Coca Cola Phone Specifications: What To Expect From The Phone?

Coca Cola Phone Specifications

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Is your love for Coca-Cola irrational? Soon, a new smartphone will reportedly be released by Coca-Cola in partnership with a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Yes, Coca-Cola devotees, there is a potential that you may soon be able to use a smartphone bearing the Coca-Cola logo. According to an online leak, Coca-Cola is developing a smartphone. According to the leak, Coca-Cola is teaming up with a smartphone manufacturer to produce a new smartphone. According to reports, the business may also introduce the smartphone in India within this quarter. Let’s look at some of the rumored features of the Coca-Cola Phone.

Coca Cola Phone Specifications

For some time, there have been rumors about the Coca-Cola phone or simply the Cola phone. However, new leaks of the alleged phone’s designs, along with assertions that it will be released in India this quarter, show off the rear design. The brand that will be producing the future smartphone is not mentioned in the leaks, although it is widely believed that Realme will be in charge.

The tipster’s supplied render suggests that the recently released Realme 10 4G is comparable to it, although this cannot be confirmed. The Cola phone has two camera sensors on the back and an LED flash. The volume control is visible on the right edge of the smartphone, which has rounded edges. The only information that is currently available about the Cola phone is that it has a Coca-Cola theme.  Because the Coca-Cola Phone may be a limited edition of the Realme 10 4G, which debuted in India earlier this month, here is an examination of the Cola phone in relation to it. If that’s the case, we might have the technical details for the Coca-Cola phone.


Coca Cola Phone Specifications

The latest iteration of Realme’s design philosophy emphasizes sleek profiles, rounded corners, and glossy rear panels. It appears fashionable and stylish, so there is nothing wrong with it, but We find the edges to be excessively harsh; we also want more rounded edges. The phone may be very thin, and Realme boasts that it is the tiniest of all the phones the business has ever made. The very big camera “eyes” on the back panel, which resemble “black holes” in appearance, are another item that stands out. Additionally, the cameras themselves are much smaller than their sights.

A volume rocker and a power/lock button with an integrated fingerprint sensor would be located on the right side. Proves to be a fast and reliable worker. There will also be facial recognition, but it is less reliable. A fingerprint is, in our opinion, the greatest way to unlock a phone. As soon as you take it in your hands, the right spot is immediately touched by your finger. The microphone hole is visible on the upper end. Another microphone, speaker holes, and a USB-C port for charging are located at the bottom.

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The Realme 10’s display should be just as stunning as its predecessors were. It should have a FullHD+ resolution 6.4′′ Super AMOLED display. The black depth is maximal, the viewing angles are ideal, and the readability in direct sunlight is good. The colors of the resolution indicated are brilliant and saturated.

Vivid, Natural, and Pro Mode are some of the available color display options. The latter gives more subdued and softer colors, while the former comes close to DCI-P3 coverage. For the latter, you can choose between two additional modes that offer finer control over color reproduction. A screen’s refresh rate of 90 Hz is sufficient; mid-range devices occasionally offer more Hz. In most cases, there are three modes of operation: the conventional 60 Hz mode, the 90 Hz mode, and the auto-choose option. However, we’ve seen that 60 Hz is used more frequently in auto mode, and it’s also considerably lighter on the battery.

Everything in the screen settings should function as it normally does, including options for a bright or dark theme with additional settings for dark mode, a selection of a screen color mode, an eye comfort mode, auto-rotation, auto-off, a selection of a refresh rate, the ability to show or conceal the front camera cutout, and full-screen mode for applications that have not been optimized.


The operating system of choice should be Android 12 with real-time UI 3.0 on top. While it seems likely that Android 13 will be released soon, it is unclear how long Realm 10’s Coca-Cola Edition will continue to receive upgrades. If you want a clean system, you will need to clear off a few preinstalled apps that may be present on the smartphone at first.

The MediaTek Helio G99 processor and Arm Mali-G57 MC2 GPU could both be coupled with an octa-core configuration in the Realme 10 Coca-Cola Edition. Performance is anticipated to be outstanding, and it might include up to 8GB of RAM. If you really push it, you could occasionally see a little slowdown when switching between applications. But in normal use, we found no lag that bothered us.

When performing moderate chores, you shouldn’t experience any overheating. The gadget will undoubtedly warm up when you play games, but there shouldn’t be any throttling, which is nice. The phone may get warm after 20 minutes of play, but it won’t become uncomfortable to hold, and you shouldn’t notice any performance differences that would need you to restart or stop the game.


Coca Cola Phone Specifications

Rumors suggest that the Realme 10 Coca-Cola Edition will have a 50-megapixel Color AI camera with stabilization and a secondary 2-megapixel black and white camera for focusing and detail capture. The front-facing camera can only record in 1080p at 30 frames per second, while the primary camera can only record in 1080p at 60 frames per second. The hardware isn’t particularly innovative or exciting; the majority of camera advancements are software-based, minor but valuable.

It has been speculated that the portrait mode is realistic, that subject detection is generally reliable, and that, given sufficient lighting, it can even isolate minute details like tiny strands. Although it’s not a reason to buy this phone specifically for it, it’s a great feature that you’ll feel comfortable frequently using when you want to. It’s a rather specialized feature, but night mode should be useful for night landscape photographs because it provides a little bit more detail and color than if you had not used the setting. The camera app’s built-in Color AI does a really good job of identifying the scene and adjusting the colors accordingly. A prompt marked “food” will display if you’re taking a picture of food; use it if your subject is motionless.

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There is only one speaker in this model, like the Realme 9; thus, it may not do as well as its rivals in the audio department. The mono speakers give a straightforward sound; the loudness is outstanding, and the high and medium frequencies are well reproduced, but the low frequencies are insufficient. Additionally, there is an ultra-volume option that can double the maximum volume.

The sound quality in the headphones is excellent by default, and it may be changed in the settings if preferred. Four profiles are available with Real Sound technology: Smart, Movie, Game, and Music. A seven-band equalizer with many presets that are standard and the option to manually tune each band is also offered in the latter.


A 5000 mAh battery will be included in the new Coca-Cola Phone, which is an excellent benchmark for contemporary smartphones. A device with an adaptable screen refresh rate can be actively used for social media surfing, instant messaging, web browsing, playing casual games, listening to music and audiobooks, and taking lots of pictures. With all of this, you’ll have more than enough power to last all day and into the evening. It provides an average of 10 to 11 hours of active screen time. Realme 10’s Coca-Cola Edition can charge rather quickly with the included 33W SUPERVOOC adapter. The time it takes to charge the device from 10% to 100% is just under an hour. After being completely depleted, a smartphone charges 50% in 28 minutes.

Final Verdict

Realme 10’s Coca-Cola Edition should be affordable. For a mid-range tablet with a potent chipset and a nice screen, this might be a reasonable price. The mid-range smartphone market is crowded with models from different manufacturers that cater to every taste and color, and there are many rivals, so you must understand that. The phone has a stunning Super AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz. The primary camera takes excellent photos except when the light is dim. Also worth mentioning is the long battery life. The phone will run smoothly and be capable of handling “heavy” games. Design is a personal choice; however, it should be exceedingly glossy, fashionable, and brilliant. Realme produced a good “numbered” smartphone for the next generation, from our perspective.

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