Dali Katch G2 Vs B&O A1: Which Is Better And Why?

These days being with the technology is very important. With technology, lots of things have become easier. One such thing that has evolved over time as a speaker. Nowadays, the speakers do not produce sound but listen to us and our commands too. These speakers can also be attached to the home system which can control the whole lighting and electrical, electronic things in the house with voice command. On that, they are very compact and small and we can just place that in a small place. These kinds of speakers are very much famous these days and are creating hype in the market.

There are some speakers which are portable and are very convenient that have built-in features like Alexa and virtual assistant. Having such a speaker is a great deal as it will improve the compactness and will improve the work too. One such brand is Bang & Olufsen which has a speaker named a1 which is a small-sized great quality speaker. The other one is by a brand named Dali, which also has a great range of speakers and one of them is Dali Katch g2. It is also a great quality speaker. if you want to buy a portable speaker then you should always consider buying one of them, and if you are confused about which one to buy out of them, then we will discuss all the features of both the speakers so that you will be able to decide which one is best for you to buy.

Dali Katch G2 Vs B&O A1: Comparison Chart

FeaturesDali Katch g2B&O a1
Battery3300 mAh2200 mAh
Charging time2 Hr2 Hr
Music time30 hr18 Hr
ColourWhite, black, blueblack, gray, gold

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Dali Katch G2 Vs B&O A1: Detailed Analysis


While purchasing any electronic product, one of the most important things is its battery. While listening to music, no one will like that the music goes off suddenly and the whole enjoyment stops. Therefore it is important to know about the battery life of the product. You should always check the reviews on the internet about the battery life of the product. One more important thing about the battery is the charging time so, one should also lookup up the total charging time that is required to charge the speakers to their fullest.

Dali Katch G2

Talking about the individual battery life of the speakers then, g2 has a battery huge battery of 3300 mAh, which lasts more than 30 hr and the main and the most important thing about it is, it only takes 2 and half hours to charge it to its full. On the other hand, the total music time of B&O a1 is about 18 hr and it takes almost 2 hr to charge it. Therefore it is clear that the Dali Katch g2 has a better battery than b&O a1.

Music Quality and Feature

The most important reason for which we buy speakers is the quality of music. And also with that, the extra features that are provided by the brand plays important role in buying the product. One should always read the review of the customers while buying the product online. The quality of music depends upon the bass and the clarity of the music that a speaker can provide. The extra features are also important like water resistivity, RGB lights and etc.

Considering the individual quality of music then both of these speakers have very similar kinds of sound quality. The bass provided by my g2 and a1 are amazing and the volume too is very great. The extra features have a very wide range and the main factor is water resistivity and dirt protection a1 has dirt protection and water sparkle protection of rating IP67 and most importantly it has Alexa built-in. On the other hand, the g2 has a lot of variety of colours available. By music, quality means both are almost equal.


It is the factor of any purchase that decides whether you should buy the product or not. In the market of electronic products, there is a huge inflexion in the price range of the products, therefore it is suggested that one should look for the prices both offline and online before buying the product.  Having a budget for buying the product gives the total idea about the features that you want, therefore have a budget and search accordingly.

Talking about the individual price range of the product then we can see that Dali has not been launched officially in India which is why it cost around  500us dollars and in India, it may range up to 40000 rupees which is high money but the product is worth the value. On the other hand, the price of a1 is about 40000 also which is similar to g2. So in perspective of price also, both are at par.

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Dali Katch G2 Vs B&O A1: Quick Result

FeatureDali Katch g2B&O a1

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Dali Katch g2

  1. The clarity is amazing and the bass is also great.
  2. Volume is really loud and even work hearable in noisy outside.
  3. Doesn’t hold well while in water and dirt.

B&O a1

  1. The sound quality is surprisingly awesome.
  2. Even work in the dirt too.

Dali Katch G2 Vs B&O A1: Final Verdict

Both of these speakers are really awesome and worth considering. If you are someone who parties a lot and needs a speaker to last a long time then you should consider buying Dali Katch g2, though it is not yet available in India, you can either wait or order it from other countries. But if you want a compact small-sized speaker with great features and amazing sound quality with dirt protection, then B&O a1 is made for you.

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