Noisefit Active Vs Noisefit Evolve 2: Which Is Worth Buy?

Noisefit Active Vs Noisefit Evolve 2

There are numerous options available if you want an all-in-one fitness tracker that also functions as a smartwatch. Smartwatches and fitness trackers have become so intertwined that the distinctions between them have become significantly blurred. Budget smartwatch brands such as Fire-Boltt, Noise, Zebronics and Zebronics, Realme, and Xiaomi are now offering compelling options for less than Rs. 5,000.

As a smartwatch, we are reviewing here has fitness and health tracking features that could set it apart from the competition. The NoiseFit Active smartwatch and Noise fit Active 2, can monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, track your exercise and sleep patterns, and display notifications from your smartphone on your wrist. Is this the best low-cost smartwatch on the market right now? Continue reading to learn more.

The NoiseFit Evolve 2 smartwatch is officially available in India and can be purchased on e-commerce platforms as well as in physical stores. The AMOLED display, SpO2 sensor, and heart rate monitor are all included in the smartwatch. According to reports, the battery life of the smartwatch can last up to seven days. NoiseFit Evolve 2 is expected to be available in three colors.

Noisefit Active vs Noisefit Evolve 2: Comparison Table

FeaturesNoisefit  ActiveNoise Evolve 2
Launching Year20212021
Model NameFit ActiveEvolve 2
Available ColorsBlack, silverBlack, Grey, Pink
Average Battery Life7 days7 days
Charging Time2 hours1.5 hours
CompatibilityAll SmartphonesAll Smartphones
BluetoothVersion 5.0Version v5.0
Display24×240 Pixels390X390 Pixel
Online Price RangesRs.3,949Rs.3,999
Customer Ratings4/53.8/5

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Noisefit Active Vs Noisefit Evolve 2: Detailed Analysis


The NoiseFit Active’s TFT-LCD touch screen measures 1.28 inches in diameter. Simple black borders and a smooth matte finish draw attention to the content on the screen. Buttons are located on the right side of the screen. To control power, access the app menu, and return to the home screen, both the upper and lower buttons are used. Furthermore, the navigation is completely touch-based, with swipes and taps used to navigate and select options.

Whereas the NoiseFit Evolve 2 borrows design cues from Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatches. Watches have always been round, so no brand is inventing anything new here. Furthermore, this is not a bad thing. The NoiseFit Evolve 2 looks great in Charcoal Black, Cloud Grey, or Rose Gold Pink at first glance. Customers can select from three different color schemes. Our review unit arrived in Black, and the silicon strap is finished in the same way.

Noisefit ACTIVE

You’ll find two buttons for navigating the menu and changing workout modes in the upper right corner. Tap-to-wake is not an option for those who want to see the time or receive notifications while their phone is always on (AoD). As a result, tapping the side buttons can be time-consuming. However, due to its lightweight (about forty grams), we can continue to use our NoiseFit Evolve 2 without issue. Although we had to get used to the extra weight at first because I’m used to wearing smaller fitness bands.


The NoiseFit Active is a low-cost smartwatch designed to track fitness and health. The Fire-Bolt Talk is a hands-free smartwatch that can display notifications from supported apps as well as caller ID, but it can only display notifications from supported apps and caller ID. This smartwatch is better suited to those who are more active as a result of the watch’s user-friendly interface and focus on health and fitness. As previously stated, I liked how the watch face displayed key metrics like heart rate, steps, and battery life in a modern, clear manner.

Talking about Noisefit evolve 2, users can access all of the device’s features by using the physical buttons on the NoiseFit Evolve 2. We will give a brief overview of who they are and what they’ve accomplished in this section. Regardless of which way you scroll the watch, it can access a variety of options. You can see notifications from the connected apps by scrolling from the top to the bottom. The quick reply feature is also available for Android users. By scrolling up from the bottom of the screen, you can find a quick settings option to switch between watch faces and display modes. Weather updates, sleep data, and a music player from the connected smartphone are all displayed from left to right in the connected app. The user can also change the volume. A right-to-left swipe could be used to access step count and other fitness data.

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The NoiseFit Active works in tandem with the NoiseFit app, which is available for both Android and iOS. Connecting my OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition smartwatch to the app for review was a simple process. Finally, I could modify the settings of my smartwatch (such as the watch face) and view fitness and exercise tracking charts.

Extremely well-executed. On a regular basis, data is synchronized with the smartwatch, and appropriate notifications are sent to the wearable. Tracking charts can be viewed on the watch, but the smartphone version is far more convenient.

Features of NoiseFit Evolve 2

Noisefit Evolve 2

When compared to more notable trackers like the Fitbit Charge 5, the step count, sleep tracker, and heart rate data were not always accurate. However, when compared to a standard oximeter, the SpO2 tracker performed fairly well. The WaterReminder feature on the NoiseFit Evolve 2 is a welcome addition to the tracker’s feature set, which is still lacking on Fitbit models. Users can create their own reminder timers using the NoiseFit app. Because the connection isn’t always stable, using this app on an iPhone is a little more difficult. This was not a problem with the Android app. Torchlight is also used to illuminate the screen. The camera shutter feature can also be useful for group selfies.


The NoiseFit Active’s 320mAh battery lasts seven days with regular use before needing to be recharged, which is exceptional for a low-cost smartwatch. During this time, it was always connected to the paired smartphone. Noise recommends not using a fast-charging adapter when charging the NoiseFit Active via USB to avoid battery damage. On my laptop, it took about three hours.

The NoiseFit Evolve has a battery life of at least five days when used normally. If you keep the watch in always-on display mode, you can expect two days of battery life. The package does not include an adapter, but it does include a short magnetic charging cable. But don’t worry; if you happen to misplace your original, GoNoise’s Noise Magnetic Charging Cable (type 3) is only Rs 349.

Noisefit Active vs Noisefit Evolve 2: Quick Result

ParticularsNoisefit ActiveNoisefit Evolve 2Which one is the best?
Battery LifeGoodAmazingEvolve 2
PerformanceGoodBetterNoise Fit Active

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Customer Reviews And Feedback

Noisefit Active

  • Excellent design and quality, and I appreciate the previously mentioned features at such an affordable price point.
  • This is one of the more attractive options on the market. The display is quite good for a device in this price range. I’m giving it four stars because
  • TruView Display 1.55-inch high-definition color touch screen with a resolution of 320*360 pixels and a brightness of 500 NITS
  • With 360*400 pixels of resolution, this is the best-in-segment.
  • TruView HD Display measuring 3.86 cms (1.52″) in diameter and 100+ customizable watch faces

Noise Fit Evolve 2

  • It was fantastic value for money, with the new update we can also set custom wallpapers, the display quality was excellent, and the battery pickup was also excellent. Except for the lack of a call button, this watch is incredible.
  • Will definitely say that you cannot get a more attractive smartwatch in this price range, but in terms of sleep monitoring, outdoor running or walking, and heart rate monitoring, it falls short.
  • The design is too good to be worn on a daily basis.
  • The pixel density is excellent, and the AMOLED display makes it worthwhile.
  • •Display is clear, smooth, and bright.

Noisefit Active Vs Noisefit Evolve 2: Final Verdict

As appealing as a low-cost fitness tracker like the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 may be, there are some advantages to getting one like the NoiseFit Active. While the NoiseFit Active is slightly more expensive than the standard model, it is worth the extra money because it is more stylish and has a larger screen. While on the other hand talking about the NoiseFit Evolve 2 remains, however, an excellent value for money. The smartwatch, which costs around Rs 4,500, has a plethora of useful features while remaining comfortable. Remember that the step counter and sleep tracker aren’t always accurate sources of information about your daily activities. As a result, we get an indoor/outdoor-friendly display for slightly subpar build quality.

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