Klipsch R 625FA Vs Klipsch RP 6000F Comparison!

Klipsch RP 6000F

Klipsch, one of the most well-known brands in the home theatre industry, has long been a customer favourite. Despite the availability of numerous well-known and lesser-known speakers, Klipsch is the only one that has remained in the spotlight and maintained a loyal customer base for decades. For good reason, they have kept their quality standards high over the years, producing some truly exceptional speakers. The RP-6000F review will look at one of Klipsch’s floor standing models to see how it holds up today.

The integrated elevation channel on top of the Klipsch R-625FA, as well as its innovative design, entices many users. Is this extra detail worth the extra cost, or are you wasting money? Our team put together this Klipsch R-625FA review to help you decide whether the product is worth your money or not.

Klipsch R 625FA Vs Klipsch RP 6000F: Comparison Table

FeaturesKlipsch R 625FAKlipsch  RP 6000F
Launching Year20192019
Model NameR 625 FARP 6000 F
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Available ColorsRed, Green, Blue, Black, VioletBlack, Blue, White, Red
Average Battery Life12 hours10 hours
Charging Time1.5 hour2.5 hour
CompatibilitySmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth DevicesSmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 4.2Version 4.2
Connection Distance Range (Bluetooth)66 feet10m
Online Price RangesRs.4,999Rs.9,199
Customer Ratings4/54/5

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Klipsch R 625FA vs Klipsch RP 6000F: Detailed Analysis


Despite the fact that the Klipsch R-625FA is only one speaker, our experts appreciate how it feels like you’re getting two for the price of one. The top of the speaker features an integrated height channel, which is unusual for speakers of this type. This upgrade brings Dolby Atmos sound to your living room. The top channel improves the acoustics of your ceiling by reflecting and bouncing off it. This device will provide you with a cinematic sound experience.

The only difference between the RP 6000F floor standing units in Klipsch’s RP series is their size. The RP-6000F is the second largest of the bunch, measuring 39.62 inches by 9.35 inches by 17.02 inches (1006 millimeters by 237 millimeters, or 432 millimeters by 432 millimeters), and weighing 49 pounds (22.2 kilograms). These work best in medium-sized spaces with plenty of breathing room.

Because they are all the same design, they all have the same bass reflex cabinet with a Tractrix port. The rear bass ports can have a significant impact on the speaker’s sound output depending on how close you place the speaker to the wall. When the port is placed near a wall or other solid object, sound resolution and clarity are sacrificed in favour of increased low-end output. Because these speakers are deeper than the majority of floor standers, their placement may cause some issues. Keep this in mind if you’re unsure whether or not you’ll work in your current environment.

Sound Audio

The Klipsch R-625FA has it all: linear travel suspension titanium tweeters, copper-spun woofers, and, of course, Tractrix Horn Technology. Our Klipsch R-625FA reviewers were impressed by these new features, as well as the height channel on top. We also tested the floor standing speaker with a variety of movies and music. Their conclusion was that the Klipsch R-625FA’s frequency response between 38 Hz and 21 kHz accurately conveyed every note on the sound spectrum.

It was only a matter of time before we saw the same results here as we did in our review of the RP-5000F. The RP-6000F performed just as well as, if not better than, its smaller sibling. In their vocals, you could almost feel the performer’s excitement and vigour.

The speakers’ ability to render all sound sources with such precision that you could almost touch them resulted in excellent transparency and stereo imaging. The transitions were handled very well and did not feel like they were losing the tempo of the song. The stereo panning effects were both precise and thrilling.

This combination of a vented tweeter and tractrix horn produces a very distinct sound signature for Klipsch speakers, which we heard here in the high frequencies, which were energetic and clear but never tiring. The floors tanders, in our opinion, were just the right amount of playful and exciting without ever becoming too tedious.

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Klipsch RP 6000F

After listening to a variety of audio files, each member of our team was blown away by the tower speaker’s performance. The Dolby Atmos channel significantly improved the sound quality.

The sound had a quality that filled the empty spaces in the soundstage. They all collaborated to produce a truly exceptional audio experience.

The RP-6000F has an even better low-end thanks to the 6.5′′ woofers, which dig a little deeper and can hit the low frequencies with more vigour than the RP-5000F’s. Floorstanders were used for each explosion, cannon fire, and building collapse to give the action on screen more weight.

Even when using a different brand of surround speakers, the RP-6000F delivered excellent panning effects that were extremely accurate, well-rendered, and detailed when switching between channels. It was an incredible feat for the front channels to create such a loud front stage without a dedicated centre channel and no subwoofer.

Klipsch R-625FA Connectivity

The speakers must be plugged into a power source in order to function. Because of its design, the Klipsch R-625FA is an unsuitable choice in some situations. Our team recommends longer cables for more creative placement options.

This page contains details on various subwoofer-receiver connections. For quick and efficient pairing, we have a guide on how to connect a subwoofer to a receiver without using a sub output.)

Klipsch R 625FA Vs Klipsch RP 6000F: Quick Result

ParticularsKlipsch R 625FAKlipsch  RP 6000FWhich one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodAmazingAny
Deep Bass GreatGoodBoth
Sound QualityBetterNot badKlipsch  RP 6000F

Klipsch R 625FA vs Klipsch RP 6000F: Final Verdict

Following our team’s individual Klipsch RF-625FA and RP 6000F evaluations, we arrived at a collective conclusion. These floor standing speakers provide a true home theatre experience when purchased in pairs. The purchase price is reasonable, and the five-year warranty will cover any future maintenance costs.

When discussing the Klipsch RP-6000 F, Klipsch’s work with horn-loaded tweeter speakers has long been seen as synonymous with its design philosophy. The Reference Premiere series is the culmination of their efforts to advance audio technology with each new release. Aside from that, the RP-6000F speaker comes with a plethora of content.

Finally, we can say that these met the high expectations we had for them. Klipsch RP-6000F speakers are among the best on the market today due to their high-quality design, distinct appearance, and necessary technologies such as horn-based tweeters, Tractrix porting, and Cerametallic woofers. If you want a high-quality HiFi experience and have the space for it, now is the time to audition.

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