Boat Stone 500 Vs JBL GO: Which To Choose & Why?

Boat Stone 500 Vs JBL GO

Music is a major part of our life and good speakers always hype the situation for your mood. May it be a party or even when you are watching tv it helps you to give that theatre effect. Having a decent quality speaker these time is a must thing. At home, these speakers give a feeling of a party and high volume that always will create a mood. Especially in outside situations, these small-looking speakers will make the great bass to create the perfect environment for you.

There are plenty of brands that provide you with a decent quality sound. But two of the most famous brands are JBL and Boat. These brands have created value in the market over a period of time. Before buying any sound product everyone should consider products from JBL and Boat.  Considering the portable speakers both of these companies have launched a variety of speakers that have been used by users and have received great responses from customers too.  The boat is an Indian brand that has become very famous among youth, these times is providing good products. JBL is an international brand and has had a brand value in the industry of music for a long time. One of them is a speaker named Go by the brand JBL. The other one is Stone 500 by Boat. Both of these have hype in the market and are really good quality portable speakers. If you are considering buying portable speakers you should surely consider both of them. And if you are confused about which one to buy, we will discuss everything and after that, you will have a clear idea of which one is best for you.

Boat Stone 500 vs JBL GO: Comparison Chart

FeatureBoat Stone 500Boat Stone 500
Speaker type Portable StereoPortable Stereo
Charging time2 Hours1.5 Hours
Frequency response100Hz to 12kHz180Hz to 20kHz
LED typeRGBSingle color
Charging interfaceC-typeMicro USB
Driver size50mm*240mm*2
Woking range10m10m
PlayTime4 Hours with RGB on at 60% volume5 Hours

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Boat Stone 500 vs JBL GO: Detailed Analysis


Seemless and flowless music are always enjoyable and for that, it is important to have a good battery backup for the speaker that you have.  In between the party, no one will like to get interrupted by it. The battery life of both the speakers is decent enough and they will not disappoint you in between your enjoyments.

Boat stone 500 takes almost 2 hours to fully charge. After one full charge, it can last up to 4 hours if we have turned on the RGB lights and with a volume level of 60% which is a decent level of volume. If we don’t want to use the RGB lights that Boat has provided then we can turn it off and it will give you 1 hour of extra music time without RGB lights. If we talk about JBL GO, it takes around one and half hours to charge to its full and lasts up to 5 hours as mentioned above. JBL does not provide extra RGB lighting as of now.

If you are someone who doesn’t have much attachment with the RGB lighting then from the perspective of battery you can buy any of the above.

Sound Quality


The sound quality is an important factor when considering the speakers. Most of the people buy the buy speakers to enjoy loud music and if there is not much bass then it will not be enjoyable. Both the portable speakers fetch a good amount of bass and are of decent quality. Even though Boat seems to have an edge over jbl go in this category.

JBL GO has 2 drivers each 40mm. These speakers sound decent and are loud too. On the other hand, if we talk about Boat speakers they are of amazing quality. They come with 2 of the 50 mm drivers and sound good. Overall the quality of the Boat is better than that of the JBL GO.

The quality of the sound depends upon the customer. As there is not a much difference between the quality for a normal user of these products. Over that JBL has a compact size that makes it easy to carry where ever you want to go with it.


Boat Stone 500

Whatever we buy the pricing becomes the important factor in our purchase and in this case also, we should be clear that how much should we invest in the device that we want to purchase. Talking about the pricing of an individual product, the JBL GO comes at a value of around 1899 rupees which surely satisfies what e pay. On the other hand, Boat stone 500 has a tag of 1999 rupees. Which is surprisingly great for the quality that it provides to us. JBL comes with lots of colour options and Boat has RGB lighting. Both the speakers are good and give a true return on investment.

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Boat Stone 500 vs JBL GO: Quick Result

FeatureBoat Stone 500JBL GO

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Boat Stone 500

  1. The product is good.
  2. It is truly a value for me product.
  3. It has satisfied the things that I wanted.


  1. Very nice product.
  2. A bit less fashionable.
  3. The quality of sound may have been better.

Boat Stone 500 vs JBL GO: Final Verdict

Both the portable speakers are really great in their genre and are value for money too. If you are someone who just wants a small but loud compact speaker thing and can have a little less quality sound then you should go with JBL Go speakers. Though JBL GO is a little old but has consistently been up to the customers’ expectations. JBL has never disappointed its customers.

On the other hand, if you are a party person and want a loud and quality level sound then Boat is made for you.

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