Boat Stone 650 R Vs Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker Compared!

Recently, there has been a dearth of major releases of small, wireless speakers. JBL, Boat, Anker Soundcore, and Sony dominate both online and offline sales channels at the lower end of the market. Despite this, low-cost portable Bluetooth speakers remain popular. Despite the fact that Xiaomi has been in this market for a while, the company has been unusually quiet about releasing new products to the public in recent years. Boat Stone 650 R Vs Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker? Which is Better? Here’s what we know.

boAt, a company known for producing high-quality audio equipment, recently released their latest Bluetooth speaker. We’ve been testing a unit sent to us by the company for over a month. As promised, here is a comprehensive review of the boAt Stone 650R portable Bluetooth speaker; the big question is, is it worth purchasing? Read this evaluation to find out.

Boat Stone 650 R vs Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Comparison Table

FeaturesBoat Stone 650 RMi Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Launching Year20212022
Model NameBoat Stone 650RPortable Bluetooth Speaker
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Available Colors BlackBlack
Average Battery Life12 hours13 hours
Charging Time1.5 hour2 hours
CompatibilitySmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth DevicesSmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 4.2Version 5
Connection Distance Range (Bluetooth)66 feet10m
Online Price RangesRs.1,699Rs.2,499
Customer Ratings4.5/54/5

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Boat Stone 650 R Vs Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Detailed Analysis

Design and Build Quality

The boAt Stone 650R is a stunning and long-lasting motorcycle that requires no modifications to look great. The cube-shaped object is distinguished by its rubber ends and diamond-shaped speaker grill. The diamond shape of the speaker is both aesthetically pleasing and a subtle indication of the product’s high quality.

The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker’s simple and clean design distinguishes it from the many low-cost portable wireless speakers on the market (16W). The fabric-wrapped exterior, elastic cord, and rubber buttons are all reminiscent of the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, which was released in 2020. The rubber feet on the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W) keep it firmly in place on a flat surface, whether you set it up horizontally or vertically. The buttons are at the very top, and the speakers are angled forward. If you have two of these speakers and want to use them in stereo, you can use a single button to control the power, volume, playback, Bluetooth pairing, and stereo wireless pairing.

Audio Quality

Boat Stone 650

The dual 5W drivers in the boAt Stone 650R’s stereo setup produce a total of 10W of power for a truly impressive listening experience. An additional passive bass radiator, located on the back of the speakers, acts as a subwoofer, amplifying the bass for bass-heavy music and immersing the listener even further. The vocals and bass on the boAt 650R are good. Unfortunately, when the volume is turned up, the audio becomes less crisp, but this is by no means a deal breaker.

The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W) and the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker are both excellent choices for wireless playback, but the larger model is noticeably louder due to its two 8W drivers. As a result, the sound is slightly more detailed, and it performs well even at low volumes.

I was listening to Oliver Heldens’ Waiting at my desk, with the volume set between 30 and 40%, which was loud enough for me to hear the song clearly from where I was sitting. This is due, in part, to the front-facing drivers’ focused, pinpointed sound. The mid-range emphasis created a detailed and enjoyable sound in the vocals, but the thump in the low-end of this dance track was audible even at low volumes and lacked drive.

At about 60% volume, Jaago by Lifafa took on a very different personality, becoming noticeably more energizing and featuring deeper lows, tighter and punchier bass, and an overall more exciting sound, particularly near the end of the track where the beat and tune are paramount. The sound was extremely powerful and filled the room, but it remained clear and precise; the vocals at the start of the track sounded particularly good. When played at moderate volumes, its sound quality was noticeably better than competing products costing less than Rs. 5,000.

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Connectivity and Controls

The network performance of the 650R was excellent. It paired with our phone in a matter of seconds thanks to Bluetooth v4.2. The distance is adequate at 10 meters. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth signal died after only 12 meters of a field extension. The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker has simple buttons that keep water out of the speaker’s delicate electronics (16W). You can control the majority of the speaker’s settings without constantly reaching for the device with which you’ve paired it.


The 1800mAh battery capacity of the boAt Stone 650. The 650R provided five and a half hours of nonstop fun. Despite the company’s claim of 7, we only got 5 hours out of the device even at 70% volume. The excellent audio performance is due to the high-powered 10W drivers, which explains their silence. The only real disadvantage was the time required for charging. It charged for approximately three hours. Overall, battery life and charging time are adequate for the price.

The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W) has a 2,600mAh battery that lasts for about 9-10 hours at moderate volume levels, which is adequate for a speaker of this size and output. Fast charging is possible thanks to the USB Type-C charging port, and a full charge from a 10W wall adapter took about three hours. The only thing included in the box is a USB cable, so remember to bring an adapter.

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Boat Stone 650 R vs Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Quick Result

ParticularsBoat Stone 650 RMi Portable Bluetooth SpeakerWhich one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodAmazingAny
Deep Bass GreatGoodBoth
Sound QualityBetterNot badMi Portable Bluetooth

Boat Stone 650 R Vs Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Final Verdict

The boAt Stone 650R is a long-lasting speaker with two 10W dual drivers that produce deep, rumbling bass. The 650R’s IPX5 water resistance and silicone cover protection on both ends ensure its longevity. This speaker’s aesthetics and sound quality are both excellent. The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W) stands out among speakers in its price range due to its impressive volume. Bassheads will appreciate the excellent bass response and dynamic range. The IPX7 water resistance and relatively long battery life of the speaker are also appealing. The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W) is arguably the best option for under Rs. 3000, and its price reflects that.

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