Jabra Elite 75t Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds plus: Which one should you buy?

Jabra Elite 75t is made by Jabra, a danish brand that specializes in audio equipment. Jabra is Super famous for its quality products and providing good and valuable products to its customers. Jabra Elite 75t was released under the Jabra Elite series and has been in the market since 2019. Today we will compare Jabra Elite 75t Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds plus and share our experience with them.

Jabra Elite 75t has won CNET Editors’ choice award when it was released in November 2019 but it wasn’t available worldwide until the beginning of 2020.

Jabra Elite 75t Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds plus

Samsung galaxy buds plus

Samsung is a well-known company in the electronics sector. It also started manufacturing wireless earbuds and became widely known in 2019. Samsung launched these galaxy buds in 2020.

Today we are going to compare these two earbuds, Jabra Elite 75t vs Samsung Galaxy buds plus, to find out which is better for you in every aspect.

Jabra Elite 75t vs Samsung Galaxy buds plus: Price and Rating chart

ParticularJabra Elite 75tSamsung galaxy buds+
Rating4.2 out of 54.1 out of 5
PriceRs 11,999Rs 7,480
Price Comparison

Jabra Elite 75t Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds plus:

Jabra Elite 75t

Design :

Jabra Elite 75t headset comes with a compact size that fits well in your ears and makes answering calls and listening to music easy and comfortable.

Jabra Elite 75t Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds plus

You can even customize your audio with the use of a customizable equalizer which is available in the Jabra sound+ app.

Call Quality:

Elite 75t is built with 4-microphone call technology which delivers high call quality all the time. Thus making it easier even if it is noisy or windy weather.

Battery Backup:

This earbuds battery is of the lithium-Ion type which lasts up to 7.5 hours on a single full charge. With the charging case, the battery backup lasts up to 28 hours.

Dust & Water Resistant:

Jabra Elite 75t is IP55-rated which makes it withstand accidental splashes of water and is dust resistant.

Full Specification of Jabra Elite 75t

Model nameJabra Elite 75t
PackageEarbuds, user manual, USB-C cable, Charging case, 3 size ear-gels
Deep BassYes
With MicrophoneYes
Bluetooth version5
Range of Bluetooth10 meters
Battery Output2 V
Battery life24 hours
Charging time4 hours
Standby10 hours
Warranty2 Year
Inline remoteno
Headphone power sourceUSB charger

Samsung galaxy buds plus

Jabra Elite 75t Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds plus


Galaxy buds plus uses three microphone systems which makes sure that you are being heard over distractive and loud noises.  One mic is located on the inner side and the remaining two are located in the outer area. The two outer mics work together with the inner mic to block out the unwanted sounds surrounding the system while you are on a call.

Battery backup:

This Samsung galaxy bud comes with a battery backup that lasts up to 11 hours on a single charge which extends to 22 total hours with the galaxy buds plus charging case.


With just simple taps on the earbuds, you can easily adjust volume, answer calls and shift through your playlist. Its one of the most amazing feature is that you can even customize your tap commands for more control on your phone.

The most amazing feature of Samsung galaxy buds plus is its wireless power share feature which is exclusive to Samsung devices.

Full Specification of Samsung galaxy buds plus

ManufacturerSamsung electronic Vietnam Co Pvt ltd
Model nameSamsung Galaxy buds plus
Product Dimensions2.3×1.8×1.9(cm)
Battery11 hours and 22 hours with charging case
Mounting HardwareCharging cable(USB Type-C), Wingtips, Eartips, QSG
With MicrophoneYes
Connector typeWireless
Weight6 grams

Final Comparison

Product nameJabra Elite 75tSamsung galaxy buds plus
Call QualityCall quality is very goodCall quality is good and clear
BassIt has deep bassNot that strong but good for casual listeners
TalkThru and ambient awarenogood ambient awareness but does not have TalkThru
Sweat and waterproof resistantYesno
Battery backup7.5 hours11 hours
Charging Case28 hours with charging case22 hours with charging case
Ambient awarenoyes
Noise Cancellationyesyes
Touch controlnoyes
Product Dimensions7.2×5.1×2.6(cm)7.2×5.1×2.6(cm)
Weight 12 grams6 grams
Battery cellLithium-IonLithium polymer
Warranty2 years1 year
Jabra Elite 75t Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds plus

Cons of Jabra Elite 75t :

  • No multipoint connection
  • Does not have ambient aware
  • No TalkThru
  • No touch control

Cons of Samsung galaxy buds plus:

  • No auto sync earpod
  • It is not sweat and waterproof resistant
  • No TalkThru
  • No multipoint connection

Customer reviews

Jabra Elite 75t

Jabra Elite 75t Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds plus
  1. Sound quality is very good and call quality is very clear in loud environments
  2. Battery life is very good and it works with Siri, alexa and Google.

Samsung galaxy buds plus

Jabra Elite 75t Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds plus
  1. Battery life is amazing 
  2. Bluetooth pairing is fast and smooth
  3. Sound and call quality- sound quality is good but bass isn’t super strong but it is enough for casual listeners. call quality is good and clear but it doesn’t have active noise cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jabra Elite 75t :

Q: Does it have noise cancellation?

A: Yes, they are offering active noise cancellation with a firmware update. So you can update via the Jabra app to enjoy the ANC.

Q: Can it connect to two devices simultaneously?

A: Yes.

Q: If one bud is shared with someone while watching movies or listening to music, will it work fine?

A: No, splitting will pause the playback.

Samsung galaxy buds plus:

Q: Do you get three different size ear tips?

A: Yes

Q: Are these buds compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10?

A: Yes, they’re compatible with all the versions of Windows but your PC or Laptop must have a Bluetooth function.

Q: Does it have proximity sensor?

A: Yes.

Jabra Elite 75t Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds plus – Which one should you buy?

 According to price – If your budget is under Rs 8000 then you should go for Samsung galaxy buds plus but the price may change later. These buds are economical and are significantly cheaper than Jabra Elite 75t.

If you don’t have budget restrictions then you should go for Jabra Elite 75t which is much better than Samsung buds in many ways. Athletes should buy Jabra Elite 75t earbuds as it is water and dust resistant. Moreover, the Jabra earbuds beat the Samsung buds in battery backup, call, and sound quality.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus + Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Comparison!

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