FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Zebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch: Which One Has More Features?

FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Zebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch

Technology is increasingly a part of everyone’s daily lives, especially tech enthusiasts. Technology has also greatly enhanced certain people’s quality of life by creating gadgets that can help them with their regular work or activities. Any attire can match a smartwatch, which can also be used to keep track of daily activities and health. Innovations like this one will surely help everyone who wants to do activities with less effort.

The applications for the use of smartwatches are not limited to those dealing with health and fitness alone. They provide you with the ability to read and interact with a variety of communications, including emails, calendar reminders, calls, messages, and more, making them a useful assistant for your day-to-day activities. The FLiX S1 Smartwatch and Zebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch are likely your only options if you’re looking for a smartwatch that nicely balances fitness and lifestyle. Both of these choices are fantastic, but you should be aware that each comes with advantages and disadvantages that could play a role in your decision.

FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Zebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch: Comparison Table

FeaturesFLiX S1 SmartwatchZebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch
Launching Year20212022
Model NameFLiX S1 SmartwatchZebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Average Battery Life7-10 Days10 Days
CompatibilitySmartphone, TabletSmartphone, Tablet
Online Pricing Range₹2,399₹1,699
Customer Ratings4/54/5

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FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Zebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch: Detailed Analysis


FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Zebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch
FLiX S1 Smartwatch

The dial on the Flix S1 has an IPS LCD screen that is 1.4 inches and has a resolution of 240 x 240 TFT. The display was fairly good for the price. The watch, which was only available in black, had a fashionable and appealing appearance. Due to their pure black tones, the silicone straps and the black dial go together nicely. The square dial is very small and has a great appearance. It is almost universally wearable. The color scheme of the watch is elegant. This degree of quality from a watch with a smart band price tag surprised us.

The Zebronics smartwatch has a huge 4.3 cm (1.7″) square display. Even in direct sunshine, you can use this display because it is so vibrant and bright. The user can simply browse around the smartwatch interface due to the touch controls on the smartwatch. It has a metal frame, which not only gives it a slick, fashionable appearance but also makes it resistant to normal wear and tear. The watch is also available with a metal band; it has a magnetic loop construction that is simple to put on and has a very nice appearance.


This Flix S1 includes a 24-hour heart monitoring gadget that records your heart rate and provides you with a report. If there are any unusual heart rates, you are told right away. The Daily Activity tracker on this S1 smartwatch keeps an eye on your workouts. You will get reports on your indoor and outdoor activities right away. This function is great for recording all of your activities.

The Find the phone feature is offered by most modern smartwatch manufacturers. To set up this capability, you must long-press the icon. When you hit the Find My Phone icon on your smartwatch, your phone will ring and vibrate, making it easy to find. The S1 smartwatch is water resistant to an IP68 certification. You can keep wearing your watch while swimming due to this feature.

Zebronics’ smartwatch is packed with a tonne of fitness-related capabilities. The meditation mode enables you to unwind and refocus, which is essential in today’s fast-pace

d and demanding lifestyle. With the integrated sensor, it can also take a number of physiological parameters, including blood pressure, SpO2, and heart rate. Both the smartphone companion app and the smartwatch may display these statistics. In addition to being able to monitor your steps, calories, and distance, the watch also comes equipped with over a hundred different sports modes for you to pick from. The smartwatch has a 5-day data storage capacity.

The watch also has eight menus UIs and four built-in games. Numerous apps also allow you to receive notifications directly on your wrist. You can choose from more than 100 different watch faces via the companion smartphone app, in addition to the ten watch faces that come pre-installed on the watch itself. Quick access buttons for frequently used items are located on the smartwatch, and all of the integrated apps have dual menu options.

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FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Zebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch
Zebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch

The Zebronics has a built-in rechargeable spot and a 250mAh battery. According to the manufacturer, the device has a standby duration of 30 days and charges completely on its own in 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

The 160mAh lithium polymer battery within the Flix S1 runs at 3.7 volts and powers the device. You will be given a DC connector with a magnetic charger to charge your smartwatch. The battery lasts between 7 and 10 days on a single charge. Because of its fast charging system, it provides a quick response time.

FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Zebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch: Quick Results

ParticularsFLiX S1 SmartwatchZebronics Zeb-Drip SmartwatchWhich One Is Better?
FeaturesGoodBetterZebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch
BatteryGoodBetterZebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch

FLiX S1 Smartwatch Vs Zebronics Zeb-Drip Smartwatch: Final Verdict

The Flix S1 has absolutely no faults. The watch looks great and visually appealing in that shade of black. The features of this watch are very similar to those of typical smart bands. But the noteworthy feature that hasn’t been discovered in other smartwatches or bands in this price range is the active temperature sensing capability. That is an excellent job.

There are five color options for the Zebronics Drip smartwatch: Blue, Beige, and Black for the silicon band; Silver and Black for the metal strap. The variant with the silicon strap will be sold on at an introductory price of Rs. 1999, while the model with the metal strap will be sold for Rs. 2399. At this pricing point, it represents a terrific value for you.

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