Earpods Vs Airpods: Are They Both Same? Which One Is Better?

Earpods Vs Airpods
Earpods Vs Airpods

Music these days is literally a kind of therapy by itself. After a long tiring day of work, music could be the kind of therapy you need or just for someone who wants to travel a long distance. Yes, mobile speakers and Bluetooth speakers can be used but they are not as feasible as wireless earphones. Even wired earphones make you feel packed sometimes as both your ears remain physically connected with the earphones.

Even if there is a little movement of your face and arms, the earphones tend to come out of the ear. With new technology, apples had come out with wireless earphones and let’s see how they remain different.

A Quick Comparison Chart: Earpods Vs Airpods

Connectivity Bluetooth is required to connect to the earbuds 3.5-millimeter lightning or headphone jack for connectivity
ChargingCharging is required: can last upto 5-6 hoursThey do not need to be charged
CostAirpods are way costly than earbudsEarbuds are cheaper than airpods
New GenThey are full wirelessThey are not wireless
SiriThey have access to Apple assistant ‘siri’Earbuds do not have this kind of feature

Earpods Vs Airpods: Detailed Analysis

Airpods: What Are Their Features?

Earpods Vs Airpods
  • The ideal difference between airpods and Earpods is that airpods are truly wireless and connect to your smartphones while only needing to pair with Bluetooth but Earpods come with a 3.5mm headphone jack to connect to your smartphones or devices.
  • Airpods are the truly wireless earphones that come in a charging case, which also acts like a portable charger for the truly wireless earphones. These are produced by the Apple brand and the portable charging really offers you nonstop entertainment with no battery disturbance.
  • These wireless earphones are entirely wireless and are called Airpods. These airpods do not need any headphone jack to connect to the smartphone neither do they physically meet both your ears connectively. These can simply be paired with your smartphone and conveniently be put in the ear. This feature only requires Bluetooth for connection. This creation by Apple took over the wireless headphone world.


Earpods Vs Airpods
  • These airpods look really classy and premium, thus are very costly as compared to the Apple Earpods. They also come with an in-built microphone which cancels the unnecessary background noise.
  • The battery life of airpods is quite sustaining as when charged it can last for about 6-7 hours. After the case of the airpods is charged it can also act as a portable charger once the battery of the airpods starts to drain, creating no barrier in your entertainment.
  • The airpods have proximity sensors on each side of it and can detect when they are put in the ear or being used. These airpods can be connected to our apple devices with Bluetooth connectivity. When connected to the device, double tapping on the top of the airpods instantly activates the Apple assistance that is Siri at your service. The installation of the H1 chip also offers the users to activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri”.
  • The battery life of these airpods is really nice, it lasts up to 6 hours and the charging case offers additional battery up to 20 hours. The sound of airpods is very premium and the bass fits in completely causing the user to have no complain.

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Earbuds: What Are Their Features?

  • Earpods are the wired earphones that have a remote microphone module on the wire that controls the volume, play and pause of the music and picking up and cutting of calls. Apple launched these Earpods in the year 2012. These Earpods had started shipping with iPhone 5.
  • These are not wireless earphones and thus have a headphone jack measuring 3.5mm that connect to the device. These earphones cannot be paired with the Bluetooth in any device.
  • These Earpods are not very premium and thus have a minimal cost and are not expensive or costly as compared to the Apple Airpods.
  • These Earpods do not have to be charged and thus do not have any sort of battery life. The jack of these Earpods needs to be inserted into the device and it can go hours of playing.
  • These Earpods are different from the apple earphones that used to come with rubber ear buds attached to them.


  • Apple has given the wired earphones a new and rich look with these Earpods. It comes in a new design, shape and material making it comfortable for the users.
  • These Earpods come in the box when you make a purchase for any apple phones or iPads. It is a traditional wired earphone similar to regular wired earphones but with a slight change of design and material.
  • These Earpods come with a microphone module that is an attached controller that provides additional functions like picking up and cutting of calls, controlling the volume and play or pause the music.
  • These Earpods do not have any battery life and do not need to be charged. They just have to be connected to the devise with the jack that it comes with.

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Additional Features: Earpods Vs Airpods

Battery Life Has a good battery life that goes up to 6 hours Have no battery life just need to be plugged in to a device
Connectivity Has Bluetooth connectivity and is wireless Does not connect with Bluetooth but has a headphone jack that has to be plugged in to device
Additional Has Apple assistance called “Siri”. Double tapping on top of the airpods can activate Siri The microphone module that is attached to the Earpods takes over the control for volume, calls and play or pause of the music.

Airpods and Earpods both are different in their own ways. A detailed comparison has been provided above for you to choose what suits you the best. With technology you now have options to choose between wireless and wired earphones from a wide price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are EarPods better than AirPods?

Well, Airpods are better than earpods as the company offers great sound quality compared to earpods. So, if you love music, then airpods are the choice for you.

2. Are AirPods louder than EarPods?

Airpods are louder than earpods. The company mentioned that both the gadgets have the same sound quality, but airpods are somewhat better.

3. Why is AirPods so expensive?

Well, its an Apple product, and no product from apple is cheap. And in addition to this, there are many features in it that makes it expensive.

4. Do Apple have black AirPods?

Apple only makes white airpods, there are no black airpods manufactured by the company.

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