Dali Katch G2 vs Beosound A1: Which To Choose?

Dali Katch G2 vs Beosound A1
Dali Katch G2 vs Beosound A1

Once upon a time, there was a mid-range speaker manufacturer named Bang & Olufsen. They made speakers that sounded amazing and were aesthetically pleasing to the eye. However, they also cost an arm and a leg. Enter Danish audio company Dali; they brought their own unique twist to the B&O formula, with their Katch brand of speakers which are still in production today. As an alternative to Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound range, we’ve seen.

Dali Katch G2 vs Beosound A1: Comparison Chart

Speaker NameB&O A1Dali Katch g2
Drivers2X30w speakers2x21w watt
DesignPebble, 5.2×1.8138 x 268.5 x 47
Battery15-18 Hours30 hours
ConnectivityBluetooth V5.1V5.0 Apt-X
Weight558g1.1 kg
Water and Dust ResistanceIP67Unknown

Dali Katch G2 vs Beosound A1: Detailed Analysis


At 1.1kg, the Katch G2 feels heavier than you might expect, yet it’s still small enough to fit into your bag. It just exudes elegance, with barrel-shaped Bluetooth speakers and ruggedized rubber accents, and the Dali appears to be made to stand out from the crowd. Because of the gold coin logo, the curved LEDs around the power button for volume, the real leather handle, and its sound profile and battery life indication, this speaker has a much more refined appearance.

Dali Katch G2

The iron-black prototype is a thing of beauty, with its triangular grille design and rubberized cover, behind which you’ll find a 3.5mm port and USB-A charging.

The Beosound A1 is around the size of a big stone or an English muffin. The bundled USB-C charging cable is the same hue as the device’s gorgeous pearl-blasted aluminum frame, although in tactile rubber — a usually higher-end touch.
There’s also a redesigned control layout, with somewhat larger, more clearly labeled buttons placed closer to the leather strap. The play/pause button and volume controls are on the left, and the power, Bluetooth pairing, and mic on/off buttons are on the right.

Audio Profile

Meanwhile, a two-way system is driven by a pair of 25W Class D amplifiers that powers the speaker’s sound field, which includes two 21mm soft textile dome tweeters, two 3.5-inch aluminum cone low-frequency drivers, and two steel cone passive bass radiators. The drivers on both sides of the speaker contribute to the creation of the most expansive stereo impression conceivable. As we turn up the volume, we notice that the Katch G2’s room-filling sound neither loses clarity nor errs toward harshness – no small feat for something of such little proportions.

There’s an additional ounce of detail to be obtained thanks to the Beosound’s smoother performance.

Indeed, Bang & Olufsen has managed in retaining its signature sound profile in this compact and economical offering – no minor accomplishment given that Bluetooth speakers of this size and price may easily come off as heavy in the mids and harsh in the treble in an effort to deliver volume and power.

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Dali has added a TWS (True Wireless Stereo) mode to the Katch G2, allowing users to couple two Katch G2s in stereo for enhanced loudness and separation, as well as aptX HD compatibility for higher-quality streaming at 24-bit/48kHz. However, because Bluetooth 5.0,0 is required, you cannot stereo link the first-generation Katch with the new G2. Furthermore, the new TWS mode is not intended to provide multi-room audio — the two Katch G2s should be in the same room and will play stereo sound.

The updated A1 includes Qualcomm’s newest aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec, as well as Alexa. You’d be entirely within your rights to turn on the A1, couple it with your phone through Bluetooth, and begin streaming. You may stereo pair two Beosound A1 (2nd Gen) speakers – however not a second-gen model with a first-gen model – using the well-designed B&O app. When you launch the app, you’ll see a picture of your speaker with its battery status beneath, as well as a volume slider with haptic feedback that clicks as you drag your finger along it.


Beosound A1

The original Katch’s 24-hour battery life would still suffice today, but the Katch G2 enhances that by six hours owing to its 3300mAh battery, for a total of 30 hours of entertainment. However, total playing duration is affected by volume settings and the genre of music being played. Bluetooth 5.0 is also included, with support for aptX HD, aptX, and AAC Bluetooth, as well as NFC for rapid communication between compatible devices.
The letter A1 The quoted battery life is 18 hours at average listening volume or up to 48 hours at a more cautious level. However, in practice, it was less than 25 hours, and charging took more than 2 hours.


The only accessible feature that we didn’t like was the Control toggle, which is a circular button on the far right of the device’s top plate, next to similar buttons for Bluetooth pairing, power, and volume – there is no play or stop buttons on the unit itself. This switch lets you pick between two EQ presets: ‘clear’ and ‘warm.’ To indicate whatever sound profile you’ve chosen, the four LED lights around the power button (which display battery life by default anytime the speaker is turned on) will glow like a half-moon — the right side will light up for ‘warm,’ while the left will light up for ‘clear.’ Many Bluetooth speakers do not provide this feature.

A1 also features a revised control layout with slightly larger, more clearly labeled buttons located closer to the leather strap. The play/pause button and volume controls are on the left, and the power, Bluetooth pairing, and mic on/off buttons are on the right.

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Dali Katch G2 vs Beosound A1: Quick Result

SpeakerDali Katch G2Beosound A1
DriversClass D-21wClass D-30W
ConnectionsBluetooth,3.5mm jackBluetooth,3.5mm jack
Charging~2 Hours~2-3 hours
FunctionsDual Sound Mode (Clear/Warm)
Stereo Pair Mode
Standby (Auto Power)
NFC Pairing
Stereo pair Mode
Alexa Mode

Dali Katch G2 vs Beosound A1: Final Verdict

Dali Katch G2 Bluetooth speakers are the classiest and best-sounding speakers of their kind you can buy for the money. Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen) delivers a pleasingly comfortable yet authoritative performance that you’d be happy listening to all day. There is no button on the G2 to automatically pause the music should you walk in with an urgent problem. But if you have a lot of money lying up on the shelf then you can spend a good amount on Dali as it looks and feels premium has a good audio quality that’s all you need.

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