Boat Stone 200 vs Boat Stone 300 Comparison and Review

Boat the Indian Brand has been nailing in every Budget section. The range jumps from merely a thousand bucks to 10 thousand and never fails to deliver the Quality music it has. Today we are about to compare two of the most searched Bluetooth Speakers that Boat Sells on the Various E-Commerce sites. Boat Stone 300 that is a successor to Boat Stone 200 Has some Additional features and a minute Price Difference. Let’s Jump Straight to the technical comparison of both the Gadgets and see which one is the best and why.

Boat Stone 200 vs Boat Stone 300 Specifications

Description Boat Stone 200 Boat Stone 300
Product Dimensions‎8.8 x 5 x 9.65 cm; 240 Grams5 x 5 x 3 cm; 210 Grams
WaterproofYes Yes
BatteryLithium Polymer battery Lithium Polymer battery
Speakers Maximum Output Power‎3 Watts5 Watts
Battery Backup‎10 Hours4 Hours
BluetoothYes Yes
Audio Output Mode1.0_channel 1.0_channel
Charge Time2 -3 Hours2.5 Hours
ColourBlackBlue Orange BlackBlueRed
Stereo /MonoMonoMono
Button BuildSide buttonsSide Buttons
Boat Stone 200 vs Boat Stone 300

Boat Stone 200 & Boat Stone 300 Review

Both the Speaker Belong to the Budget section of the Brand and have a high demand. Boat Stone 200 has a 30 Grams more weight than Boat Stone 300 although that does not matters much in terms of Portability.


Both the Speaker have Lithium Polymer Battery and Should Work Equally. But while we tested both the devices Boat Stone 200 Performed better than Boat Stone 300 as there was a slight difference in terms of power Consumption. Boat Stone 200 has a 3W output which is comparitively less than the Boat Stone 300 i.e 5W.

The battery life of Boat Stone 200 is Almost double and it delivers easily 9-10 Hours backup whereas Boat Stone 300 Can merely Sing for 4-5 Hours. Charging time of Boat Stone 200 is of 2 Hours and Boat Stone 300 Takes a little more time i.e 2.5 Hours. Thus if you are looking for a Good Battery backup Portable Speaker Boat Stone 200 is the Perfect choice.

Audio Quality – Boat Stone 200 vs Boat Stone 300

As we already know that Boat Stone 200 has a 3W Output as compared to Boat Stone 300 Thus the volume of the Stone 300 is a bit louder and crispier. But if you are looking for a Bass Centric Speaker then we felt Boat Stone 200 won the competition here. As the voice quality came out to be better than we expected at this price range. Even after having a low Output Speaker it Performs Incredibly well in terms of Bass and Treble.


Boat Stone 200 and Boat Stone 300 both are waterproof and if we talk about which one is better then Boat Stone 300 Is the winner in this section as the body was build with IPX7 Waterproofing which not only provides Waterproofing but also delivers a rugged use opportunity for the device user.

Boat Stone 200 uses an older technology of the waterproofing i.e IPX6 Which is also good but obviously Stone 300 stands out here.

Mic Quality Boat Stone 200 vs Boat Stone 300

Boat Stone 200 vs Boat Stone 300

Both the Speakers have a descent microphone that will enable you to receive your handsfree calls at anytime without any hastle.


Both the device come along one year warranty on internal Problems and does not claims physical damages as mentioned in the speakers Brochure.

Boat Stone 200 vs Boat Stone 300 which one is best

As per our testing we found Boat Stone 200 to be the overall winner as the battery life – Build Quality and especially the price is something unbeatable which even it’s own successor couldn’t do. The audio quality is incredible and the bass is simply better than Boat Stone 300.

Although on the official website currently the price is same for both the devices, you can purchase any from the two as per your needs and the details shared in this video.


Boat Stone 200 vs Boat Stone 300

How to reset Boat Stone 200

Press the minus “-” Button Alongwith the power button for 6 seconds and the device will return back to factory settings.

How much time does Boat Stone 200 Takes to Charge

2 Hours

Boat Stone 200 Backup

10 Hours

How much time does Boat Stone 300 Takes to Charge

2.5 Hours

Boat Stone 300 Backup

4-5 Hours

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