FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Microwear W17 Smartwatch: Which One Is The Best Buy?

FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Microwear W17 Smartwatch

Everyone now uses technology in their daily lives, especially those who are tech enthusiasts. By inventing tools that can assist people with their daily jobs or activities, technology has also significantly improved the quality of life for some people. Wearing a smartwatch may be utilized to enhance any outfit in addition to helping people keep track of their daily activities and health. Anyone who wishes to do tasks with less effort will undoubtedly benefit from innovations like this one. Today, we’ll compare the two recently released smartwatches, the FLiX S1 and Microwear W17, to discover which one wins.

The Flix S1 is a new brand of smartwatches from the Beetel India-powered Flix brand. One of the smartwatches currently available at a competitive price alongside smart bands is the Flix S1. The price of this watch is comparable to that of a smart band, and it has many of the same capabilities. On the other hand,  The Microwear W17 Smartwatch is affordable, and it can be used to make calls over Bluetooth. The gadget is a sporty wristwatch with a 1.9-inch big IPS screen and a number of features. It has an Apple watch series seven design. Let’s examine each watch in detail and compare them based on the qualities they have to offer.

FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Microwear W17 Smartwatch: Comparison Table

FeaturesFLiX S1 SmartwatchMicrowear W17 Smartwatch
Launching Year20212022
Model NameFLiX S1 SmartwatchMicrowear W17 Smartwatch
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Average Battery Life7-10 Days2-3 Days
CompatibilitySmartphone, TabletSmartphone, Tablet
Online Pricing RangeRs 2,399Rs 2,499
Customer Ratings4/54/5

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FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Microwear W17 Smartwatch: Detailed Analysis


FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Microwear W17 Smartwatch

The Flix S1’s dial features a 1.4-inch IPS LCD screen with a 240×240 TFT resolution. For the price, the display was quite respectable. The watch only came in black, and it has an attractive and stylish appearance. The silicone straps match the black dial perfectly because they are both pure black in color. The square dial looks excellent and isn’t at all large. Almost everyone can wear it. The watch’s color profile is tasteful. I didn’t anticipate this level of quality from a watch with a smart band price tag.

The square design of this brand-new Microwear W17 watch is attractive, on-trend, and suitable for both men and women. The gadget is  50g in weight and 45.4*38.4*10.7mm in size. The right side of the casing has two physical buttons. The device’s reverse side has a standard layout, including magnetic charging connectors and a heart rate sensor. While the silicone and metal straps for the W17 smartwatch are both available, the watch’s body is composed of zinc alloy. Designed with a resolution of 320 x 390 pixels, the 1.9-inch Large IPS touch screen on the W17 watch is curved with 2.5D glass. This device comes in the colors Black, Silver, Rose Gold, and Blue and includes more than 500 watch faces.


This Flix S1 comes with a full-day heart monitoring device that tracks your heart rate and gives you a report. You are immediately informed of any abnormal heart rates. Your workouts are tracked with the Daily Activity tracker on this S1 smartwatch. On both your indoor and outdoor activities, you will immediately receive reports. This is a fantastic feature for keeping track of all your activities.

The majority of the most recent smartwatch manufacturers have the Find The Phone function. You must long-press the icon in order to configure this functionality. Your phone will vibrate and ring when you tap the Find My Phone symbol on your smartwatch, making it simple to locate. The S1 smartwatch has an IP68 grade for water resistance. This function enables you to continue wearing your watch while swimming.

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Since the Microwear W17 is a fully waterproof smartwatch, you may wear it while washing your hands. The device contains a heart rate sensor, which monitors our heart rates and records the information for a period of one day. Because of its comprehensive sleep monitor, this model also assists you in controlling your sleep. We can manage and calculate the number of calories burned throughout the day due to the pedometer and other features of this device. Making phone calls has never been easier than with the Microwear W17 smartwatch, which features a built-in speaker and microphone. A Blood Oxygen Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Sedentary Reminder, Multisports Modes, Weather, Find Phone, Bluetooth, and many other features are additional features.


FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Microwear W17 Smartwatch
FLiX S1 Smartwatch

The Flix S1 is powered by a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 160mAh that operates at 3.7 volts. To charge your smartwatch, you will receive a DC connector that supplies a magnetic charger. A single charge extends the battery’s life to between 7 and 10 days. It offers a quick response time due to its fast charging method.

The 380 mAh battery in this Microwear W17 watch provides 2–5 days of typical use and seven days of standby time.

FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Microwear W17 Smartwatch: Quick Results

ParticularsFLiX S1 SmartwatchMicrowear W17 SmartwatchWhich One Is Better?
FeaturesBetterGoodFLiX S1 Smartwatch
BatteryBetterGoodFLiX S1 Smartwatch

FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Microwear W17 Smartwatch: 0OFinal Verdict

There are no issues at all with the Flix S1. With that black color, the watch appears magnificent and visually appealing. However, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just black.

The functions on this watch are much the same as those on standard smart bands. The active temperature measurement capability, however, is interesting and hasn’t been found in other smartwatches or bands in this price range. Excellent work there.

The Microwear W17, on the other hand, is a brand-new smartwatch from 2022 that supports Bluetooth calling at a reasonable price. The gadget is a sporty smartwatch with an Apple watch series seven design, a 1.9-inch big IPS screen, and is packed with more than 500 watch faces in addition to a number of features like a heart rate monitor and a blood oxygen sensor. Customers can select one based on their requirements.

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