Focal Celestee Vs Focal Elegia Comparison And Review!

Focal Celestee Vs Focal Elegia
Focal Celestee Vs Focal Elegia

Today we’ll talk about a French brand named Focal. The company has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers, audio speakers, amplifiers and it has also been manufacturing headphones more recently. With its technology and innovation, the company has earned its place among the leaders of the Audio industry. 

We’ll now compare the headphones made by this brand. One is Focal Celestee and the other one is Focal Elegia. Let’s see which one has amazing features.

Focal Celestee Vs Focal Elegia: Rating and price chart

ParticularFocal CelesteeFocal Elegia
Price( US Dollars)$990$554.99
Price & rating chart
Focal Celestee

Focal Celestee Vs Focal Elegia: Comparison chart

ParticularFocal CelesteeFocal Elegia
Launching year20212018
Headphone form factorover-earover-ear
Earpiece connectionwiredwired
Driver typeDynamicdynamic
Driver size1.6″/ 40mm1.57″/ 39.88 mm
diaphragmmagnesium, aluminium coatedmagnesium, aluminium coated
impedance35 ohms35 ohms
Active noise cancellationnono
Frequency response5-23 kHz5-23 kHz
sensitivity105 dB SPL/mW at 1 kHz105 dB at 1 kHz/ 1mW
Total Harmonic distortion (THD)0.1%0.1%
Earcup styleclosed-backclosed-back
Audio connector to the source1×1/8″ /3.5 mm TRS male1×1/8″ /3.5 mm TRS straight
Adapter1/ 4″ TRS1/ 4″ TRS
Connector to the ear piece2×2.5 mm TS male2×1/8″ /3.5 mm
Cable designY typeY type
inline remotenono
cable length3.9′ / 1.2 m3.94′ / 1.20 m(flat)
cable colourNavyBlack/silver
item dimensions12.5×12×7.5 inches5.05×10.05×10.05 inches
item weight4.60 lbs4.00 lbs
inside the boxcable with 3.5mm TRS jack, 3.5 mm to 1/ 4″ Adapter, and a hardshell carry casea 3.5 mm to 1/ 4″ adapter, cable, a hard shell carrying case
warranty1 year1 year
Focal Celestee Vs Focal Elegia : Comparison chart


Focal Celestee Vs Focal Elegia
Focal Elegia

Focal Celestee has a modern design with a luxurious finish. These headphones are enhanced with the use of high-quality materials. Their headbands, earpads and ear cups are crafted with a navy blue semi-aniline leather finish. The headband is combined with leather on the outside and microfiber on the inside while the earcups are covered in leather and with a stainless steel grille. The aluminium yoke is made in such a way that it moulds perfectly to the head providing excellent grip and great comfort. Their soft copper details on speaker driver grille, cable connector, rings etc make these headphones look sophisticated.

Focal elegia has an ergonomic design which makes them very comfortable. These headphones have a high-end closed-back design for home use and are on the go. It has a perforated microfiber leather headband and solid aluminium yoke which moulds to head shape. Focal elegiacs black and silver design gives it a sleek and classy look. The 20 mm of memory foam on each earcup makes your ear feel like they’re resting on a super soft sofa. 

Audio Quality:

Focal Celestee is one of the best closed-back headphones for home and on the go use. They feature remarkable sound performance and boast outstanding tonal balance, incredible bass extension with precise treble and high mids that delights any music lover. It delivers music in such a way that you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the front row of a concert. 

Focal elegia provides excellent sound isolation. There is no Active Noise  Cancellation but due to its closed-back design and comfortable fit to ears, it feels like it is there. These headphones provide amazing tonal balance, even the tiniest sound details at both high and low frequencies. 


The Focal Celestee includes 40mm aluminium/magnesium electrodynamic full-range speaker drivers which deliver extraordinary dynamics and a linear frequency that extends to 23kHz. The drivers are M shaped domes that increase the sound clarity and prevent resonance. They have low impedance (35 ohms) that ensures strong and clear sound when used with a portable audio player. The semi-aniline earpad and earcups provide comfort and soundproofing of the headphones. 

Focal elegia comes with new generation electrodynamic transducers that provide great elongation and a linear, extended frequency response of 23kHz. These headphones are equipped with a half roll NBR surround whose geometry guarantees a lightweight moving part that is under control even at the lowest frequencies and high volumes. They have  40mm M shaped aluminium/magnesium inverted dome full speaker drivers whose large surface area makes listening sensational. They provide very good ambient soundproofing and perform well when it is connected to a portable audiophile player.

Customer reviews:

Focal Celestee Vs Focal Elegia
Focal Celestee

Focal Celestee

  • The headphone is beautifully crafted, loved the fit and a nice clear sound. I liked how it gives you nice deep sounding bass in a nice crisp way without bleeding into the mid section.
  • A very well balanced set of headphones. Great pairing and it works well with an iPhone.
  • The headband is quite tight for people with big heads so it is difficult to use for a  long time.

Focal Elegia

  • The headphone doesn’t bloat the mid bass region and gives a more realistic version of what the recording contains.
  • The sound is clear but not booming bass.
  • It would be great if the cord was long enough.
Focal Celestee Vs Focal Elegia
Focal Elegia

Focal Celestee Vs Focal Elegia: Final verdict

ParticularFocal Celestee Vs Focal ElegiaWhich is better?
Design conceptBoth the headphones are similar in design and are comfortable. The only difference is in their colourCan prefer anyone as per your choice
Sound qualityBoth of them have the same speaker drivers and have low impedance. Active noise cancellation is not present in either of them.Can prefer anyone
Customer reviewsThe Focal Elegia has more positive customer reviews than Focal CelesteeFocal Elegia
priceFocal elegia is much cheaper yet effective than Focal CelesteeFocal Elegia
Focal Celestee Vs Focal Elegia: Final verdict

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