MI Super Bass vs JBL T460BT: Which Is Worth Buying?

Headphones have become an essential part of our lives. While travelling, while playing even while hitting a gym or doing exercises we often listen to music. While watching movie headphones give the best experience to be in the zone of the cinema. Headphones play a big role in the gaming industry too. A gamer needs to have a decent quality headset so that he/she can listen to the game audio very clearly. Though a lot of things are depends upon the device that we are using but to get that quality of music we need good quality headsets too.

The industry of music is getting bigger every day and is not going to stop. There are lots of brands in this industry. And some of the brands are leading the entire market with some of the great products that it provides. One such brand is JBL. JBL is an international brand and has a very great value in the market. It is a brand that has created a separate fan base by itself. On the other hand, the other such as the brand is MI, this brand is new in this category but is known for the best quality products for less amount of money. MI has very spread over the business over the whole electronics gadgets, it is especially known for the smartphones and now it has entered in the genre of sound, tv, etc. The brand JBL is a complete music-focused brand and has a legacy of lots of years. They have improved themselves over time.

There are lots of headsets of both of these brands which are very famous and are used by lots of people too. But particularly talking there are some of the headsets which are especially got recognized by the people one of them is model Super bass by MI which has created a special craze in the market and on another hand there is model T460BT by brand JBL. If you want to buy any headsets in a budget range then you must consider looking at two of these. After having look at the review you will be sure which headset is perfect for you to buy.

MI Super Bass vs JBL T460BT: Comparison Chart

FeatureMI Super BassJBL T460BT
ColourBlack and RedBlack
Battery life20 hours11 hours
Driver size40mm40mm
Warranty6 months6 months
weight  150 g160  g

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MI Super Bass vs JBL T460BT: Detailed analysis


Pricing can change our whole perspective on us and how we see a product.  Having a very high price to a product makes its expectations o very high-level o the other hand if we found something decent only but at a very affordable price then it becomes very attractive for us to buy. Having a price range that you want to invest in is a great thought as it gives a clear idea of the product that we want to purchase.

Both of these headsets are of the somewhat same range. Both are budget-friendly and are a great choice for normal use. Talking about the individual prices, JBL comes at a price range of around  2400 rupees which is a good amount of money for such a product by a decent brand. on the other hand, the price of MI is about 1800 rupees which is also a fair deal for the headphones.


MI Super Bass

No one will like that while listening to your favourite song in between the headset stops and you will get disturbed, therefore the battery life f the headset is really important, especially in the situation when you are going for long vacations or long travels when you can not charge your headphones often always.  In such a situation battery plays an important role.

If we talk about the individual time for the battery to last hen JBL lag behind in this category by a very large margin. The battery of the MI is very great and lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge which is a very surprising fact about the  MI headsets. So from the perspective of the battery, MI is the best among the two.


MI Super Bass vs JBL T460BT

IF we are considering buying headsets then the most important and useful aspect of having a headset is the quality of the music. As it directly casts the sound in your ear there for the headset needs to have a good quality of the sound to make all of it worthwhile.

As we know the JBL is a music-centric brand and therefore the research on the JBL is great as a result, the sound quality of the JBL speaker is amazing.  The bass that t provides gives a phenomenal result while listening to music. The quality of the sound that JBL provides is better than that of the MI.

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MI Super Bass vs JBL T460BT: Quick Results

FeatureMI Super BassJBL T460BT
Sound QualityDecent  Amazing
PricingAffordableA bit high

Customer Review and Feedback

MI Super Bass

  1. The battery of the headset is amazing, even after using it for more than 3 days the battery percentage is still at 70%.
  2. The quality of the speaker is average but is fair for the money paid.
  3. These headphones are small by size and are very uncomfortable to wear I can’t wear them for more than half an hour.


  1. This headset is amazing and it is 100% worth the money.
  2. The design of the product is so comfortable that you can wear it for a long time too.
  3. The quality is decent but it has poor active noise cancellation which I was expecting.

MI Super Bass vs JBL T460BT: Final Verdict

Both of these headsets are good. If you are someone who listens to music for fun and wants your headsets to last long then MI is a great option. But if the quality of the music is the key factor for you then JBL is made for you.

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