JBL link 10 VS JBL Link 20: Which One to Buy?  

JBL link 10 VS JBL Link 20

Finding new JBL speakers? But couldn’t decide which one to buy. No worries because we have the perfect solution for you. Here is the comparison between two awesome speakers from JBL, the JBL Link 10 and JBL Link 20. Both of these speakers are amazing and have built-in Google Assistant.   

JBL is a well-known brand and provides great quality speakers since they are in the market. JBL products are known for their quality of sound and bass. If you haven’t purchased any JBL speakers before then you should consider buying them.  

JBL link 10 VS JBL Link 20: Comparison Chart  

CategoryJBL Link 10JBL Link 20
Launch Year20172017
ModelLink 10Link 20
Connection TypeBluetooth, Wi-FiBluetooth, Wi-Fi
Color VariantsBlack, WhiteBlack, White
Stereo SpeakersYesYes
Battery Life5 hours10 hours
Batter Capacity4000mah6000mah
Charging Duration4 hours4.5 hours
CompatibilitySmartphone, Tablets, PC
All Bluetooth Devices
Smartphone, Tablets, PC
All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 4.2Version 4.2
Bluetooth Range10m10m
Online Price Range12000 INR22000 INR

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JBL link 10 VS JBL Link 20: Detailed Analysis  

Build and Design  

JBL link 10 has a decent design and has a great quality of plastic used in it. The top contains a google assistance button, volume control buttons, pause/play buttons, and a Bluetooth button that activates the pairing mode. The backside of the speakers contains a charging port, power button, and a mute/unmute button. The speaker is covered in a fabric-like material with a cool JBL logo on the front which gives it a great look. But with all these, the weight of the JBL Link 10 becomes not so comfortable and it becomes harder to carry them around  

JBL Link 20 also has the same design as the JBL Link 10 but the difference is that JBL Link 20 is bigger than the JBL Link 10. The button placements and the charging port location are in the same place. Just like the JBL Link 10, its speaker is also covered with a fabric-like material that improves water resistance. But JBL Link 20 is heavier than the JBL Link 10 which almost makes it a fixed room speaker.  


JBL Link 10

JBL Link 10 has many features, and the best one is the built-in Google Assistant, which allows you to almost do everything by voice command. The second-best feature is for music lovers, with the help of the google link app you can link your Spotify account to the speaker to play your favourite playlist by voice command.   

JBL Link 20 almost has the same features as the JBL Link 10 it’s just the difference in the quality of sound and longer battery life between JBL Link 10 and JBL Link 20.

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Audio quality  

The audio quality of JBL link 10 is great, there is minimal to no audio distortion at any volume level, and the sound output is very smooth so can easily enjoy long music sessions. The talking about the calling experience, the mic quality is so good you can talk while being anywhere in your room and not worry about your voice reaching the other person. The bass quality is nicer than many of the JBL speakers and it’s enjoyable.  

The audio quality provided by JBL Link 20 is excellent, there is also not much audio distortion at high volume levels and the sound output is better than the JBL Link 10, that’s the advantage of having a 50mm driver, the mic quality is also good but you are playing music on high volume then your voice may not reach to it.  


JBL Link 20

JBL Link 10 provides decent battery life of 5 hours apart from being constantly connected to Wi-fi, but the charging time is good compared with the 4000mah battery, it surely is pretty fast. But not having a longer playtime is a major drawback for JBL Link 10.   

JBL Link 20 has a better battery life of 10 hours after a full charge, which takes about 4.5 hours and that’s great compared with the battery capacity of 6000mah, which is faster than the JBL Link 10.  

JBL link 10 VS JBL Link 20: Quick Result  

CategoryJBL Link 10JBL Link 20Best One?
Battery LifeGoodGreatJBL Link 20
Audio QualityGreatExcellentJBL Link 10
ComfortabilityNiceAverageJBL Link 10
Google AssistanceYesYesBoth

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Customer Reviews 

JBL Link 10  

  • Battery life is short, but it still holds up for around 4 hours.  
  • The audio quality is great, you can clearly listen to the music anywhere in your room.  
  • The google assistant is a bit annoying, sometimes it plays the wrong song.  

JBL Link 20  

  • The battery life is good, it lasts way longer than expected.  
  • The audio quality I found from this speaker is the best so far.  
  • It’s a bit heavy to carry around, not very comfortable  

JBL link 10 VS JBL Link 20: Final Verdict  

Still couldn’t decide? Let’s skip the comparison part and talk about what you exactly want. JBL Link 10 has a shorter playtime than the JBL Link 20 so if you want a speaker with long playtime and you can bear an over-budget purchase then you should give it a try to JBL link 20.   

But if you are a party person and like to take your speaker to every party you go or just a peaceful music listener who likes to sit around and listen to music every once in a while, then the JBL Link 10 is the one for you, as this speaker is a lot lighter than the JBL Link 20 and have a better voice detection.  

Maybe the JBL Link 20 seems to be out of budget for many of the customers, and we would not say that it is not worth double the amount of JBL Link 10 but it’s really not convenient to pay a few extra chips just for a longer battery and good sound quality for some customers. So overall, the JBL Link 10 is the best one in our opinion.

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