Dell Alienware X17 R1 Vs Dell Alienware X17 R2 Comparison!

Dell Alienware X17 R1 Vs Dell Alienware X17 R2 Comparison!

The Alienware X17 R1 is a showpiece in true Alienware fashion. This model is part of the X-Series line of laptops, which the manufacturer describes as “gaming masterpieces.”

It’s 5% thinner than the M17 R4, a thin gaming laptop in its own right, making it the thinnest gaming machine ever made. There are many appealing features, including Alienware’s proprietary Element 31 thermal cooling material.

However, how does the X17 R1 compare to other models in its price range? We’ve been holding gaming sessions to see what works and what doesn’t.

An updated version of last year’s Alienware x17 R2 (starting price $2249.99; tested price $3,999.99) aims to boost the performance of this high-end gaming laptop. Our ultra-low-cost review configuration focuses entirely on its two key components, an Intel “Alder Lake” Core i9 CPU and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card. However, the x17 R2 lacks the power of some of its competitors: The laptop’s famed thinness, like the original, does not make it more portable, but rather limits its power potential and raises its cost. Even though the Alienware aesthetic may be more appealing to some high-end buyers, we believe the Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 and the Origin EVO17-S are better options.

Dell Alienware x17 r1 vs dell Alienware x17 r2: comparison Table     

FeaturesDell Alienware x17 R1 Dell Alienware x17 R2
Launching Year20212022
Brand DellDell
Series Alienware X17 R1Alienware X17 R2
Available ColorsLunar lightLunar light
OSWindows 10 homeWindows 11
ProcessorIntel Core i7 Intel core i7
SSD 256 GB1 TB
Online Price RangesRs. 2,90,990Rs.2,99,990
Customer Ratings4.0/54.1/5

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Dell Alienware X17 R1 vs Dell Alienware X17 R2: Detailed Analysis


In every way, the Alienware X17 R1 is a stunning laptop. This much is obvious even before you open the box and turn it on. This is due to the Alienware design aesthetic. This laptop’s ‘Lunar Light’ off-white finish is carried over from previous Alienware models.

Alienware introduced its X Series design last year, which is a slimmer, new-look version of its popular M Series laptops. This is the largest X Series laptop, and the x17’s second generation has a new look and features. While the dimensions of the laptop have not changed, its thickness has, which is unusual for a 17-inch gaming laptop.

The R2 weighs 6.82 pounds and measures 0.82 by 15.7 by 11.8 inches (HWD). We’re not sure how useful a slightly slimmer design is if the laptop is still large and heavy, even if it’s a little thinner. Thinner designs in gaming notebooks usually mean more difficult cooling and lower performance because weight and bulk are more important factors for portability. The Asus Strix Scar 17 gaming laptop is 1.11 inches thicker but weighs 6.39 pounds less.


Dell Alienware X17 R1 vs Dell Alienware X17 R2
Dell Alienware x17 r1

The X17 R1 is available in a variety of screen configurations. See the 4K/UHD display in action in the video below. It’s cheerful, bright, and visually appealing. We discovered that a wide variety of games looked fantastic on this screen.

Even with the included RTX 3080 graphics card, 4K gaming will be difficult.

On the other hand, the Alienware X17R2 configurations now include Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which improve the sound and visual experience. Even if you aren’t particularly sensitive to them, these features are well-known in the multimedia world for their ability to improve audio and image quality—many modern high-end TVs boast this ability.

The full HD (1080p) display on our x17 R2 looked fantastic, with vibrant colors and crisp text. A refresh rate of 360Hz is ideal for gamers whose GPUs can support such high frame rates and who play games that benefit from such speed, whereas Alienware offers 165Hz full HD and 120Hz 4K panels.


Several performance modes and Nvidia technologies improve your gaming experience on the X17 R1, which is also not light. Dynamic Boost 2.0 technology, for example, automatically delivers power to the GPU to improve frame rates. All you have to do to get the most out of your laptop is press a button on the keyboard. It’s nice to know you have that option.

If you want to learn more, launch Alienware Command Center and experiment with the various overclocking options. Using this software, you can choose from a number of overclocking profiles or make custom changes to them. You can also change the fan curves in this section. Overclocking is controlled both automatically and manually.

To test Windows PC graphics performance, UL’s 3DMark DirectX 12 gaming simulations, Night Raid (which is more modest and suitable for laptops with integrated graphics), and Time Spy were used (more demanding, and suitable for gaming rigs with discrete GPUs). Off-screen GFXBench 5.0 tests that use OpenGL operations are performed to accommodate different display resolutions.

Three real-world game tests use our benchmarks for F1 2021, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Rainbow Six: Siege. In that order, here is a list of action-adventure games, simulation games, and competitive esports shooter games. We ran Valhalla and Siege twice with different quality settings, as well as F1 with and without Nvidia’s performance-boosting DLSS anti-aliasing. We run these tests in 1080p resolution for comparison.

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Device’s Keyboard

Dell Alienware X17 R1 vs Dell Alienware X17 R2
Dell Alienware x17 r2

The keyboard on the Alienware X17 R1 has Cherry MX switches and is compact and low-profile. This keyboard features N-key rollover, anti-ghosting, and either four-zone or per-key RGB illumination.

There are Ctrl and Alt keys, as well as a logical layout. The numeric keypad is absent, but the majority of the other keys are present. Changing the brightness of the screen and the lighting of the keyboard is also possible by adjusting the volume and function keys.

The main benchmark in Alienware x17 R2 is PCMark 10. PCMark 10 simulates a wide range of real-world productivity and content-creation workflows, including word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing, and videoconferencing. In PCMark 10, our Full System Drive test measures the loading time and throughput of a laptop’s storage.

Dell Alienware X17 R1 vs Dell Alienware X17 R2 : Quick Result

ParticularsDell Alienware X17 R1Dell Alienware X17 R2Which one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodGoodAny

Dell Alienware X17 R1 vs Dell Alienware X17 R2: Final Verdict

The trackpad, which is a good size and easy to use, is a standout feature, but you’ll still need a dedicated gaming mouse to play games. The trackpad illuminates when you use the laptop. This is a minor point. Blue is a lovely color, but some people find it distracting. To make matters worse, the default setting for turning off the keyboard lighting is ineffective, which is inconvenient.

The Alienware x17 R2 is a significant improvement in terms of components, raising the bar on the system’s top end. The x17’s new GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card receives a significant performance boost from Intel’s latest 12th Generation processor, adding to its already impressive hardware. If money isn’t an issue, you’ll be impressed by the design and performance of this machine. It has a sleek design, and features such as the mechanical keyboard are welcome additions.

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