Mivi Octave 3 Vs boAt Stone 650: Which To Buy & Why?

Mivi Octave 3 vs boAt stone 650

Parties and events are very common these days and the main purpose of doing these things is enjoyment. And there is a thing that makes your enjoyment double. Which is music. And listening to music alone is ok as the sound of your phone will produce enough volume for you. But what if you want to listen to music in groups and that too with a loud volume. Then you need an extra speaker which will work externally and will give extra volume for you. These speakers are loud and easy to carry too. After charging it can give long time support.

There are lots of brands which makes these type of speakers and are of good quality. But some of the brands have very great reviews and one of these brands is boAt. the boAt is a brand that has improved the quality of its music over time and has never disappointed its customers. The main motto of the brand boat is to make these headphones, speakers, and all music products as fashionable as possible. The other brand is called mivi which is also a great brand. If you are considering buying a portable speaker, then you should always consider these two brands in total. Both of these have a great range of portable speakers. One of them is mivi octave 3 and another one is by boat which is boar stone 650. If you are confused between these two portable speakers then after reading this article you will be able to find out which portable speaker is best for you t to buy according to your own needs.

Mivi Octave 3 vs Boat stone 650: Comparison chart

FeatureMivi octave 3Boat stone 650
ColorBlack,  red, blueblack
Power16 watt10watt
Battery8 hours7 hours
Water resistanceIPX 7IPX 5
TypePortable speakerPortable speakers
Weight  380 gm655 gm

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Mivi Octave 3 vs Boat stone 650: Detailed analysis


What if you and your friends are listening to the music and enjoying the party and suddenly the music goes off? no one will like that right? And that is why battery backup is very important in such situations. Therefore one should always look for the battery life of the products before having a product.

Both of these speakers come with a very great battery life which will be enough for you. particularly talking about the product’s battery life then mivi has an edge over the boAt. as the battery life of boAt, speakers is about 7 hours whereas the battery provided by mivi lats up to 8 hours.

Quality of music

Mivi Octave 3 Vs boAt Stone 650
Mivi Octave 3

Overall the stuff we buy speakers or any of the music products for the quality of the music that it provides. If we are considering buying a speaker then the music quality is the most important thing to look at. It should also be as good as the money that we provide to it. Having great quality music enhances the surroundings and the mood. Therefore one should always check and read the reviews before purchasing the speakers.

Individually talking about the quality of the speakers that these brands provide then we can see that the boat gives good quality music. On the other hand, the output power of the mivi is better than that of boAt, the mivi comes with a 16-watt output power which provides the extra bass to the music that we are playing. On the other hand, the output power of the boat speaker is of 10 watts. But if we talk about the factor of clarity then boAt has an edge.

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boAt stone 650

Before buying a product you should always have an idea of how much to invest and not. Having a fixed budget will give you an idea about which kind of speaker you want and what quality of music you should expect.

Both of these brands are for budget range though they have an individual very vast variety of range that will provide different types of quality and the price range. Particularly talking about the pricing then the boat speakers comes at the cost of around 2 thousand rupees which is a fair amount of money for the quality of the music that it provides. The pricing of the mivi on the other hand is somewhat similar which is around 1800 rupees. Both of these speakers have very different features and it totally depends on the user of the product which one to buy.

Mivi Octave 3 vs Boat stone 650: Quick result

FeatureMivi Octave 3Boat stone 650
BatteryGood Decent

Mivi Octave 3 vs Boat stone 650: Final Verdict

Boat stone 650 and mivi octave 3 both are very high-quality speakers and are worth considering while buying the portable speaker. These speakers have some feature that overcomes the fault they have, both have different kinds of feature and that is why you need to have a clear mind on the purpose of why actually you need the speakers.

The mivi octave 3 is very good in quality and it comes with a very huge battery that lasts for more than 7-8 hours for a single charge that it also comes with an IPX rating of 7 which is the best rating till now for the water and dirt protection. The output power of the mivi is 16 watts which provide the extra bass to the music. If you are someone who wants to listen to the music for a longer time or you are one of those who enjoy the loud music and a deep base then mivi octave is exclusively made for you, it will be a great speaker for you

If the quality of music is more important for you and the clarity attracts you then you should consider buying the boat model as it gives crystal clear sound. If you are from that category then Boat stone 650is for you.

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