Marshall Emberton Vs Marshall Willen: Which To Choose?

Marshall Willen, for example, is a far more small and portable Bluetooth speaker than Marshall Emberton. It has an integrated carrying strap and a strong structure, making it ideal for on-the-go listening, as well as the manufacturer’s characteristic amplifier-inspired throwback style. To further personalize your experience, utilize the accompanying app to gain access to features such as ‘Stack Mode,’ which allows you to combine additional Willen speakers for a surround sound effect, and a number of EQ settings to fine-tune the sound.

The Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker, on the other hand, is a compact speaker system meant to play music. The bass has a decent amount of boom and warmth, and the mid and treble frequencies are well-balanced, allowing for clear and present vocals and lead instruments. However, like other portable speakers we’ve tried, it struggles to reproduce deep bass, making it unsuitable for bass-heavy music genres like hip hop and electronic dance music. As an added disadvantage, it does not provide a choice of viable volume adjustment alternatives. However, because of its IPX7 water-resistant rating, it is lightweight and can tolerate being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes.

Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Willen: Comparison Table

Features Marshall EmbertonMarshall Wilen
Launching Year20222022
BrandMarshall  Marshall
Model NameEmbertonWillen
Connector TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Available ColorsWhite, BlackBlack and Golden, Cream and Golden
Average Battery Life20 hours2 days
Charging Time1.5 hour3 hours
CompatibilitySmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth DevicesSmartphone, Tablet, PC, All Bluetooth Devices
BluetoothVersion 5.1Version 5.1v
Connection Distance Range (Bluetooth)10m10m
Online Price RangesRs. 14,999Rs. 9,999
Customer Ratings4/54/5

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Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Willen: Detailed Analysis

Design and Build Quality

Marshall Emberton is a small rectangle-shaped speaker inspired by the company’s iconic guitar amplifiers. Plastic grilles with the Marshall emblem shield the drivers on the front and back of this speaker. This speaker is available in Black, Black, Brass, Cream, or Forest. Marshall Emberton is a tough and dependable vessel. The majority of the speaker is insulated by silicone, with plastic covering the front and back. Furthermore, because of its IPX7 water resistant rating, it can endure being submerged in water up to one meter deep for 30 minutes. If care is not exercised, the USB-C charging wire may become dislodged from the speaker.

Marshall Willen, on the other hand, is a square Bluetooth speaker that is surprisingly compact and lightweight. Its design is reminiscent of the legendary Marshall Emberton guitar amp, and it maintains the same timeless Marshall flair. There’s also a silicone strap across the back. Marshall Willen is a fantastic pick because it is really well-made. The primary body of the speaker is made of recyclable plastic and is quite durable and well-built. Because of its IP67 rating, it can tolerate being submerged in water up to one meter deep for up to thirty minutes. It is also dust resistant. However, dropping it could cause damage, so use caution.

Audio Quality

The frequency response of the Marshall Emberton speaker is adequate. The voices and lead instruments come out clearly because of the well-balanced midrange and treble. Despite the fact that the bass range has been strengthened with increased boom and warmth, you won’t receive the deep thump and rumble of bass-heavy music genres like EDM. It lacks complex audio features such as a graphic equalizer and presets, limiting its potential as a personal music player. Marshall Emberton produces accurate sound spatialization. These speakers’ high degree of directivity produces a spacious and open sound field.

Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Willen
Marshall Willen

Marshall Willen, on the other hand, has a poor soundstage performance. Because it lacks separate left and right speakers, it downmixes stereo content into mono to play it. As a result, your audio instruments and effects are not properly localized. Instead, they appear to be coming from the speaker’s front, which detracts from the whole experience. The listener will not be able to detect the difference between music with the drums on the left and the guitar on the right. Furthermore, because the sound is produced by a single front-firing speaker, the gadget is directional.

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The Marshal Emberton speaker has long battery life. However, despite the manufacturer’s guarantee of 20 hours, our tests revealed that the battery only lasted about nine hours. However, because battery life varies depending on how it is utilized, your mileage may vary. If there is no audio for roughly fifteen minutes, the speaker will switch off to save the battery. In addition, the manufacturer claims that a 20-minute charge can provide you with five hours of enjoyment. If you want a portable Bluetooth speaker with a long listening time, the JBL Xtreme 3 is a fantastic choice.

Marshall Willen, on the other hand, has outstanding battery life. It powers down after twenty minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life and may last for nearly fourteen hours on a single charge. According to the manufacturer, a short twenty-minute charge can provide you with three hours of enjoyment while on the go.


Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Willen
Marshall Emberton

The Marshall Emberton wireless speaker is excellent. You can effortlessly switch between your two devices and their respective audio sources thanks to a dual connection. It’s also compatible with iOS and Android devices, with enough lag between them to watch videos. Your experience may change because different applications react to delays in different ways.

Marshall Willen, on the other hand, features superior Bluetooth connectivity. It allows two devices to connect at the same time, and its wide range ensures that your connection remains stable even if your phone is far away from the speaker. It is also suited for video due to its reduced latency. There is a soundtrack to go along with the graphics. Because various applications use different strategies to handle latency, your actual experience may differ.

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Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Willen: Quick Result

ParticularsMarshall EmbertonMarshall WillenWhich one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodAmazingAny
Deep Bass GreatGoodBoth
Sound QualityBetterBestMarshall Willen

Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Willen: Final Verdict

Marshall Willen, a portable Bluetooth speaker, retains Marshall’s original design appeal. The portable device’s sturdy construction is a positive, but the low-quality music is a huge disappointment given the price. The loss of bass is evident, and the app’s EQ settings are incapable of compensating. It’s a simple choice if you want something simple, and it works well if your content doesn’t have a lot of basses.

However, in conclusion, The Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker is great for travel because it is small and lightweight. Its large soundstage delivers an immersive listening experience, and its well-balanced sound profile with more boom and warmth in the bass area makes it appropriate for a wide range of audio content. It’s not suitable for bass-heavy tracks like EDM or hip hop because it’s not extremely loud and lacks a thundering low bass. Even when coupled with a smartphone, it does not work with voice assistants. It, too, is incompatible with the Marshall Bluetooth app, as is the next-generation Marshall Emberton II.

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