CL16 Vs CL18 RAM: Which Is Better For Your PC?

CL16 Vs CL18 RAM

When one thinks about the performance of memory, the first things that come to mind are the “read speed” and the “latency” of the memory module. In most cases, the value of “frequency” and “timing” can be found in the table that describes the product’s specifications. This process is referred to as conversion, and it does not necessarily mean that the two values are equivalent to one another. CL, or column access strobe latency, measures how quickly your RAM can respond to instructions from your processor and gather the required data. In general, performance is quicker when the CAS latency is lower. What if we compared CL16 vs. CL18 RAM to see which was best for your PC? So let’s look into it in more detail.

CL16 Vs CL18 RAM: Comparison Table

Physical Unit1600 MHz1800 MHz
Read SpeedFaster Slower
Write SpeedFasterSlower
Operating System PreferredAMD Ryzen Or Intel (Both)AMD Ryzen
Online Pricing Range₹4,999 (Approximately) ‎₹3,990 (Approximately)

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CL16 Vs CL18 RAM: Detailed Analysis


CL16 Vs CL18 RAM

The rate at which data is being transmitted is the first and most frequently discussed element of RAM speed. This is the amount of information that a RAM and its CPU can send and receive at once. However, in order to get an accurate picture of how quickly your RAM can process data, you need to look at both the CAS latency and the clock speed of your RAM simultaneously. RAMs’ CAS latency or CL range varies as their speed changes. Megahertz is the unit of measurement for memory speed (MHz). It measures the rate at which a RAM accesses its memory, which is measured in terms of clock speed.

By checking the manufacturer’s website or your RAM stick, you can determine the CAS latency of your RAM. Your CAS delay is commonly represented by a series of three or four digits on the RAM stick. This indicates that a CL16 3200 MHz RAM will perform better than a CL18 3600 MHz RAM, despite the fact that the former has a higher memory speed. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your computer, you need to make sure that the CAS latency that you’re using is as low as it can possibly be.


RAM latency refers to the length of time that passes before a clock cycle is considered to have been completed by the memory. This amount of time is dependent on the speed of the RAM. The performance of the system is improved as a direct result of the lower latency caused by higher RAM speeds. Because it’s rather complicated, we won’t get into it in detail, but while reading RAM specifications, you’ll see numbers organized like 6-8-8-22. These four numbers show how long it takes the RAM to complete different tasks. Overall, the RAM runs faster, the lower these numbers are. RAM latency and CAS latency intersect with one another. Therefore, a full comprehension of each of these concepts is necessary to comprehend how they affect RAM’s overall performance. Reduced RAM latency is the result of faster RAM, which enables your RAM to access memory more frequently and with shorter intercycle intervals.

In order to simplify things and make things easier to comprehend, we will use the same 3200MHz RAM for CL16 and 2600MHz RAM for CL18 as references. At this memory speed, a CL16 will perform significantly more quickly than a CL18. Latency-wise, CL16, and CL18 are comparable, with CL18 being a little more sluggish. A CL16 RAM may therefore process data more quickly than a CL18 RAM since it does so in two fewer cycles.

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When deciding between CL18 and CL16 RAM for your computer, you should take price into account. CL16 performs a little bit better than CL18 in terms of CAS latency and speed. The CL16 is, nevertheless, more expensive than the CL18 based on the costs. So, if money is not an issue, CL16 is a good option for your PC.

RAM and CPU Performance

CL16 Vs CL18 RAM

When it comes to AMD Processors, the company produces a Ryzen CPU that has a core system called infinity fabric, which is also referred to as IF. The IF system is restricted to clock speeds of about 2000 MHz and has its own clock time features termed FCLK. So, if you have a Ryzen CPU, CL16 is the preferable option. Just a tiny bit less time is required for CL16 than for CL18. Despite the fact that CL16 can only handle a smaller number of instructions, you can make the most of Ryzen’s limited clock cycles by lowering the number of cycles required to execute a command.

Similarly, when compared to AMD Ryzen CPUs, Intel processors are different. The central processing unit (CPU) from Intel has a precise clock time that is designed to coordinate with the memory clock time. If you are using CL18 on your PC, you can overclock the CL from 18 to 16. It has a faster performance than CL18. In contrast, a 3200 MHz RAM with CL16 may perform at its highest level, so you may play games virtually latency-free. For gaming, the CL18 with the greater frequency speed is the better option when comparing CL16 and CL18.

CL16 Vs CL18 RAM: Quick Results

ParticularsCL16CL18Which One Is Better?

CL16 Vs CL18 RAM: Final Verdict

Always prioritize growth and overall higher above concentrating on one or two components alone when optimizing your PC’s specifications for a particular budget. Lower is always (slightly) better in terms of CAS delay values. But if the same amount of money can generate a higher impact on another specification, such as RAM capacity, then the tiny gains from obtaining a CL16 kit will always be worth it. 

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