Boult Audio X30 Vs Boult Audio X50: Choose The Most Suitable For You!

Boult Audio X30 Vs Boult Audio X50

Boult Audio’s True Wireless Stereo range of ear pods has recently received some exclusive new product additions from the company. The brand-new X30 and X50 earphones come in two color options Grey and Blue—and have a huge battery life in addition to Quick Lightning super-fast charging, three equalization modes, and various features. The Boult X30 and Boult Tws X50 are both great gaming options because they both include a dedicated combat gaming mode and amazing playtime.

The earphones have a stunning design. The Boult earbuds have a huge battery and easy charging, which is unusual for inexpensive alternatives. Boult is recognized for offering products at competitive prices without compromising on quality. They will likely appeal to gamers looking for affordable, durable earbuds. The earbuds also have additional features for use with video games. Let’s look at the earphone’s specifications and pricing.

Boult Audio X30 Vs Boult Audio X50: Comparison Table

FeaturesBoult Audio X30Boult Audio X50
Launching Year2022 2022
Model NameBoult Audio X30Boult Audio X30
SeriesBoult Audio X SeriesBoult Audio X Series
Online Pricing Range₹999₹ 999
Customer Ratings4.5/54.5/5

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Boult Audio X30 Vs Boult Audio X50: Detailed Analysis


Boult is renowned for providing products at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. Boult’s X30 and X50 have gorgeous designs. It will appeal to gamers who are looking for inexpensive earbuds with a sturdy design. The charging case is shaped like a capsule, which gives it a very compact appearance and makes it simple to carry. The X30 and X50 are convenient for carrying in a pocket or purse. When it comes to its build quality, both the charging case and the earphones are composed of premium plastic. This is also applicable to the charging case too. The plastic build has a very nice finish, and it doesn’t feel cheap anywhere.

Price and Availability

Both the Boult X30 and the X50 may be purchased in India for the price of 999 rupees each. You may buy the Boult X30 and the Boult X50 from the official website of Boult Audio and through Amazon. There are color options for the earphones in blue and grey. Both the Boult X30 and X50 have a stem design and a rectangular case like their predecessors.


Boult Audio X30 Vs Boult Audio X50

The SBC and AAC codecs are built into the Boult X30 and X50 earbuds, respectively. The earbuds have an exceptionally long battery life, allowing for continuous playing of up to 40 hours on a single charge and 100 minutes of playtime after only 10 minutes of charging. A Hi-Fi mode, a Rock mode, and a Bass Boost option are included in the device’s three equalizer modes, which enable music lovers to choose the appropriate sound for the many types of music they listen to. The earbuds themselves include 10 mm drivers, which contribute to the X30 and X50’s ability to provide an exceptional listening experience for both music and phone calls.

The Boult earbuds come equipped with a low-latency gaming mode that has a combat response time of 45 milliseconds for the best possible gaming experience. The earphones have also been given an IPX5 rating, which means that they are resistant to water and sweating.

Boult Audio X30 Vs Boult Audio X50: Quick Results

ParticularsBoult Audio X30Boult Audio X50Which One Is Better?
Price and AvailabilityGoodGoodAny

Final Verdict: Boult Audio X30 Vs Boult Audio X50

You can choose whichever of the earphones you prefer because they both offer nearly identical features at the same price range. Both of the top earbuds have incredible features, including sound quality, a gaming mode, and a stylish style. Most importantly, there is no lack of it, making it unquestionably a fantastic value for buyers.

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