Boat Stone 500 Vs Mivi Roam: Which One To Buy?

Everybody likes listening to music whether it’s pop, jazz or classical. And I am sure you do too. But are those headphones enough for music lovers like us? Absolutely not. Then what about some speakers!! Listen to music at the full sound and wake up your neighbourhood by those beats.

So, here we present you the comparison of two cool speakers under 2000 Rupees by two awesome and well-known brands for their speakers and headphones. Boat Stone 500 and Mivi Roam.

Both brands are of top-notch quality and are known for their product design and qualities, but the question is which one is better in the under 2000 Rupee category. To know the answer to the question just scroll more.

Boat stone 500 vs Mivi Roam: Comparison chart

FeaturesBoat Stone 500Mivi Roam
Launch Year20222019
ModelStone 500Roam
Connection TypeBluetooth, AUXBluetooth, AUX
Colour VariantsBlackBlack, Grey
Stereo SpeakersYesYes
Battery Life5 hours6 hours
Battery Capacity1200 mah
Charging Duration2 hours3 hours
CompatibilitySmartphones, Tablets, PC
All Bluetooth devices
Smartphones, Tablets, PC
All Bluetooth devices
BluetoothVersion 5.0Version 5.0
Bluetooth Range10 M10 M
Power Output10w10w
Online Price Range1999 INR1999 INR

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Boat Stone 500 VS Mivi Roam: Detailed Analysis

Build and Design

Boat stone 500 has a decent design like any like several speakers out there, it is a long speaker and has a side audio output on both sides with RGB lights that glows whenever you turn on the speaker. Its body is covered with a fabric-like material that acts as a better grip, at the edge you can find the Pause-play Button, Volume-up Button, Volume-down Button and Power button. The opposite side contains the charging port an AUX port covered in a rubber lid to avoid damage to the charging or AUX port.

On the other hand, Mivi Roam has a circular design with a wrist thread for better hold and to prevent them from falling often. The speaker is here is also covered in a fabric-like material and the body is made of a rubbery plastic material. It contains the same operating buttons as above and has a micro-USB charging port and an AUX port.


Boat Stone 500 have many features but the most unique feature which you may not find in other speakers under 2000 rupees is its RGB LED lights surrounding its sound output and makes a difference in its look, and talking about other extraordinary feature, the first thing that comes to mind is it’s calling feature, you can pick or end the call through the speaker without touching the phone but one thing you may dislike is its size, it’s way too big and heavy in comparison to Mivi Roam and it’s not much comfortable to walk around with a brick-like a device in your hand, right?

Mivi Roam, the first awesome feature of this speaker is that it’s waterproof, not just water-resistant but fully waterproof, even if it’s completely drenched in water, you can just shake the water off and it’ll work as good as before. Now for the other features of Mivi Roam, this small speaker is so comfortable in hands and accompanying its comfortability it also comes with arm wire, which is an addition to its grip strength. Secondly, the same as the Boat Stone 500 this also has the calling feature and knowing it’s the lightweight and better grip it’s comfortable to talk to someone on it unless you are outside cause your conversation may get overheard by others.

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Mivi Roam

Boat Stone 500 provides a not so long battery life of 5 hours while having a powerful battery capacity of 1200 Mah, probably because of the RGB LEDs in it. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge this speaker, that’s also a drawback that it doesn’t have any fast charge mode.

Talking about Mivi Roam, it also provides a battery life of 6 hours and takes about 3 hours for a full charge and same as the Boat Stone 500, these speakers also don’t support fast charging.

Audio Quality

Talking about the sound quality of Boat Stone 500, it is known for this brand a good bass quality but this particular model would be the first one to not have a good bass quality after having a power output of 10w. But apart from its bass, its sound quality is great and the biggest advantage is that there is no distortion of the audio when it’s on full volume on the other hand most speakers and even expensive ones have cases of audio distortion on full volume.

Mivi Roam, directly coming to the bass quality. The bass is awesome and you can feel the thumping sound in your chest, its bass quality is that good on full volume, and it’s remarkable while this speaker only has a 5w power output. But as expected, full volume distorts the audio quality slightly. Apart from these flaws, we would say that these speakers are the best ones under 2000 rupees.

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Boat Stone 500 VS Mivi Roam: Quick result

FeaturesBoat Stone 500Mivi RoamBest-One?
Battery LifeAverageGoodMivi Roam
Audio QualityGreatGoodBoat Stone 500
HandlingAverageExcellentMivi Roam
WaterproofNoYesMivi Roam

Customer Reviews

Boat Stone 500

  • The battery drains too quick, it won’t last even 4 hours.
  • RGB lights are awesome, especially at night times.
  • Honestly, RGB lights are not that good, they are just for show and they aren’t even visible in daylight.
  • Liked it, the sound quality is great. Good for calm music.

Mivi Roam

  • Great quality speakers, must buy
  • Waterproof is good but remember to cover the lid of the charging port.
  • Speaker is good but full volume will destroy your speakers cause the distortion is so high.
  • Bass is at its max thanks to Mivi roam.

Boat Stone 500 VS Mivi Roam: Final Verdict

Enough with the comparisons, now it’s time for the final decision making. First talking about Boat Stone 500, if you’re a bass lover just skip on this one really, you won’t be getting the same quality bass as other Boat products. While Mivi Roam gives chest-pumping bass quality and you can feel the vibrations of the beat in your heart. And we are talking about the under 2000 rupees category, so it’s a must-buy for bass lovers.

The battery life of both speakers may not be good but they can make a long party awesome, and most suitable for parties is something flashy, right? And here the RGB LEDs kick in by making up for that flashy vibe. But if you are a pool party person then we would suggest the Mivi Roam because it won’t break from water damage, even if it falls into the pool and gets drenched from top to bottom the music will continue to play without disturbing the party mood.

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