HP Vs Dell Laptops: Which Is Best And Why?

If you don’t have a specific brand in mind, purchasing a new laptop can be stressful. In any case, because you found this page discussing only two topics, you’re already ahead of the curve and far ahead of the majority of other consumers (HP and Dell).

Dell and HP have been around for a long time and are widely regarded as market leaders due to their extensive product range and high product quality.

Dell and HP are two well-known computer brands. Michael Dell founded Dell in his Texas college dorm room in 1984. In the year 1939, Bill Hewlett and David Packard founded HP in a garage in California. Both are multibillion-dollar multinational corporations with a reputation for producing high-quality goods, and their laptops have earned a spot on our list of the Best Laptops of 2022. Which laptop is better, Dell or HP depends on your needs, priorities, and personal preferences. The prices of laptop computers are lower than the market average in every category. Here’s what we discovered after putting Dell and HP laptops to the test in our lab.

Dell and HP laptops are appropriate for both personal and professional use. We have reviewed several laptops from these companies, including the Dell XPS 17, Dell XPS 13, Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, HP Envy x360, and HP Spectre x360. These devices are ideal for designers and other power users who require high-quality visuals, screens, and multitasking capabilities, as well as the occasional gaming session at home or on the road. They, on the other hand, are not intended for gaming.

HP Vs Dell Laptops: Comparison Table

ProductsLaptops and PCLaptops and PC
Average Battery2 hours3 hours
FounderHewlett PackardMichael S. Dell
Warranty Cover1 Year1 Year
average Price RangeRS. 45,500RS.48,000
Customer Ratings4.5/54.2/5

Dell Laptops

One of Dell’s many flaws is the high cost of its products. Consumers who want to save money should shop elsewhere.

Another area for improvement is their unsatisfactory treatment of customers. Many people have complained about the length of the waiting list and the cost of repairs. Although wait times have decreased, the prices for tech support remain exorbitant.

HP Convertible Laptops

HP and Dell both have an alarming lack of customer support. Even for minor issues, their prices are frequently exorbitant.

They are also frequently late. Customers are forced to wait in long lines before handing over their laptops. Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s compare and contrast the two brands. I’ll go over the specifics of their construction, parts, and so on.

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HP Vs Dell Laptops: Detailed Analysis



Looking at the company’s product lineup, it’s clear that design isn’t a high priority for Dell. Alienware stands out from the crowd due to its distinct design.

Dell places a premium on the dependability and portability of its laptops. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find features that are shared across multiple Dell models. It’s fine if they have the same dimensions and/or general shape.

Despite this, Dell’s latest notebooks have a more refined appearance. They also sell laptops in a variety of bright colours. You’ll enjoy this if you enjoy standing out from the crowd.

Furthermore, Dell sells some pretty cool gaming laptops. They are slim, with bright keyboards and appealing logos. Other laptops, on the other hand, don’t have much variety in terms of style and design. Performance

Our experts agree that Dell and HP have the most powerful laptops on the market right now. Because of their powerful SSDs and Core i5/i7 processors, they are ideal for multitasking and other resource-intensive tasks. The majority of these ultraportable computers use integrated Intel graphics, which cannot compete with the power of a dedicated NVIDIA or other company’s GPU. Because of its dedicated NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, the most powerful Dell XPS 17 has the largest footprint and the most weight.


All of the Dell and HP notebooks we looked at had at least 8 GB of memory. Factory memory upgrades are available for the XPS 13 and XPS 13 2-in-1 up to 32 GB, whereas HP’s Envy x360 and Spectre x360 only go up to 16 GB. The customer is unable to upgrade the memory on the XPS 13 2-in-1. The maximum expandable storage capacity of the XPS 17 is 64 GB


Depending on the model, Dell and HP laptops use Intel or AMD processors. Each of the top-rated Dell and HP laptops includes an 11th-generation Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor, the fastest of which can reach speeds of more than 4.0 GHz. They are all multicore CPUs, and some Intel models are Evo-certified to ensure longer battery life and more consistent performance when running on battery rather than AC power. AMD Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 processors are both equally powerful.

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Battery Durability

The battery life of Dell laptops ranges from two to six hours when using lithium-ion cells. 6 cell models are available, but they are more expensive. When subjected to high temperatures and loads, these batteries only deteriorate. They have a battery life comparable to similar high-end devices.

A full charge will typically provide 7 to 8 hours of use. Dell batteries typically last between 18 months and 2 years. They are not overpriced, which is a plus!

After Sales Services

In terms of customer service, Dell is one of the most dependable laptop manufacturers. Each item is guaranteed and can be returned without difficulty if it proves to be defective.

Dell’s technical support is quick to respond, so if you have a problem, you can call them and they’ll connect you with someone who can help you right away. He will tell you what to do and show you how to do it in simple, straightforward steps.

It is also possible to connect remotely. So, if you run into a problem and can’t fix it yourself, a friend or family member can remotely access your computer to figure out what’s wrong.

If that doesn’t work, you should go to the nearest Dell service centre. If the specialists there are unable to repair your machine, it will be replaced as soon as possible. That is why Dell has such a strong customer service reputation.


When compared to other brands’ prices, Dell laptops are about average. The company has a large catalogue with items priced to fit a wide range of budgets. The good news is that the majority of them are reasonably priced. If you’re on a tight budget, Dell is your best option.

Furthermore, Dell laptops can be purchased at a discount from authorized resellers. You may already be aware that Dell sells a wide range of laptops, from low-cost models to high-end gaming machines.

The company’s low-cost laptops still produce respectable results. This raises the value of such a financial investment.

Furthermore, Dell is one of the companies that allow you to customize your own laptop configuration. Various options, such as the operating system, keyboard layout, and others, are available. Including them will raise the price of your laptop, but it will also make it more unique.

HP Vs Dell Laptops: Quick Result

ParticularsHPDELLWhich one is the best?
Battery LifeBetterGoodHP

HP Vs Dell Laptops: Final Verdict

However, the price difference between HP and Dell’s 2-in-1 laptops narrows if you want a higher-resolution screen, more memory, and a faster Intel CPU. In terms of price and performance, the Spectre x360 is a more formidable competitor to the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 than the Envy x360. Dell laptops are frequently compared to Apple laptops in their reviews, whereas HP laptops are notoriously difficult to criticize. If you value aesthetics and build quality, Dell may be the best option for you.

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