LG C2 OLED Vs LG C1 OLED: Which is Best?

LG C2 OLED Vs LG C1 OLED: Which is Best ?

In this world of competition, the stress levels are increasing so much and that is why to stay away from burnout, the entertainment is very important. There are lots of devices out there which are amazing for stress relief. Gaming,  reading and much more. But one of the things that have been everyone’s favourite for a long time is TeleVision. The use of tv is increasing day by day. With the increase in the number of tv shows, the number of audiences is also increasing. These days the TVs have been converted into smart TVs, which means you can now stream your favourite OTT platform to your TV and enjoy the show. Some of the TVs even come with android, which is an additional feature.

There are lots of brands out in the market which make great TVs but very few of them make a place in the customer’s heart. Android TVs are most common these days, and that is why having a TV will be a great thing. One of such a brand that has always been a favourite for the electronics such as washing machines, fridges and TV is LG. it is the brand that almost every customer think of before buying any electronic device. There is a very wide \range of products and devices by this brand and customers are having very positive thoughts about it.   If you want to buy any of the electronic devices then you must consider the LG brand as it will surely give the features and it is worth it. LG has a variety of range of TVs, but the series C I very famous among them one of the models is LG C2 OLED and the other is LG C1 OLED, both of them are very great and are of amazing quality. If you are confused about which one of these to buy then, we will discuss every aspect of TV, so that you will be able to decide which one is better for you.

LG C2 OLED vs LG C1 OLED: Comparison Chart

Size42” to 83”42” to 83”
ProcessorAlpha 9 Gen 5Alpha 9 Gen 4
 Dolby  YesYes

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LG C2 OLED vs LG C1 OLED: Detailed Analysis



the main purpose of the TV is to provide the best quality and the size of the TV matters a lot too. As in the main hall of yours, the size of the TV should be also a suitable size.  The sizes of the TV are very well versatile and you can have any kind of size that is of your choice. TheseTVs are both look great if put on the table and also look great while mounted on the television. The size of the TV must be chosen well and should buy the perfect one for you

Both the TVs are available in various size ranges and are very versatile. The C1 is a lower version of the C series and it is available in a total of 6sizes ranging from 42 inches to 83 inches depending upon the size. The other model is CE2 which is also a great variant of the LG C series which also comes with a variety of variant sizes ranging from 42 inches and goes up to 83 inches same as that of the CE1 Model. As both the models are available in all sizes you don’t need to compromise between these two in the way of sizes. 

Clarity and Features

The clarity of the TV is a very important topic while considering it. As the TV is mounted on the wall or fitted on the table and that is why it should be clear enough to see from a particular distance. Over that, there is huge competition among the brands and that is why it is important for the brands to bring new features into the market so that the customers get attracted to them.  These days the clarity should at least be 4K for higher range TVs. Smart TVs are a new concept these days that merge the computer into a TV. And it will be very useful to attach other devices to it such as your smartphone and all.  Gaming is the new career these days, and these TVs are also used as monitors for the gaming PC that you have.

Both the TVs are of very great quality and are amazingly clear also. Both of them come with very great AI technology that will improve the overall quality of the experience.  Both the TVs come with Dolby atmos which creates the next level, quality of the music and audio. As both of them are of the same range and are belongs to the same category of the TV series, that is why the features of both them are almost equal. But while talking about the overall quality and the experience.  The Model C2 is a newer version and that is why it has a better experience than that of the C1.

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The pricing can become the deciding factor for the product to buy. Therefore having a fixed budget will give you a clear idea about the features that you can expect. As the market goes up and down the pricing got affected by it. Therefore it is recommended that one should buy the product from the location where we can find the best deal for it. The C1 and C2 are amazing TVs and monitors as they are of the same range of products, they cost about 2 lac. Both the TVs have similar prices.

LG C2 OLED vs LG C1 OLED: Quick Results

Feature    LG C2 OLEDLG C1 OLED
SizeAll AvailableAll Available

LG C2 OLED vs LG C1 OLED: Final Verdict

Both of the TVs are worth the consideration, but as C2 is the newer ones, it provides better quality and that is why LG C2 OLED is the best for you to buy.

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