but I found BoAt stone 200 a little better in terms of sound. Though, I should tell you, if you are a newbie you will not notice a difference in sound quality between both the speakers.

Personally, my choice would be BoAt stone 200 as I found its sound quality and battery life slightly better than BoAt stone 260. Also, it has a high IPX rating. But, every user’s taste is different. So, below is a detailed analysis of BoAt stone 200 Vs 260, which will result in a final verdict on which product you should buy according to your needs.

Note- This is my personal opinion, below is a final analysis based on the product’s feature. Decide what you have to buy after going through each feature.

Comparison Chart: BoAt Stone 200 Vs 260

ParticularBoAt Stone 200BoAt Stone 260
Power Rating3 Watt4 Watt
Battery Life 10 hours5 hours
Colours Orange, Blue, BlackCharcoal black, Jazzy blue, Enigma, Jungle jam, Mi Blue, Lion red, Psyche, Prism, Voyage
Driver Size 1.96 Inch1.75 Inch
Charging time4 hours2 hours
Dimensions212.6 x 11 x 5.4 cm15 cm x 15.4 cm x 5.8 cm
Bluetooth Version4.1 V5.0 V
Bluetooth range10 m10 m
Weight340 grams440 grams
Speaker IPX ratingIPX 6IPX 5

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BoAt stone 200 is available from Rs. 999- 1,299 in different shopping portals. While BoAt stone 260 is available for Rs. 1,299 at the BoAt website.

Sound Quality

boat stone 260
boat stone 260

BoAt stone 200 has a great sound quality when you play it at low and medium volume. But, the sound will start to distort as soon as you increase the volume to full. In addition to this, the bass of the speaker is better than BoAt stone 260. But the bass quality of BoAt stone 200 will start to distort at full volume music. If we talk about BoAt stone 260, the speaker is fit for a small room. It has the same drawbacks as BoAt stone 200, but at high volume, the sound could distort more as we compare it to BoAt stone 200.

So, if sound quality is on your checklist, BoAt stone 200 should be your preferred type.

Battery Life

The battery capacity of BoAt stone 200 is 1500 mAh while that of BoAt stone 260 is 1000 mAh. This makes it pretty clear which speaker will have more battery life. On one hand, it takes BoAt stone 200 to get fully charged in 4 hours, while on the other hand BoAt stone 260 will take about two hours to get fully charged.

Don’t get confused here, Though it takes stone 200 to get charged in 4 hours, it can give you a battery life of up to 10 hours. While Stone 260 will give you a battery life of 5 hours when fully charged. So, it’s clear that BoAt stone 200 has a good battery backup.

If you are looking for a battery-efficient Bluetooth speaker, BoAt stone 200 should be your choice.


BoAt stone 200 is cubical shaped which comes in very simple colors. While, BoAt stone 260 has very funky and cool colors and comes in a circular shape, which makes it look more attractive compared to BoAt stone 200. BoAt stone 260 is an eye-pleasing product, you would want to buy it as soon as you see its funky-looking designs.

So, if design and look are in your cards, BoAt stone 260 should be your choice.

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BoAt stone 200 is IPX6 Water-resistant and Shockproof. This means if you accidentally drop this in a bucket of water, the speakers would be totally safe. On the other hand, BoAt stone 260 is IPX5
Splash proof. This means your speakers are totally safe in rain but do not accidentally drop this in a bucket of water, your speakers won’t live! In addition to this, stone 200 is shockproof and has a more secure feature if we compare it to stone 260.

Need a secure and safe Bluetooth speaker? Go for BoAt stone 200.


Both the speakers are Bluetooth speakers and have 10 meters of range and can Access all Bluetooth devices i.e Tab, android, laptop, desktop, etc. BoAt stone 200 is a Bluetooth 4.1 version while BoAt stone 260 is Bluetooth 5.0 version. In BoAt stone 200, Aux can be used too, which isn’t supported in BoAt stone 260.

So, if we compare connectivity, both speakers are good enough.

A Quick Comparison Result: BoAt Stone 200 Vs BoAt Stone 260

ParticularBoAt Stone 200 BoAt Stone 260Which Is Better?
Sound QualityGreat sound quality+ nice bassok sound quality+ preferable for small roomBoAt Stone 200
Battery Life 10 hours in 4 hours charging5 hours in 2 hours chargingBoAt Stone 200
ConnectivityAny+ aux can be used AnyBoAt Stone 200
Designing Simple colour+ Rectangle shapeFunky colours+ circular shape BoAt Stone 260
Security IPX 6- more secureIPX 5BoAt Stone 200
Water ProofingWater proof, even in a bucket of waterYes, not strong as Stone 200BoAt Stone 200

BoAt Stone Vs BoAt Stone 260: Final Verdict

Boat stone 200VSBoAt Stone 260

As all the results are leaning towards BoAt stone 200, then between both of them, stone 200 should be your choice. But you should note that they both have a very minor difference in every aspect, so it depends upon your taste and requirements on which one you should buy. If you need a speaker which has a great battery life, is secure, and has nice bass, then BoAt stone 200 should be your choice.

But if, Designing is also in your cards then go for BoAt stone 260. And keep in mind, you won’t miss that much in BoAt 260, as they have a minor difference.

So, it depends upon your choice and requirements which one you should buy, as comparing these two with a very small difference would be an injustice.

Frequently Asked Questions

(a) Does BoAt Stone 200 has FM or not?

No, BoAt Stone 200 doesn’t have an inbuilt FM.

(b) Does BoAt Stone 260 have a mic?

Yes, BoAt Stone 260 comes with an inbuilt mic. So, this will allow hands-free calling. BoAt Stone 200 also supports mic.

(c) Is BoAt Stone 200 Loud?

Yes, BoAt Stone 200 is pretty loud. But you may hear a distorting voice when you make the volume full.

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Written by Damini Tripathi

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