Marshall Emberton Vs Marshall Emberton 2 Compared!

Marshall Emberton 2

Choose the Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker if you want to listen to music on the go. The bass has a fair amount of boom and warmth, and the mid and treble frequencies are well-balanced, so they help recreate clear and present vocals and lead instruments. However, like other portable speakers we’ve tested, it struggles to reproduce deep bass, making it less than ideal for bass-heavy music styles like hip hop and electronic dance music. It also lacks a number of viable loudness adjustment options. However, because of its IPX7 water-resistant rating, it is lightweight and can endure being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes.

Marshall’s Emberton II Bluetooth speaker ($169.99) improves on its predecessor in terms of battery life and build quality; yet, these upgrades (along with a few superficial ones) are insufficient to justify the price tag. While the app’s equalization defaults are excellent, we wish there was a loudspeaker selection option and less reliance on digital signal processing (DSP). There are more powerful outdoor speakers available for a similar price, such as the Editors’ Choice JBL Charge 5 ($179.95).

Marshall Emberton vs Emberton 2: Comparison Table

Features Marshall EmbertonMarshall Emberton 2
Launching Year20222022
BrandMarshall  Marshall
Model NameEmbertonEmberton 2
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Available ColorsWhite, BlackBlack
Average Battery Life20 hours2 days
Charging Time1.5 hour3 hours
CompatibilitySmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth DevicesSmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.1Version 5.0v
Connection Distance Range (Bluetooth)10m10m
Online Price RangesRs.14,999Rs.17,498
Customer Ratings4.7/54.9/5

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Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Emberton 2: Detailed Analysis


Marshall Emberton is a small rectangle-shaped speaker modelled after the company’s iconic guitar amplifiers. Plastic grilles with Marshall’s branding shield the drivers on the front and back of this speaker. This speaker is available in Black, Black and Brass, Cream, and Forest.

The Emberton 2 is available in two color schemes, black and brass or cream, and has the same proportions and weight as its predecessor, measuring a blocky 2.7 by 6.3 by 3.0 inches (HWD) and weighing a hefty 1.5 pounds. The front of the speaker includes the Marshall emblem, and the rubberized grain-leather enclosure delivers outstanding sound quality. If you want a guitar amp with the same rock style as Marshall’s other models, the Emberton II is an excellent choice.


Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Emberton 2
Marshall Emberton

Marshall Emberton has adequate safety procedures in place. On top of the speaker is a control knob that may be used to play/pause music, adjust the volume, and turn it on/off. You can skip tracks by pushing the left and right edges of the main knob, and you can fast forward and rewind inside a track by holding down the same edges for an extended amount of time. The speaker’s Bluetooth pairing button is on the top left, and a battery life indicator is on the top right. However, because it lacks a built-in microphone, you can’t utilize the speaker’s buttons to answer or end calls.

Marshal Emberton 2 has connectivity troubles. A Bluetooth connecting button is located on the top left, a battery indicator LED is located on the upper right, and a brass multifunctional button is located in the centre. You can modify the volume by pushing the middle button up and down, and you can skip songs by pushing it to the left or right. Unlike its smaller sibling, the Willen, the Emberton II lacks a microphone and hence cannot be used to make phone calls. The included USB-C to USB- A charging cable can be inserted into a USB-C port on the right side of the device.

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This speaker has fantastic battery life. Despite the manufacturer’s guarantee of 20 hours, our tests revealed that the battery only lasted about nine hours. However, because battery life might vary depending on how it’s utilized, your mileage may vary. If no audio is played for roughly fifteen minutes, the speaker will turn off to save battery. Furthermore, the manufacturer claims that a 20-minute charge would offer you five hours of gameplay. The JBL Xtreme 3 is a wonderful alternative if you want a portable Bluetooth speaker with a long listening time. The Emberton 2’s battery, on the other hand, is more robust and lasts longer than its predecessor, but these enhancements (together with a few cosmetic adjustments) aren’t enough to justify calling it an upgrade.

Sound Quality

The Marshall Emberton speaker offers a good frequency response. Because the midrange and treble are so perfectly balanced, the vocals and lead instruments stand out clearly. Despite the addition of boom and warmth to the bass spectrum, you won’t experience the deep thump and rumble of bass-heavy music genres like EDM. Unlike the Anker Soundcore 3, it lacks advanced audio features such as a graphic equalizer and presets, limiting its usefulness as a personal music player.

Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Emberton 2
Marshall Emberton 2

The DSP in the Emberton II is strong. The speaker’s sound quality radically alters at the highest (extremely loud) frequencies, with the bass becoming noticeably thinner. Because the DSP is continuously striving to prevent distortion, it’s only reasonable that the app doesn’t provide EQ controls. Any extreme EQ changes may cause the speaker to fail. It’s likely that you’d prefer the Emberton II in the Push mode, which amplifies the bass and treble slightly. We generally used the basic Marshall sound characteristic to assess the speaker’s performance. It can easily fill a medium-sized room (or even a large room) with music, but for the backyard, you may need something more powerful.

The Emberton II produces a respectable wallop at moderate volumes on tracks with high sub-bass content, such as The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” but the drivers and radiators struggle with deep bass just beyond that. This isn’t distortion per such (the DSP may kick in at higher levels), but the bass end isn’t delivered perfectly either. When listening to deep-bass music, keep the volume low.

We can better comprehend the speaker’s sculpted sound quality by listening to “Drover” by Bill Callahan, which has substantially less deep bass in the mix. The drums in this song sound enormous over bass-boosted speakers, but they sound a little flat on standard speakers. Callahan’s commanding baritone is the primary source of low-end resonance. The peaks, on the other hand, are fairly acute and stunning. At greater volumes, the DSP further alters the sound, making the lows less apparent while keeping the highs brilliant.

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Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Emberton 2: Quick Result

ParticularsMarshall ActonMarshall Acton 2Which one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodAmazingAny
Deep Bass GreatGoodBoth
Sound QualityBetterBestMarshall Emberton 2

Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Emberton 2: Final Verdict

The Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker is great for travel because it is small and light. Its large soundstage delivers an immersive listening experience, and its well-balanced sound profile with more boom and warmth in the bass area makes it suited for a wide range of audio content. It’s not ideal for bass-heavy tunes like EDM or hip hop because it’s not particularly loud and lacks a booming low bass. Even when coupled with a smartphone, it does not support voice assistants. It, like the next-generation Marshall Emberton II, is incompatible with the Marshall Bluetooth app. Marshall Emberton II, on the other hand, is a sleek waterproof Bluetooth speaker that works brilliantly at lower volumes while not significantly outperforming the original.

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