Marshall Stanmore II Vs Bose Home Speaker 500 Comparison!

Marshall Stanmore II Vs Bose Home Speaker 500
Marshall Stanmore II Vs Bose Home Speaker 500

When watching movies at home, the speakers simulate a movie theatre experience. If you’re throwing a house party or a pool party, speakers are the best way to dance to music. Speakers are one of the good devices when the revolution in technology makes the speakers more compact, with fewer weight features, that can be carried anywhere, and that fit in a small space. The specifications of some of the best speakers are detailed below. The speakers are wireless and can be easily connected to any Bluetooth device. As a result, we can connect our smartphones, computers, and laptops to them.

Throughout this article, we will compare two speakers: the Marshall Stanmore-2 and the Bose home speaker 500. One of the speakers’ unique features is its large battery capacity. The speakers are Bluetooth-enabled and offer great sound quality. Read this article for more information.

Marshall Stanmore II Vs Bose Home Speaker 500: Comparison Table

Features Marshall Stanmore II  Bose Home Speaker 500
Launching Year20192018
Model NameStanmore IIHome Speaker 500
Generic NameBluetooth SpeakerBluetooth Speaker
Connector TypeBluetooth and USB CableBluetooth and USB Cable
Available ColorsBrown, Black, WhiteBlack, Silver
CompatibilityPortable, Bluetooth, and WirelessLaptop, Desktop, PC, Android, and iOS
Dimensions35 x 19.5 x 18.5 cm20.3 x 17 x 10.9 cm
Weight4.63 Kg2.15 Kg
Battery Average Life8 hours10 hours
Bluetooth Versionv5.0v4.2
Distance Range of Bluetooth10 mUp to 9 m
Online Price RangesRs.37,999Rs.39,000
Customer Ratings4.4/54.5/5

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Marshall Stanmore II Vs Bose Home Speaker 500: Detailed Analysis

Battery Life:

Stanmore has one lithium-ion battery. The battery capacity in Bose is excellent, but it is not as good in Stanmore. Stanmore has an 80-watts battery capacity. Bose Home speakers feature Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. You can also charge your devices with the USB port.

Design Features:

The simplified aluminum metal body of the Bose speaker gives it a high-end appearance. A speaker of this size can indeed be placed just about anywhere in the room. The made of wood cabinet construction of the Stanmore appears to contribute to the pleasant, full sound, and the subwoofer reflex system includes a device to increase performance at low frequencies. The Marshall Stanmore is the most adaptable speaker in the line-up, adequate for any size room.

Sound Quality Features: 

The Bose speaker has two distinct personalized drivers that generate an effectual wall-to-wall stereo audio experience that will enhance the enjoyment of someone’s parties and events. Wireless headphones have been based here on 500, which would be a created 8 quantification range that allows a user to comprehend us from everywhere, even now in noisy environments while listening to music. It has a megaphone off button, which allows people to turn off voice access whenever and however they want. Stanmore uses high-quality components, including 2-watt class D amplifiers for the tweeters and a 50-watt Class D amplifier for the mighty subwoofer, to ensure a clean and accurate audio experience.

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Bluetooth Features: 

The Bose speaker endorses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple Airplay 2, enabling users can stream content wireless data. The gadget does have a capacity of 30 feet and is Bluetooth version 4.2 compatible. Due to its multi-host capabilities, users can easily communicate and switch between the two Bluetooth headphones. Stanmore features Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX new tech, which achieve maximum battery-powered sound over a frequency band of 10 meters while remaining connected. Stream songs wireless data to one’s speaker from a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, tablet, or computer.


Active noise cancellation is available in Stanmore. Even though the songs are audible from across the room and the two farthest myriads have noise cancellation, this can hear us. It does have a voice that really can recognize audio via Bluetooth from streaming content. To fulfill your needs, fine-tune your music. Bose is completely lacking an ANC.

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Marshall Stanmore II Vs Bose Home Speaker 500: Quick Result

ParticularsMarshall Stanmore II  Bose Home Speaker 500 Which one is better?
ANC Applicable NA Marshall Stanmore II 
Water-proof NA NA None
Battery-backup GoodGoodAny
Sound Quality Great sound effectsClear soundAny

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Customer Reviews And Feedbacks

Bose Home Speaker 500:

  • That capability is a disaster.
  • When it accomplishes, this speaker looks and sounds wonderful, and that it connects to Bluetooth without a safety harness. 
  • The capacity of such a speaker to connect to numerous music services at the same time is its main aspect. 

Marshall Stanmore II Speaker:

  • Amazing speaker, fantastic sound, and excellent build quality.
  • Excellent frequency response and immersive sound.
  • The Marshall App isn’t functioning properly.

Marshall Stanmore II Vs Bose Home Speaker 500: Final Verdict 


The Stanmore and Bose are superb speakers. But both do not have n water resistance. The Stanmore has active noise cancellation, but the Bose does not. The Stanmore outperforms the Bose. The battery capacity of Bose speakers is adequate. Both have some advantages and disadvantages. However, it has good speakers in comparison to the rest of the system. Which one is the best to buy based on your preferences?

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