JBL Wave 100 vs JBL T100 TWS: Which One To Consider?

JBL Wave 100 vs JBL T100 TWS
JBL Wave 100 vs JBL T100 TWS

The market of headphones is fast-paced these days. New brands or models appear each year and they are always something new to look forward to. One of the most recent arrivals is JBL Wave 100 vs JBL T100 TWS, two products that offer something new but also have their own respective pros and cons.

JBL Wave 100 vs JBL T100 TWS: Comparison Chart

Headphone NameJBL Wave 100JBL T100
Running Time20hrs17hrs
Control TypeTactile ButtonTouch
Case Battery15 hrs15hrs

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JBL Wave 100 vs JBL T100 TWS: Detailed Anaysis


The JBL Wave 100 TWS is a pair of TWS wireless earbuds that allow the left and right headphones to be divided without the use of cables. and are over-the-ear headphones. Personally, I have four colour options: black, vivid blue, grey, purple, and grey, The case, on the other hand, will be fascinating. Because it is a case without a cover (never open the hood), it is simple to pick up and use. and a magnet to keep the earbuds in place Make it difficult for the headphones to fall out of the casing. The case, on the other hand, will be fascinating. Because it is a case without a cover (never open the hood), it is simple to pick up and use. and a magnet to keep the earbuds in place Make it difficult for the headphones to fall out of the casing.

When it comes to quality, T100 never lets you down. The wireless JBL headset provides high-quality sound and great build quality. The earphones are comprised of high-quality materials such as PVC and artificial leather, making them ideal for long-term use.
If you are one of those people who always chooses a model for long-term usage, this JBL may be a wonderful choice for you. The charging case and USB cord are both composed of high-quality materials, allowing you to utilise the headphones with ease.


JBL Wave 100

The Both JBL Wave 100 TWS and T100 has a rubber stopper design for wearing. make it easy to wear With a tight fit, you won’t have to worry about it falling out of your ear easily, and it’s also light weight, there are two sizes of rubber stoppers to select from, which are provided with the headphones. It indicates that there are three sizes to pick from.

Audio Profile

The sound quality is excellent. The sound area appears fantastic thanks to the usage of 8 mm drivers, however the emphasis is on the bass. Because there is a JBL Deep Bass system, which is the JBL brand’s hallmark system, the bass sounds really powerful. Anyone who enjoys listening to upbeat music. The bass is always booming, and it’s simple to fall in love with the JBL Wave 100 TWS.

The JBL T100 was released only a year ago. However, the earbuds’ excellent sound quality and high performance place them among the finest in their class.
It produces high-quality bass when connected to your Android phone thanks to its JBL Pure Bass Sound.
When I attach the headphones to my phone, I have no problems. Every beat is unmistakable. It is an excellent model for everyday use.

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The T100 model includes the most recent Bluetooth 5.0 connection. This headphone has a wider range of connectivity.
This headphone has a wireless range of around 10 metres. You may now enjoy a long-lasting music experience without losing its signal, while connecting to other JBL Wave 100 TWS devices is cordless via Bluetooth 5.0, which is simple to set up. Simply remove the headphones from the casing (you can remove both sides or just one), and you’ll notice a blinking blue status light. That means the headphones are prepared to enter Pair Mode and connect.



So many people have told me that their expensive backup headphones have vanished after a short period of use. According to the firm, the battery backup lasts 17 hours. However, when we tried it, we discovered that the battery barely lasted 10 hours. Perhaps if you are a gamer, designer, or music enthusiast who has never run out of battery life, you should upgrade from your existing model to this new JBL T100T headphone. This JBL brand provides headphones to all persons who need to go to various locations. Take this headphone along with you and enjoy the adventure with amazing playback.
The company promises 12-17 hours of playback time, with an additional 12 hours of battery backup provided by the charging case. As a result, the total charging time is 2 hours and the JBL wave have a 45mAh battery for 5 hours of continuous listening time, while the 550mAh case can give 15 hours of battery life with the headphones, for a total of 20 hours of listening time without needing to recharge. It simply takes 2 hours to charge. It charges through the USB Type-C port.

Call and Microphone

The JBL Wave 100 TWS includes a built-in microphone. Allows you to call on the phone right away with the JBL Wave 100 TWS headphones, but the quality of the microphone may not be very high in terms of audio quality to the other side. When I used the T100’s headphone to converse with a buddy, I discovered that the voice quality was extremely clear.
As a result, I believe you can utilise the model for both types of music and calling functions.
It is a contemporary headphone with multitasking capabilities. Overall, the voice and calling experience are excellent.

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Both pairs of headphones are made of high-quality PVC. The weight ranges from 58 gm to 78 gm. As a result, you can continue working while enjoying the audio quality. Furthermore, because it is a lightweight headset, it is quite comfortable to use for an extended period of time.


The JBL Wave 100 TWS and T100 headphones will offer push-button commands and touch, which may be touched to set immediately from both sides of the headphones for play, pause, next, and rewind the tracks, as well as to answer/hang up the phone or launch voice assistant.

JBL Wave 100 vs JBL T100 TWS: Quick Result

HeadphoneJBL Wave 100JBL T100
JBL Deep Bass PresentPresent
Charging Time 2 Hours1.5-1.8 Hours
via USB C
Weight58 gms78gms

JBL Wave 100 vs JBL T100 TWS: Final Verdict

Although the JBL Wave 100 TWS is the JBL brand’s smallest TWS wireless earbuds, with many functions removed, when it comes to sound quality, the JBL Wave 100 TWS is another TWS wireless earbuds that offers. The audio experience is fantastic even though both come under same price bracket and both gives a pleasant experience we will consider wave 100 for our winner for today..

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