Noise Air Buds VS Noise Air Buds Mini: Which To Buy?

Noise Air Buds VS Noise Air Buds Mini
Noise Air Buds VS Noise Air Buds Mini

Earbuds are the new generation wireless earphone that adds pace to the lifestyle of people. These earbuds are made with the latest advanced technology to keep up with active life. From work calls to binge-watching shows or listening to music, these earbuds are comfortable and easy to use.

Several brands in India specialize in manufacturing wireless earbuds. Noise is one of the first brands in India which offers truly wireless earbuds that are stylish and affordable. The first wireless earbuds launched by this brand were the noise SHOTS.

In this article, we are going to compare two earbuds which are made by Noise. The first one is Noise Air buds and the second one is Noise Air buds mini.

Noise Air Buds VS Noise Air Buds Mini: Comparison Chart

ParticularNoise Air budsNoise Air buds mini
Launching year20202021
Model nameAir buds are truly wirelessAirbus mini truly wireless
Headphone Typewirelesswireless
Inside the box1N Bluetooth headphone, 1N charging case, 1N Type-C charging cable, 1N User manual, 1N thank you card, 1N pairing card1N Bluetooth headphone, 1N charging case, 1N Type-C charging cable, 1N User manual, 1N Registration card, 1N Reset card.
Deep Bassnoyes
with microphoneyesyes
Controlstouch controltouch control
Headphone driver units13 mm14.2mm
Bluetooth versionv5.0v5.0 | Hyper Sync Technology
Bluetooth range10 meters10 meters
Battery life20 hours15 hours
Battery capacity500 maH300 maH
Charging time2 hours1.5 hours
Playtime4.5 hours3.5 hours
Standby time60 hours70 hours
IBX 4 Ratedyesyes
Product dimensions
ColorsIcy white, jet blackPearl white, jet black
Battery output3.7V4.2V
Weight4.5 grams4.4 grams
Warranty1 year1 year
Noise Air buds vs Noise Air buds mini

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Noise Air Buds VS Noise Air Buds Mini: Detailed Comparison

ParticularNoise Air budsNoise Air buds mini
Price in IndiaRs 1,999Rs 1,499
Price and Rating

Note: The prices of the buds may change as special and discounted prices are valid only for a limited time.

Design Concept:

Both Air buds are lightweight and are ergonomically designed to ensure a good and comfortable fit in your ears. They ensure a pleasant wearing experience without any irritation or discomfort.

Noise Air buds have a steam design and glossy finish which comes in two color variants; icy white and jet black.

The sleek design of the Airbus mini also comes in two color variants, pearl white, and jet black.

Call quality:

Both the air buds come with an individual mic in each earbud. Therefore, ensuring a clear and distortion-free calling experience every time even in a crowded and noisy environment.

They support voice assistants including Siri and Google and come with hands-free calling. You can change music, adjust volume, manage calls and activate voice assistants through touch control.

Sound quality:

Both the Air buds deliver balanced and powerful sound. Noise Air buds have 13mm dynamic speakers while Air buds mini has approximately 14.2mm speaker drivers and has Noise’s signature Tru bass technology that delivers a bass-heavy sound giving you an immersive audio experience.

Noise Air buds have an average bass which is good for casual listeners.

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Battery Performance:

Noise Air buds come with 20 hours total playtime and 2 hours charging time with a battery life of 20 hours. The battery capacity is 500 maH.

Air buds mini has 15 hour total playtime and 1.5 hour charging time with a battery life of 300 maH.

Ingress Protection (IPX) Rating:

Noise air buds and air buds mini both have an IPX rating of 4, thus ensuring protection from casual water splashes, sweat, or dust. Hence, taking care of your sweaty sessions in between everything else.

Bluetooth specifications:

The noise air buds have connectivity of Bluetooth version 5. Air buds mini also has connectivity of Bluetooth version 5. The range of Bluetooth in both devices is 10 meters.

Here, the Noise Air buds mini has an upper hand as it comes with Hyper Sync Technology which enables it to connect with a paired device as soon as the case is opened.

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Customer Reviews And Feedback:

Noise Air buds

  • Very nice design and comfortable fitting in the ears. Case quality is normal, not premium.
  • Sound quality is very good but the bass is average.
  • Good battery backup but 2-3 hours of continuous use, voice is not properly audible.
  • One of the best products in this price range.

Noise Air buds mini

  • It has a sleek design and mic quality is decent.
  • Call quality is good both incoming and outgoing. Noise cancellation is also working well.
  • Battery backup is less.
  • Most dynamic balanced sound with high bass. Overall, the product is fabulous.
  • Value for money.

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Noise Air Buds VS Noise Air Buds Mini: Quick Result

ParticularNoise Air budsNoise Air buds miniWhich is better?
Battery Performance500 maH battery capacity with 20 hours of total playtime300 maH of battery capacity with 15 hours of total playtimeNoise Air buds
DesignGoodGoodCan prefer anyone
Bluetooth connectivityAndroid and ios compatibility with Bluetooth version v5.0Android and ios compatibility, v5.0 with hyper sync technologyNoise Air buds mini
Sound qualityBass is average, good for casual listeners.It has high bass and balanced sound.Noise Air buds mini
Sweat and water-resistantYes, IBX-4 RatedYes, IBX-4 RatedCan prefer anyone
Noise Air buds vs Noise Air buds mini: Quick result

Noise Air Buds VS Noise Air Buds Mini: Final Verdict

After comparing these two products, I think you should go for Noise air buds mini. The Audio quality, design features, and connectivity are far superior to Noise Air buds. Although the battery backup is less than Noise Air buds this is one of the best earbuds in this price range. Also, the rating and customer feedback are very good for Noise Air buds mini.

Frequently Asked Questions

Noise Air buds

Q: Does it have touch control and good bass?

A: The bass is ok, not that great and it has touch control with all the functions.

Q: Is it waterproof or splashproof?

A: Yes it is waterproof.

Q: Does it support voice assistants?

A: Yes, it supports Siri, Alexa, and google assistant.

Noise Air buds mini 

Q: Is it good for gaming? How is the latency?

A: It is average for gaming.

Q: Can I use only one earbud at a time while the other one is in the box?

A: Yes, it can be used.

Q: Can we charge the case without earbuds?

A: Yes, you can do that.

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