How To Charge Your Laptop Without A Charger?

How To Charge Your Laptop Without A Charger?
How To Charge Your Laptop Without A Charger?

Is your charger broken, or have you lost it? There are times when you forget to take your charger with you when you go on a trip and it becomes frustrating when your laptop runs out of charge and there is nobody around you that has the same brand charger as you do. What will you do then?

Fortunately, there are a number of ways that will help you to keep your laptop charged without using a charger. 

Following are the possible ways that are discussed in this article so try these ways to recharge your laptop.

How To Charge Your Laptop Without A Charger?

1. Use a Powerbank

How To Charge Your Laptop Without A Charger?

This is the most convenient and least complicated way of charging your laptops without chargers so this is the most preferable option that is considered by most people. The only thing you have to do is to plug your laptop into the Powerbank and it will get charged. 

Power Banks come in various colours and shapes and are also built with several charging capacities.They are able to charge your laptop battery once or twice unlike Phone’s battery.

The Powerbanks need to be charged too.If your power bank runs out of the charge then you won’t be able to charge your laptop. Therefore you should always keep your Power Banks charged. Just make sure that you use a Powerbank which is suitable for laptops. A laptop generally needs a high output voltage, depending upon your specifications, so use at least a 5V USB output Power Banks. 

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2. Using USB TYPE-C to charge your battery

How To Charge Your Laptop Without A Charger?

USB connectors are the most commonly used laptop connectors. This USB port is more modern than Type-A USB and is oval in shape. This USB supports USB 3.1 or 3.2 technology and enables you to transfer data at high speeds of about 20 Gbits per second. It possesses almost all features that previous models had. One distinct feature of the Type-C USB is that it offers power input too. Therefore, you can charge your laptop with a USB TYPE-C without use of any specific brand charger.

3. Using a Universal Adapter

This is one of the great options that lets you charge your laptop without needing the official charger. These universal adapters are AC/DC connectors that usually come with interchangeable tips and support various different brands. 

But you need to be cautious as you can end up with a dead or failed battery if the voltage is set too high while charging your laptop using the universal Adapter. So, I suggest you check the amperage before plugging in the charger.

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4. Using a car battery

If you are spending most of your time on road or traveling and can’t manage a Powerbank or the Powerbank gets discharged then using your car’s battery to charge your laptop is another good option for you.

The most common way is to use a power inverter when using the car battery to charge the laptop. It can be plugged directly in the car’s cigarette lighter socket. The devices that operate at continuous power of about 300W like your laptop,can be easily powered by this method.

There are also some negative aspects of this method, one of which is that there is a bulky device that is connected to the car’s floor. The other negative aspect is that there is no built-in voltage regulator that charges your laptop. Generally, the specific charger of your laptop is designed in such a way that they do all the regulating of the voltage while charging the laptop.

However, nowadays there are various devices that are built in such a manner that regulates the voltage accordingly as per the usage for car use. 

You can also make use of an AC Adapter to charge your laptop with the car’s battery. You just need to connect Type-A USB to one side and Type-C on the other side and all you have to do is to connect it to your laptop.

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5. Using an extra battery

There are several spare batteries that are available for your laptop in the market. Having an extra pair of batteries is good if you are staying away from a power source. They are provided with different cables and can easily fit in the place of your original laptop battery. The spare battery can be charged effortlessly with the help of an external battery charger. These external battery chargers can be plugged into the wall and the laptop’s battery can be placed into the device. Through this device, both your spare battery and laptop’s battery can be charged simultaneously.

Just make sure that when you get the spare battery, it is of the right size and fits properly in place of the laptop’s battery.


You must have thought about whether it will be safe to charge your laptop without its official charger or not. 

It is simple as if you don’t know about these things or don’t know what you are doing then. probably it will be unsafe for the laptop to charge using these different methods. If you are using these methods. Then you need to be sure the voltage and power matches the laptop charger’s specifications. 

These methods are very helpful and will be extremely good for you and will get you out of the situation quickly. I hope that these methods will be useful for you in need

Overall, the original charger or the one approved for its replacement is the best way to charge your laptop.

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