LG S95QR Vs Sonos Arc: Comparing The Two Rivals

LG S95QR Vs Sonos Arc

Your entertainment system may become a full-fledged home theatre with the greatest soundbars. Typical televisions frequently have poor built-in speakers that lack bass, volume, and spatial awareness. By generating immersive audio on its own or in combination with other speakers and a subwoofer to create a full surround-sound system, a soundbar significantly enhances the experience.

They can also stream music via basic Bluetooth connectivity and are simple to attach to practically any screen via an HDMI or optical audio socket. And while most people upgrade to a soundbar to bring the music and special effects to life, some buy one to reduce the number of wires and additional speakers required to provide quality sound at home—resulting in an easier setup all around. We will contrast the two top soundbars on the market, the LG S95QR and the Sonos Arc, to determine which is ideal for you.

LG S95QR Vs Sonos Arc: Comparison Table

FeaturesLG S95QRSonos Arc
Launching Year20222021
Model NameLG S95QRSonos Arc
SeriesLG S SeriesSonos Arc Series
Online Pricing Range₹59,999₹90,999
Customer Ratings4.5/54.5/5

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LG S95QR Vs Sonos Arc: Detailed Analysis


LG S95QR Vs Sonos Arc

The main soundbar for the S95QR is quite small for something that can produce such a loud sound. Even though it is somewhat long at 1.2m wide, it is sturdy and evenly balanced.  The rears have the same stylish brushed finish for any of their bodywork that isn’t a felt speaker cover as the main soundbar and subwoofer, and they are also very small for speakers that can provide three channels of sound each. They also have more elegance than typical back speakers. Although the subwoofer is, of course, more about function than design, its rounded edges and attractive finish make it less necessary to conceal it beneath a sideboard or down the side of a sofa than it is with most subwoofers.

The arrangement and button labels on the remote control for the S95QR aren’t as helpful as they could have been, and the remote is a little plasticky and overly shiny. The S95QR is more desirable as a component of a complete LG-branded home entertainment system because it is styled to (vaguely) match LG’s own line of TVs, such as the LG C2. This, together with its ability to share LG TVs’ audio processing features, makes the soundbar.

The Sonos Arc is wide, which is the first thing that stands out about it, especially when compared to its other soundbars. Naturally, this contributes to its audio quality, but it also necessitates that you locate it on your TV stand or entertainment center in a suitable location. The soundbar is 45 inches broad, which is by no means a small size. Many people will be able to position the soundbar in front of their TV, but if you do, be careful not to hide anything that might be needed, like IR receivers. It is slightly taller than many other versions at 3.4 inches, but it is still a respectable height.

There are two color options for the soundbar; the white one is the one we’re evaluating.  To be fair, placed on a wall, the white probably blends in a little better, but some people would want something that jumps out a little more. The Arc’s back is a touch thin, which will work for certain people but not others. The soundbar really only has an HDMI port that you connect to the eARC connection on your TV and power input. To use a TV’s optical connector, you will receive an optical to HDMI adaptor. But if you do so, you won’t be able to use Dolby Atmos. Additionally, there is an Ethernet connector for improved network connectivity.

Hole-punched speaker grilles are installed on almost the whole front, top, and sides of the vehicle. This is due to the fact that the soundbar uses audio reflections off the walls and ceiling to mimic surround sound. But it doesn’t look bad, and everything is made of high-quality, expensive materials.


The S95QR is remarkably simple to configure, despite the fact that it consists of four distinct speaker components. As soon as the system was turned on for the very first time, each wireless speaker practically immediately and reliably connected with the others in the group. The LG Sound Bar is quite simple to use on a daily basis, but if you need to do anything more sophisticated than adjust the volume or switch between audio inputs, we’d advise using the LG Sound Bar app rather than the remote control. If you have a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device, you can also utilize that to speak commands to the S95QR.

A very helpful built-in Autocalibration system is included with the S95QR to ensure that the sound is optimized for the conditions of your particular room, and one last thoughtful addition is the presence on the front edge of a bright, clear LED display to help you keep track of inputs, sound modes, volume levels, and other things.

The Sonos Arc is relatively simple to set up, and if you’ve previously set up a Sonos speaker, you shouldn’t have any trouble doing the same with the Arc. You must first plug the Arc in and connect it to your TV before you can set it up. Open the Sonos app after that, and make sure you are logged in if you have an account. Click the Add New Product button under the Settings tab, then adhere to the on-screen directions.

Trueplay setup is worthwhile after basic setup. Trueplay from Sonos basically adjusts the speaker to your room. The way sound interacts with its surroundings, such as the room’s shape, furniture, and other factors can significantly alter how it sounds. No matter your room, it will sound fantastic due to Trueplay. Through the soundbar’s Settings menu, you may configure Trueplay. The Arc set up with my account and the existing Sonos speaker did run into a few snags. These problems appeared to be connected to the requirement for an app update and the other Sonos speaker in the home. Before you begin setting up the Arc, make sure everything is updated.

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Smart Features

LG S95QR Vs Sonos Arc

The S95QR’s satellite speakers have also received improved wi-fi connectivity thanks to a new FEM amplifier that will strengthen the signal between the system’s wireless circuits and antenna. This means that the connection to both the wireless subwoofer and the surrounds should be more stable, while better signal sensitivity and an extended transmission distance from about 19m to an amazing 30m make the speakers more flexible to position, regardless of how large your living room is.

In addition to including a large number of drivers, LG has once again provided a substantial number of connectivity choices for its flagship soundbars. The S95QR comes equipped with Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, and Chromecast. With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, you can use your voice to manage your streaming service, adjust the volume, and switch between sound modes.

If you’re looking for the best Sonos has to offer, look no further than the Arc. To begin, the soundbar is compatible with Apple’s AirPlay 2, which means that you can access it from the audio apps that are preinstalled on your iPhone and use it to play audio in multiple rooms simultaneously. It’s great to be able to play to all of them rather than just one brand as someone with several Sonos speakers and HomePods scattered throughout the house. Unfortunately, Google Cast is not compatible with Arc. If you choose an all-Sonos setup and utilize the Sonos app to play music, you won’t get the same experience from Apple’s ecosystem.

But if you use Google, you’re not totally out of luck. The Arc is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, just like other Sonos speakers. That means you can use your favorite digital assistant (other than Siri) to manage your music, access the web for information, and operate your smart home appliances.

Sound Performance

It doesn’t take long to determine that the S95QR is easily the best soundbar LG has ever produced. In fact, it’s one of the most enjoyable home theatre soundbars we’ve ever used from any brand, especially for watching movies and playing video games. With a variety of our favorite movie soundtracks, three characteristics stand out in particular: how strong the sound is, how expansive the soundstage is, and how much dynamic range it can generate without distortions or imbalance.

The up fires on both the main soundbar and the rear speakers just about manage to link up somewhere over your head, while the twin angled drivers on each rear speaker hook up to create an amazingly complete-sounding rear soundstage. Despite the fact that the sound they generate will certainly be less exact and detailed than it would be with actual speakers installed in your ceiling.

We evaluated the Sonos Arc separately. In other words, We didn’t pair it with any Sonos subwoofers or surround speakers. The Arc was able to produce powerful bass response even without a subwoofer, making sure that events like explosions sounded impressively large. It provides a bass that you can hear but not one that you can feel.

One of the best features of the Arc is its ability to play a variety of contemporary audio formats with speakers that face up and to the sides. Dolby Atmos, TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby Digital are all supported by the device. To benefit from these formats, you’ll need a TV that supports them. The soundbar can provide an adequate level of experience.

LG S95QR Vs Sonos Arc: Quick Results

ParticularsLG S95QRSonos ArcWhich One Is Better?
SetupGoodBetterSonos Arc
Smart FeaturesGoodGoodAny
Sound PerformanceGoodBetterSonos Arc

Final Verdict: LG S95QR Vs Sonos Arc

The S95QR offers fantastic drivers and technology for the money and is a big advance over the model from the previous year. These improvements take the soundbars to a new, far more competitive level and go beyond merely ornamental. The S95QR also offers a well-balanced, roomy soundstage that is detailed, dramatic, and compelling while not being particularly melodic or effective at delivering overhead effects.

A home run for Sonos is the Sonos Arc. It is undoubtedly more expensive than its other products, but if you can afford it, it is well worth the money. Even without a subwoofer, the Arc nevertheless produces a rich, powerful sound that is detailed and immersive. In fact, the Arc is ideal for home theatre or audiophile lovers who lack the room or funds for a true surround sound system. You must ensure that your TV is compatible with contemporary audio standards, but if it is, you’ll appreciate everything the Arc has to offer.

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