Boat Stone Symphony Vs Boat Stone 1450: Which To Go For?

Boat Stone Symphony Vs Boat Stone 1450
Boat Stone Symphony Vs Boat Stone 1450

What do you anticipate getting out of a Bluetooth speaker that costs less than 4000 Indian Rupees? A respectable offering that satisfies the requirement for music sessions by providing fast connectivity, a sound that is both loud and clear and that is accompanied by long battery life, and some controls that are simple to use, right?

Boat assembles all these essentials into a stunningly designed boat from the Stone series. On paper, the Boat Stone Symphony appears to be a solid choice given its strong features for the cost and chic appearance. How does it sound, though, in contrast to the BoAt Stone 1450? Does it compromise in any way to fit a limited budget? We have included an extensive evaluation of the Boat Stone Symphony and Boat Stone 1450 to help you learn more.

Boat Stone Symphony Vs Boat Stone 1450: Comparison Table

FeaturesBoat Stone SymphonyBoat Stone 1450
Launching Year20232022
Model NameBoat Stone SymphonyBoat Stone 1450
SeriesBoat Stone SeriesBoat Stone Series
Online Pricing Range₹4,499 ‎₹3,619
Customer Ratings4.0/54.0/5

Boat Stone Symphony Vs Boat Stone 1450: Detailed Analysis


The BoAt Stone Symphony speaker has a compact and lightweight construction. It has LED lighting to elevate your music and create the ideal ambiance for your events. It readily merges into any surroundings because of its appealing appearance. You can easily control music and other media because of the quick-access buttons. In addition, the speaker is dust- and water-resistant to the IPX5 standard, making it durable for outdoor activities. 

The portable boAt Stone 1450 Bluetooth speaker has a lightweight design. It is the ideal travel companion for you and fits all of your journeys. It is very portable thanks to the carry handle. It is also splash-resistant to IPX5 standards, making it perfect for pool parties. If you look past the style of the Boat Stone 1450, you’ll find that it is one of the top affordable portable-friendly speakers because of how little it weighs. Additionally, the durable construction is created with a unique carry handle so you can bring your music into the untamed outdoors.

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Audio Performance

With the boAt Stone Symphony, you get booming bass and powerful 20W RMS studio sound.  By coupling a second Stone Symphony, you may increase the effect by twofold while also doubling the run and volume of your celebration. The speaker has a built-in microphone that enables hands-free calling. Only the highs and mids of the boAt Stone Symphony’s audio output are excellent; the lows are flat, so there is room for improvement. The best aspect is that you don’t need to turn off your speaker if you receive calls while listening to music because it has an in-built microphone.

Boat Stone 1450

With the RGB LEDs that the boAt Stone 1450 speaker is equipped with, your music sessions will have a beautiful atmosphere. It has intuitive controls. Playback can be easily controlled, and the app’s default smart voice assistant can be activated with no trouble. It comes with two different EQ modes, one of which is designed for use indoors, and the other is designed for usage outside. This suggests that you are able to connect two Stone 1450s together as one and listen to music on them simultaneously, providing you with the opportunity to make use of twice as much performance. The 40W power output of the boAt Stone 1450 provides an immersive experience. On the back of the speakers, there is an additional passive bass radiator that serves as a subwoofer and intensifies the bass for bass-heavy songs, enhancing the immersive experience.

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Battery and Connectivity

Stone Symphony has been designed for simple synchronization. It has a number of connectivity features, including an AUX input, USB, and Bluetooth v5.1. With a 3600mAh battery, this speaker can operate for around five hours without RGB lights and four hours when using RGB lighting. In addition to this, when you’ve configured the gadget, pressing the power button quickly connects it to your smartphone.

This particular boAt Stone 1450 has a battery life that may last for up to a total of five hours on a single charge. It has a Type C interface, which makes it simple to charge. The boAt Stone 1450 includes a number of different forms of connectivity, including Bluetooth, USB, and AUX. In 1450, the connectivity was superb. It has Bluetooth version 5.0 built-in, and it quickly connects to our smartphone. The permitted area is 10m. It was fine in terms of aux port connectivity. However, when the gadget is turned on, Bluetooth automatically activates and illuminates a notification LED.

Boat Stone Symphony Vs Boat Stone 1450: Quick Results

ParticularsBoat Stone SymphonyBoat Stone 1450Which One Is Better?
DesignGoodBetterBoat Stone 1450
Sound PerformanceGoodBetterBoat Stone 1450

Final Verdict

The boAt Stone Symphony has a sturdy form factor and 20W drivers that provide powerful bass. With Symphony’s IPX5 water-resistance rating and silicone cover protection on both ends, durability is by no means a concern.

Overall, there are many reasons why the Boat Stone 1450 is among the top choices at this affordable price. It has a unique design, is compact, lightweight, and portable, and provides loud and clear audio performance for its size. Additionally, during our testing period, the indicated runtime was extended by the long battery life. Other features that make it a desirable choice include quick connectivity, IPX5 splash resistance, AUX cable support, and an integrated microphone for calling.

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