Mi TV Stick Vs Fire Stick: Which Should Be Your Choice?

Mi TV Stick Vs Fire Stick
Mi TV Stick Vs Fire Stick

In today’s times, with rapidly developing technology the use of electronics have been advanced to levels. Televisions that could only be used to see several specific channels have now been turned into smart televisions that can stream anything you like. But what about the people who cannot afford smart televisions or are not yet ready to replace their previous one with a smart television?

For such people the best option is the Fire Stick and it is mainly invented for such population. This way the users do not have to reach out of their budget or time to keep up with the trends and their source of entertainment. The Fire Stick is in complete responsibility of making your television a smart television.

Mi TV Stick Vs Fire Stick: Comparison Chart

PRICE Rs.2,799 Rs.3,999
ACCESS Google Play Store Own App Store
BLUETOOTH VERSION 4.2 Version 4.1 LE Version
PERFORMANCE Inbuilt Chrome support Screen mirroring
REMOTE Hotkeys for applications Hotkey only for Alexa

Mi TV Stick Vs Fire Stick: Personal Opinion

Mi TV Stick

The Mi TV Stick is most basically used if you own an old or non-smart television with an HDMI port. The stick is a device that lets you stream content from several OTT platforms on your old or non-smart television. Not only old televisions but even several smart televisions do not support various platforms or work very slow with not a very great experience.

Thus the Mi TV Stick can be used for streaming content from various platforms without the concern of buying a new television or outreaching your budget.

This stick adds high quality and modern day features to any television you own. It is quite affordable and hassle free to own this stick. This stick runs on Android TV 9 Pie and supports more than 5000 applications available for, on the Google Play Store for any android TV. All the ott platforms available for streaming on Android TV are supported such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hot star, Voot, etc. you can also access social media services and gaming applications on your television through the Mi TV Stick.

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How Do They Work?

The Mi TV Stick is a solo device that needs only a display to work through. The TV Stick connects through the HDMI port. Once connected, the Android TV 9 Pie can be controlled through the remote that comes along with the TV Stick. The remotes are powered by two AAA batteries and are very simple for use.

It has controls like the volume control, activating Google assistant etc. it also has quick access to OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. through hotkeys. Once the television is connected to the device, you can stream content from various OTT platforms, watch movies, surf YouTube and get Google assistance with no extra effort.

Mi TV Stick Vs Fire Stick: Detailed Analysis

Amazon Fire Stick

The Mi TV Stick connects to your Wi-Fi with 2.4G and 5G networks. Mobile hotspot can be used for streaming too and there are data saving features too. It is supported by Bluetooth 4.2 version. It is very easy to setup and use.

Whereas, Fire TV Stick is an expensive device that is used for streaming full- HD videos. This device needs to be plugged into the HDMI port of your television for full-HD streaming. The stick is a great way to get access to trendy features without having to outreach your budget or will of buying a new television. This device needs a remote to be controlled too. The remote comes with dedicated keys for volume controls, etc. the device has a hotkey for Alexa assistance but no hotkeys for quick access to any ott platforms.

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The design of the Mi TV Stick and Fire TV stick are both almost similar except the dual color tone in the Mi stick and specific hotkeys for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Whereas, Fire TV Stick has only one hotkey for Alexa assistance.


Both the TV Sticks are powered by quad-core processors and have 1GB RAM with 8GB storage. Only the Bluetooth versions of the two sticks are different from each other where Mi has the Bluetooth 4.2 version.


Both the Sticks support several OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Voot, etc. The Mi TV Stick offers a lot more applications with the Play Store. Mi Stick gives an access to Google Play Store whereas the Fire TV Stick gives access to its own app store.

Mi TV Stick Vs Fire Stick: Final Veridct

The Mi TV Stick is a very affordable TV Stick that offers great services to turn your old and boring TV into a smart one without outreaching your budget. It updates your source of entertainment from Television channels to now OTT platforms. Overall it is of great performance and looks. The box includes the Mi TV Stick, the remote control, the power adapter and a user manual.

Whereas, the Fire TV Stick is slightly high at price and not so affordable for streaming. It converts your boring television into a smart one with not just android applications but supports apple play store applications too.

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Written by Damini Tripathi

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