EOnz North Edge Range 5 Smartwatch Vs Xiaomi Mi Watch: Which One Is Value For Money?

EOnz North Edge Range 5 Smartwatch Vs Xiaomi Mi Watch

We are easily able to adopt an unhealthy life in our modern, technologically oriented environment. At home, we use electronics frequently, and we have automated home systems that can turn on our lights or TVs.  However, technology can also motivate us to enhance our health by expanding our access to health, and therapy, or even by helping us remember to take our meds and control our diabetes.

The growth of wearables and smartwatches is currently transforming healthcare in a completely new way by enabling us to manage our physical and mental health directly from our wrists. Smartwatches also enhance your well-being by providing access to apps developed for specific medical issues. They also provide you with access to a variety of fitness, nutrition, and mental health apps that make it easier than ever before for us to lead healthy lifestyles and encourage us to do so. We will compare two of the best smartwatches, EOnz North Edge Range 5 Smartwatch Vs. Xiaomi Mi Watch offers some incredible features.

EOnz North Edge Range 5 Smartwatch Vs Xiaomi Mi Watch: Comparison Table

FeaturesEOnz North Edge Range 5Xiaomi Mi Watch
Launching Year20212020
Model NameEOnz North Edge Range 5Xiaomi Mi Watch
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Average Battery Life14-16 Days7-10 Days
CompatibilitySmartphone, TabletSmartphone, Tablet
Online Pricing RangeRs 6,799Rs 3,999
Customer Ratings3/54/5

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EOnz North Edge Range 5 Smartwatch Vs Xiaomi Mi Watch: Detailed Analysis


EOnz North Edge Range 5 Smartwatch Vs Xiaomi Mi Watch
Xiaomi Mi Watch

Xiaomi has done a fantastic job designing a smartwatch that fits comfortably on the wrist and features the well-known vintage circular watch shape. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has a 46mm plastic shell; however, the Xiaomi Mi Watch has a 45mm plastic case and is available in one of three colors: black, beige, or navy blue. The matte surface and robust design of the plastic casing give it a strong feeling in the hand while not having a metal case like more expensive wearables.

Talking about the case, It’s 32g and 11.8mm thick, making it slightly thicker than some competitors, but it doesn’t feel heavy or clunky on the wrist. The 1.39-inch AMOLED display on the Xiaomi Mi Watch has a fantastic 454 x 454 resolution. When using a black watch face, it is less visible, but if you choose something a little more bright, it is evident. Overall, the display is bright, has excellent viewing angles, and is bright enough to be used outside as well.

The eOnz North Edge Range 5 Smartwatch, on the other hand, seamlessly combines design and functionality, making it a great choice. The smartwatch has a huge screen that is 1.2 inches. The eOnz North Edge Range 5 has a stunning 1.2-inch display with a respectable 240 x 240 dpi quality, but the bezel around it is somewhat thick and detracts from this premium technology. The watch has three buttons in total, each of which serves a different purpose and gives it an athletic appearance. On the hands, the silicone strap is pleasant to feel.


EOnz North Edge Range 5 Smartwatch

Depending on how you want to use the smartwatch, Xiaomi’s own operating system that comes preinstalled on the Mi Watch might be both a pro and a con. Pushing the upper side button will take you to the app menu, where you can access a number of the preinstalled apps while pressing the lower side button will launch Xiaomi’s specialized fitness monitoring app. Holding the button down will also launch Amazon Alexa.

Yes, the Xiaomi Mi Watch has support for Amazon Alexa. This enables rapid access to the virtual assistant from your wrist, which is particularly useful if you have an Alexa-controlled smart home. Because there was no speaker, the answers to our general questions had to be displayed to us in text form instead of being spoken to us, but they were generally accurate.

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This eOnz North Edge Range 5 Smartwatch will be a great choice because it seamlessly combines design and performance. You can always keep an eye on your health due to its 24-hour real-time dynamic heart rate monitor, stomach rhythm, and sleep record feature. It has a variety of sports settings so you can easily reach your fitness objectives. In addition, it has a compass, barometer, altimeter, and temperature-tracking tool, making it a necessity. The smartwatch’s standout features include 24-hour real-time monitoring of dynamic heart rate, abdominal rhythm, and sleep records, and multiple sports modes for walking, outdoor running, cycling, climbing, swimming, and diving. The 50m waterproof level can be helpful for free diving, hand washing, and rainy days.


The Xiaomi Mi Watch excels in the battery life category, with Xiaomi’s claim of 16-day battery life being rather accurate. Although we never reached 16 days, the watch lasted over two weeks before requiring a recharge.

A built-in 3V 320mAh lithium-ion polymer battery powers the eOnz North Edge Range 5 Smartwatch. According to the makers, the smartwatch has a standby time of 7 to 10 days and a power-saving mode that virtually doubles battery life.

EOnz North Edge Range 5 Smartwatch Vs Xiaomi Mi Watch: Quick Analysis

ParticularsEOnz North Edge Range 5 SmartwatchXiaomi Mi WatchWhich One Is Better?
DesignGoodBetterXiaomi Mi Watch
FeaturesGoodBetterXiaomi Mi Watch
BatteryGoodBetterXiaomi Mi Watch

EOnz North Edge Range 5 Smartwatch Vs Xiaomi Mi Watch: Final Verdict

The Xiaomi Mi Watch nevertheless manages to provide a fantastic smartwatch experience, despite not running Google’s Wear OS and losing out on greater notification capabilities and support for third-party apps. The 1.39-inch AMOLED panel also pops, and the build quality is superb, from the curved glass over the display to the delightful click of both the side-mounted buttons.

The mobile application does an excellent job of presenting this information in a user-friendly way. There is basic fitness and health tracking in addition to the ability to track 117 different exercises. Overall, the Xiaomi Mi Watch is a better option than the eOnz North Edge Range 5.

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